by Taetske | 3:03 pm

How To Cleanup The Waste Recycle Myth

  Cleaning up the waste recycle myth     I have lived in Spain more than half my life and have seen many changes on all levels. One thing that has really changed is

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by Taetske | 11:30 am

Pesticides And Its Undeniable Harm To The Brain

  Pesticides are harming the brain of bumblebee babies . . The harmful effects of pesticides When I read this story, I felt saddened. Once more the bees are suffering and now even baby

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by Taetske | 4:35 pm

A Strong Oral Biome Helps Against Coronavirus

Many people do not know yet that oral health is tightly related to overall health     While the Coronavirus is spreading around the globe, your best defense is to keep your immune system

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by Taetske | 2:33 pm

Information How Nature Can Help With UTI

  Have you ever suffered UTI?   If you have never had a urinary tract infection then call yourself lucky, as by my experience I can tell you it is not funny. There are

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by Taetske | 4:25 pm

Why Food Production Is Killing Our Habitat

Food for thought; Our method of food production is killing our habitat     How have we arrived at this situation, that our actions are seriously harming our health and environment? With all the

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by Taetske | 4:41 pm

Warning About Connection Of Bras & Breastcancer

  Breast cancer and its physical and emotional consequences     Cancer is a dreaded word and I think that most women fear to have breast cancer. The effects are so visible. Looking in

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by Taetske | 3:36 pm

Change Your Diet And Your Behavior Will Improve

  How a healthy diet changes you, our society, and the world as a whole     The importance of the type of food you eat You are what you eat. That is a

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by Taetske | 5:37 pm

Can Frozen Pathogens Be A Danger To The World?