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Diapers II, this is unbelievable, technology harms your baby


Recently I wrote a post on diapers and how diapers pose a health risk to little babies. Store bought diapers are full of toxic chemicals and at the same time, polluting our environment because the plastic in diapers does not disintegrate. You might like to read that post, click here.


Peacefully sleeping baby

Peacefully sleeping, Baby


More information on radiation

I really thought the radiation we are exposed to was already very bad, but I could not (at that time) imagine that I would write a new post on diapers so soon after my initial report. I find the following new information very disturbing and wonder why humans do these things. These actions show we are not right in our mind.

Having written various posts on radiation for both my websites, I am very wary of any new technology which incorporates the hazard of radiation emissions. I have written and presented information that baby monitors using 5G technology are a health hazard to your child.

The monitors produce an electromagnetic frequency (EMF) that easily passes through the still-developing skull and has a detrimental effect on the young developing brain. It might seem so practical to know 24 hours a day if your baby is OK but the gadget which facilitates this information emits radiation which will harm your baby. Additionally, this amount of radiation so close to the baby will interfere with their normal sleep pattern.


Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diapers


Smart Diapers?

Have you heard about smart diapers? This really sounds ridiculous. It is a method of notifying the parent(s) that the baby needs changing.  What happened to holding your child often? Isn’t it better to have contact with your young ones than leave them to the cyborgs of the future?

This novelty was launched in Korea last year October and plans are for it to be sold in the U.S. this summer. Do we really need this? I am sure we do not. It is dangerous and I really think one should boycott these companies immediately.

It seems there is a race going on to see who will get the biggest slice of the cake. It appears that Huggies is in the lead at this moment. Imagine, they have developed a Bluetooth sensor which will text you when your baby needs a change.

The “smart diaper” exposes your baby to more wireless radiation, 24 hours a day, for as long as your baby needs diapers. Good Lord, what are we doing to our babies? First, we poison babies with chemicals and now we radiate them, this is unbelievable.





Companies and their dangerous inventions

I hope you are not under the impression that these companies will warn you of the danger of wireless technology because they won’t. A lot of companies are frantically creating their own version of smart diapers. Pampers, Pixie Scientific, Google’s parent company Alphabet, they are all making their own version of this new type of diaper.

There are also some Chinese companies like Hunan, Cosom, and Opro9 who are doing their best to stay in the race.

The human race has gone bonkers. I heard that technology will not stop at anything, that everything has to be converted into “smart”, like soap and toilet paper dispensers? Bizarre!


Happy family with baby in park

Happy Family with Baby in the Park


Simple technology

The setup of this technology is rather simple and it exists already for adult diapers. No wonder that now diapers for babies are being modified. A removable Bluetooth chip is put on the outside of the diaper. This sensor is connected to an app on your smartphone. You will get quite a lot of information like temperature, air quality, and most importantly, does baby need a change?


Organic Diapers for your baby

Now do not think this gadget is very cheap because it costs around $250. It is not the price which should put you off, but the constant radiation your baby will be suffering. How about doing it the traditional way, check on a regular basis if the baby needs a change. This is not too difficult, right?

Perhaps the fathers will need some practicing as you can see in the video below. Having this gadget does not spare you to manually change a diaper. Perhaps there will be house robots who will do that job in the future but I hope not. Babies need human contact.



Protect your baby from chemicals and radiation

Chemicals and radiation, all this has no place in your baby’s life. Babies are growing and developing on all levels and should be protected instead of exposed to these dangers. There is a study of baby brains at the age of 6 months, 12 months, 18 months and also 36 months of age.

In this study, it was documented that the younger the child is the more it would absorb electromagnetic radiation. What are these companies thinking? The nervous systems of babies as well as their brains are very susceptible to these dangers. Really think before you buy such a sensor.


The responsibility of a pregnant woman

As a mother, pregnant and ready to bring another life into the world, you bear a big responsibility straight from the beginning. I think most people know that drinking and smoking can harm the fetus, but have you thought about the dangers of radiation?



An After Thought

Parents want the best for their children, I do not doubt that. But in these modern times, where so many things have to become automatized, is it really necessary to remove your self from your baby’s care? The food your baby eats, the environment it grows up in and the good care it will receive will, hopefully, help this baby to grow up a healthy adult.

Just because it seems more convenient to be alerted that your baby needs a change of diapers, does that outweigh the danger? I do not think so and hope you agree. Personally, I would be happy if parents would put a stop on this crazy technological invention and say, not with my child.


Source: NaturalHealth365, article by Dena Schmidt, the staff writer. Article May 22, 2019

Photo Source: Pixabay


Modern life is full of dangers and radiation in its many forms is one of them. Perhaps you would like to read the following post on Smart Meters.

Warning! Smart-meters are Inaccurate and a Health Risk




Hey Taetske
Excellent, thought provoking, article. As a father of two young kids, I couldn’t agree more with how stupidly mankind is embracing the new smart mantra. My 17month old is still on diapers and honestly as involved parents, we would like to think we know when our baby needs a change. We need to reduce our dependence on technology otherwise our race will gradually stop evolving.
Even more than the risks of emerging technology though, I am honestly scared on the addiction of the new generation to technology. Most kids I meet these days are just glued to screens with no time for the real world!

Jun 04.2019 | 03:33 pm


    Good Morning Joshi,

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    “Modern” is not always good. Often the old and traditional ways are safer and better. I honestly think we are advancing in the wrong direction. The world we live in becomes too artificial for my taste. I reduce gadgets to the absolute minimum. I started with a computer in 2013 as I belong to the handwritten letter generation. Having 2 websites makes me investigate more and I must say I do not always like what I discover.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jun 05.2019 | 06:10 am


What kind of world do we live in that has SMART DIAPERS ??? Like seriously! It’s just sad and convinces me that my opinion that new age parents are incredibly lazy and are more concerned about themselves than the welfare of their child.

If people need these to know that their child needs changing they aren’t paying enough attention to their baby, and probably shouldn’t be a parent in the first place.

While I understand the need for some smart technology, not everything needs to be a smart device or product. AND I definitely understand the harmful effects of radiation and chemicals for the baby, it could be one of the reasons that there are more kids with health issues in general…

At some point in time I do think everything will be smart or contain AI… at that point I think the world will be lost… but that’s just my opinion.

Jun 04.2019 | 03:44 pm


    Good Morning Josh,

    All this smart technology will turn out to be a burden on our health. I find it incredible that people accept their babies to being poisoned and harmed. It seems our brains do not function in a normal way anymore.

    Look at the food we are eating, it is completely unnatural and causes health problems, The air we breathe is polluted and the same for the water we drink. How come we are accepting these things and did not protest ages ago? We are going in the wrong direction as we have disconnected from nature, the situation is very sad.

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske

    Jun 05.2019 | 06:19 am

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