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Important information for future mothers, eat nuts


Pregnant Couple

Pregnant Couple image Herney Gomez


It is obvious that for a mother-to-be, food becomes very important. It will affect her health, but more importantly, it will affect the life and health of her baby. Alcohol and smoking are out as well as all those substances, such as mercury, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, and many preservatives that are harmful to her child.

The basic requirements include enough sleep, a little exercise and in general, a healthy lifestyle will be beneficial.


Nuts are extremely good for you

It has been known for a long time that eating a variety of nuts is good for all people, young and old. It is a natural product, has no contamination, is loaded with healthy fats, and eating them can reduce your risk of getting cancer. It is also beneficial in case of infections and conditions related to cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses.

Your heart will thank you and continue functioning well for many years if you eat nuts on a regular basis.


Do not overdo it with peanut butter

It seems that peanut butter, which is eaten by the spoonful in the U.S. does not have a positive effect. This may be due to the additives and perhaps the unhealthy bread, more than to the peanut itself.

On the other hand, there are so many other nuts to choose from that the peanut which after all is not a nut but a legume might be the last on your list. 100 Gram of raw peanuts has 567 calories. So if you eat peanuts, choose to enjoy only raw peanuts and that is valid for all nuts. The roasted with salt or sugar, or the chocolate-coated variety, you can forget.

Do not miss this short but informative video. It explains what you need in your diet and what to avoid when you are pregnant.



A new study with positive news

A new study has come out recently, which adds one more benefit of eating nuts to the already long list. This study was made by the Global Health Institute of Barcelona/Spain, (ISGlobal). They published it in the European Journal of Epidemiology. The findings of this study were really positive and of great importance to future mothers.


It is possible to improve the health of your prenatal child

To improve the long term neuropsychological development of your child, you need to eat nuts during the first 3 months of pregnancy. We know nuts are healthy, but this makes eating them even more desirable, as you can do something for your child’s health right from the moment of conception.

2200 Mothers and children in Spain, from Asturias, Guipuzcoa, Sabadell, and Valencia were part of the INMA project.

The children’s neuropsychological development was tested at different ages. First at the age of 18 months, then when they were 5 years old, and finally the last test at the age of 8 years old.

They required the mothers to fill in questionnaires with information on their eating habits. What did they eat during the first 3 and last 3 months of their pregnancy? If they were eating nuts, how much and how often and what type of nuts were all included as data in this study.

While the fetus is developing, the brain of the future human being undergoes a series of complex processes, and the food the mother eats is of utmost importance for the developing little one. I have written a couple of posts related to babies where outside influences are shown that have a negative effect on their development.

One post of mine was on those baby monitors, which stand next to the baby’s heads, in which the small brain still is developing. These devices are radiating the child’s brain 24/7 with unhealthy energy.

Then there are pollution and chemical dangers depending on what diapers you use. Now, something really modern is coming to the market as smart diapers. Be very careful with what you buy for your baby.

To come across the wonderful news about the benefits of nuts in early pregnancy made me happy, finally something positive. To be able to do this before your baby is born, I really find nice. Besides, it is so easy, tastes great, is cheap and best of all, it has a long-lasting effect on your child.



Walnuts image Pera Detlic


I am listing the different nuts which were recommended and used in the study

Walnuts: Promotes a healthy gut. Is food for your brain. Look at the shape of the walnut, it resembles a brain in small. Iron, selenium, calcium, zinc, vitamin E and also some B vitamins. They are good for your heart and will boost your mood. There are 2 types, the brown and the black walnut.


Almond tree

Almond tree image Lin Animalart


Almonds: They have a lot of antioxidants and are full of nutrients. Just a handful provides one-eighth of our daily protein. Actually, they are not a true nut. The almond is a species of tree native to India, North Africa, and the Middle East. The domestication began thousands of years ago.



Pine-nuts image Waldrebell


Pine Nuts: They are great for your skin, hair and of course your health. There are 20 species of pine trees that produce pine seeds. The native Americans from the Great Basin harvested these nuts for over 10.000 years. Calcium, protein, vitamins A and C, and iron. Also, different vitamin Bs.



Hazelnuts image sunnysun0804


Hazelnuts: They are good for your blood pressure and help to reduce inflammation. They have a lot of fiber and vitamin E and B, and both copper and manganese. The phytic acid might inhibit the growth of cancer cells.



Peanuts image Couleur


Peanuts: Also peanuts, which are groundnuts belonging to the legume family, have health benefits. Too much though can have negative effects on your health. You might experience an increase in weight. Too much phytic acid would have a negative effect as it would reduce the absorption of minerals, therefore contributing to mineral deficiencies.

Some people are allergic to peanuts. Peanuts have a soft, permeable pod and they might have fungi. This type of mold is bad for you.

I have listed only a few things about nuts, as one could write a complete book about the history and health benefits. As with everything in life, do not exaggerate with the intake of nuts. A handful of mixed nuts every day will be good for your health. As I said before, only take the natural nuts, not coated or salted.

When you are introducing nuts into your diet, you will need a good nutcracker. Have a look at this one from Amazon. It is strong and will serve you for many years to come.



Why nuts are important for a developing brain

The fact is nuts have a high folic acid content and are especially rich in essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6. These components tend to accumulate in the nerve tissues of the developing brain, targeting mainly the areas in front of the brain. This influences memory and executive functions, says researcher Florence Gignac of ISGlobal and head of this study.

The actual recommended amount in this study was 3 to 7 helpings a week with a weight of around 30 grams each. The mothers in this study did not eat as many rations as recommended, it was slightly less. The positive result got by the actual rather small amount of nuts eaten was already remarkable, so imagine if 7 rations per week were standard in the diets of pregnant women.

The study found that the benefits were mainly obtained during the first 3 months of pregnancy, and the consumption of nuts during the last 3 months did not provide many benefits.


Happy Family

Happy Family image 460273



In Spain, people eat about a double amount of nuts compared to other European countries, 4.8 gram a day. Personally, I do not think that is a lot. I certainly eat more and add different seeds. My bone density test improved 5% in 2 years and that made me happy. Getting older and improving one’s health is very positive.

I hope a lot of women who plan to become mothers will adopt the healthy habit of eating nuts for their own health, but especially for the health of the future generation. By the way, have you ever been to a Baby Fair? They hold these fairs in many countries.

Here you will find a nice article on one in England. There are many helpful and interesting things you can find on those types of fairs, and there is the possibility to have a chat or two with other women. An informative and great day out.

I have made a special page for you. Have a look at Recommendations as you might find something of your interest.


Source: Sur in English May 10th to 16th, 2019. Article by Elena Martin Lopez

Photo Source: Pixabay


Fast food is terrible for your health and especially for pregnant women. You might like to read the following post as this is important information for you and your future baby.

Update on Fast Food is devastating, beware of your Health.


Riaz Shah

I’ve heard about almonds Taetske,

In fact, my whole family consumes it every day if not every week. It’s healthy and definitely good for the brain, my mum used to roast it and plus munching on it while memorizing things when studying for your big examination can do wonders. Plus the almond milk makes a heavenly pancake! I am somewhat curious though, is there such as too much almond? I mean would it be healthy if I consume it a lot? It is great to know that it has been discovered to be of such benefit for pregnant mothers and their babies.

Jun 18.2019 | 03:22 pm


    Good afternoon Riaz,

    Thank you for your visit and comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    As to your question if too many almonds can harm you I would say this. In general, everything which is too much is not good with the exception of Love. If you eat a handful of mixed nuts a day you will be ok. Personally, I am a fan of coconut milk.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jun 19.2019 | 02:28 pm

Martin Burt

I have always known that nuts are good for us but it’s the time I have been told the benefits of eating them when pregnant. It sounds very plausible and mothers to be should be given this advice. Well, I suppose you have now covered that! Although I do eat nuts as part of my diet I need to do it more often and cut out the chocolate LOL Thanks for a very informative article I will definitely be passing this link onto others. Including my daughter 🙂

Jun 18.2019 | 03:31 pm


    Good afternoon Martin,

    Please, do not cut out the chocolate. What would life be without chocolate? I have a piece of dark chocolate every day but it has to be at least 70, better still 85% cacao. 

    That is a good idea to give this information to your daughter. Are you a grandfather already? To eat some mixed nuts every day is not difficult and it tastes good besides having many health benefits.

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske

    Jun 19.2019 | 02:39 pm


Wow great advice for future mothers! It’s really good information to know that nuts are good for baby brain health and that nuts are good for cardiovascular health as well. I think my favorite kinds of nuts are almonds, pistachios and hazelnuts, to name a few. I had a feeling that peanut butter was not the best for you 🙁 Unfortunate because it’s so good haha. I did not know much about pine nuts, so I thank you for mentioning them. I’ll be checking out your product link further for sure!

Jun 27.2019 | 06:23 pm


    Good Morning,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    I really love nuts and seeds and eat them every day. It is so easy for pregnant women to introduce nuts into their diet. With such great benefits for their baby and themselves, it will not be difficult to take on this healthy habit.

    I hope that people become more aware that what they eat is important for their health, sooner or later you will see the positive or negative results of your diet.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jun 28.2019 | 06:56 am


I totally agree with the studies. Nuts are very healthy. In my community there is a must in baby’s food. That’s peanut butter mixed with bananas. Mothers from the old generations advise it to the young mothers before giving birth and as soon the baby can eat, that’s among the first food to give to your baby. 

I am very happy to find studies to emphasize the importance of nuts for the health of the babies. For me it was just something that mothers did but having these studies mean that they were right. I’m gonna keep these reference to share with Mum.


Jun 27.2019 | 06:28 pm


    Good Morning Adyns,

    Thank you for your visit and comment. Nice to see you again.

    There you see, Mothers in old times knew a lot more than we want to give them credit for. I was also happy when I came across this information as once again it shows that eating close to nature is the best for everybody.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jun 28.2019 | 10:51 am

Scott Hinkle

Thank you for this great post.

I’m actually reading it for a friend who’s pregnant but much of the information here applies to everyone.  I’m thinking about starting a nut snacking diet for my midday munchies.

Are there any nut mixes that you’d recommend to get an over-all healthy mix intake?

I’m a bit saddened to hear that peanut butter doesn’t make the cut (I love me a good PB&J).

Thanks again,


Jun 27.2019 | 06:35 pm


    Good Morning Scott,

    Sorry about the peanut butter but the bread and the jelly make it not advisable. A spoonful, not too big, of peanut butter, will be ok but it still is preferable to peel the nut and then eat it. The peeling takes time so you eat less.

    A good mix should always include almonds still with the skin and walnuts. Personally, I eat quite a bit of Pistachio but not the salted one. A couple of Brazil nuts a day help keep the doctor away. Some other healthy fats are from avocados, extra virgin olive oil, and coconut oil. Swap the normal milk for coconut milk. 

    There are many things we can do for our health. My personal recipe is to eat as close to nature as possible without being fanatic about it because what would life be without a little sin now and then.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jun 28.2019 | 11:01 am


Hi Taetske,

Thanks for this article. I’ve known about the benefits of nuts for sometime especially in its raw state vs all the processed ones loaded on store shelves. I have to admit I have to break the peanut butter cravings I have. What’s really nice are these health benefits for pregnant mothers and their prenatal babies. I don’t have kids myself but a few of my nieces will benefit from this when I share it out. Thanks again!

Jun 27.2019 | 06:36 pm


    Good Morning Frank,

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    A good idea to tell your nieces as this little trick of eating nuts during the first 3 months of pregnancy has such a positive effect on the brain development of the baby. It tastes good, is easy to do and does not cost the world. On top of it, it is good for the mother also.

    Ah, that peanut butter addiction. The bread and the jelly make it worse. I like peanut sauce, spicy with chicken Indonesian style but I might eat that once a year.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jun 28.2019 | 11:07 am


Hello Taetske,

What an informative and comprehensive post about the nuts for the baby brain! I have never thought the nuts are so important and are good for pregnant women to eat enough of it. Personally, I love cashew and walnuts due to their taste and health contribution. I should definitely eat more of those as per your post is obvious it is so healthy not only for pregnant women. And as I am planning a baby I should definitely think about this food to include to my diet. Thank you again for this great advice and insight!

All the best


Jul 08.2019 | 02:09 pm


    Good Morning Renata,

    Thank you for leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    How exciting to get a baby soon. Please also read my other posts on the diapers, 2 posts, and where I mention baby monitors. These modern times can pose a real health threat to the little ones. Nice to hear you find my post helpful. 

    My website has a broad niche because I write about health-related things I come across so you will find all kind of information here.

    My other site is more environmental orientated. Just recently I came across something interesting. A very innovative concept, help the planet and people. Please have a look at the widget under my photo.

    My best wishes for your future baby, keep her/him safe, happy and healthy.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jul 09.2019 | 11:45 am


Our unborn babies need to be protected from unnecessary chemicals we called food that can affect their well being. My mum do warn us not to take too much groundnut because of rashes. I knew she doesn’t like it that was why she piled up the effect it can cause for us. If roasted peanut is not safe, is cooked one very safe?  don’t like consuming raw peanut. Walnut is  also a sweet nut I love consuming. How about moringa nut, can it also work best for baby brain? Thanks for this useful review. I have bookmarked it because it will surely be of help for me.

Jul 08.2019 | 02:12 pm


    Good Morning Stella,

    To tell you the truth I have not experienced with cooked peanut but I suppose that the cooking process would kill the fungus. Still, as it is very fattening I would reduce eating it. I do live spicy peanut sauce Indonesian style but that I might eat twice a year.

    I know that the Moringa nut has many health benefits but it was not mentioned in the study so I cannot answer that question. If you eat nuts for your own health I would opt for a handful of mixed nuts. If you specifically eat it while being pregnant I would follow the advice of the study.

    Under my photo on the sidebar I have a new widget, please have a look, you might like the concept.

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    Jul 09.2019 | 11:52 am

water life

Dear Taetske

Thanks for your very useful article. I know that nuts are very good for health. Especially walnuts help brain, heart and their consumption not only affects the intestinal microbe, but also reduces LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. 

   Kids benefit not only in their prenatal life but also in infancy. Nuts are particularly nutritious for kids, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, classified in the category of healthy fats, fiber, proteins and a variety of metal vitamins and antioxidant ingredients.

Thanks for your information. All women should read this but also all people of all ages.

  Cheer, Thodoris

Jul 08.2019 | 02:13 pm


    Good Morning Thodoris,

    Thank you for your comment. Nice to see you again.

    When people started making their own food turning away from nature their health went down the drain.

    I say back to nature where we will find our health again. One should really take the time to cook a decent meal instead of shoving some pre-prepared meal in the microwave oven, both are bad for us.

    I am blessed as I live on my organic farm where I can grow a lot of things myself.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jul 09.2019 | 12:00 pm


Those are really great benefits of nuts. I am sure I am not alone who used to think that nuts contain bad fats. Glad to know that I can have as much as I want.

I am addicted to the chocolate coated type, trying to beat this addiction though. I think this natural products are a great way to add those needed benefits for the growing fetus, compared to other artificial boosters. And I agree, they taste great too!

Thank you for this informative piece. 

Jul 08.2019 | 02:19 pm


    Good Morning Carol,

    Thank you for your visit and leaving a comment. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

     As a general rule, one can say what is natural and has fat is good. What humans make is normally not good. We have chemicals, toxins, pesticides, additives, etc and make food with it and then eat it. That is a very crooked way of thinking. We can’t improve on nature. The closer we eat to nature the better our health will be.

    Especially when pregnant one should not forget that what we eat influences the health of our baby too.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jul 09.2019 | 12:09 pm


Thank you so much for writing such an informative post on nuts. I personally think that nowadays, we are exposed to many chemicals and that is no exception to the fetus or the newborn. I think eating all the list of the nuts that you recommended might be more beneficial than taking those prenatal supplements. If we eat whole organic foods, we will have all the nutrients that we and the fetus need without having to outsource to the supplements. 

Eating whole food or super food doesn’t cost as much as many people say it is. I always argue with whomever I had a conversation with this case. We might pay less for processed food but we always have to pay for supplements, why don’t we just eat whole natural food? We will save money and it is good for us and our future generations.

I will certainly share your post to all my friends who are planning to have little ones. 🙂

Jul 08.2019 | 03:30 pm


    Good Morning Nuttanee,

    Nice to see you again. Thank you for your comment.

    Exactly, why not eat whole foods and be healthy instead of man-made foods and then stuff ourselves with many supplements, that is not logical.

    We have to take better care of the future generation as there are many health hazards out there. Recently I came across this. If we unite our voice will be heard. I think it is a great concept. Please have a look at the widget below my photo.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jul 09.2019 | 12:15 pm


Hello there! This is a very informative article! I always knew nuts were a good source of protein and healthy fat. A mother-to-be would need such essential nutrients, and more of it. I didn’t know the specifics of each type of nut, though.

I usually try to eat a mixture of them just to get a bit of nutrient that the other might not have. Of them all, my favorite are cashews. What are your thoughts on cashew nuts? Thanks for creating this article!

Mar 08.2021 | 06:01 pm


    Good Morning Mike,

    Thank you for your comment on my website. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulips widget.

    I am a big fan of nuts and eat them every day.

    Cashew nuts are not safe to eat raw. They have a relatively high oxalate content and that could lead to kidney damage and some other chronic health problems. So only eat some roasted cashew nuts now and then.

    The Brazil nut is very healthy as it has a lot of selenium. This nut has a lot of healthy fat but don’t overdo it. They say up to 3 nuts a day to be ok.

    I specially like the Pistachio nut. You should only eat the unsalted one. Lots of fiber, healthy fats and potassium. It helps with keeping your blood sugar, pressure and cholesterol in check.

    Regards, Taetske

    Mar 09.2021 | 07:49 am

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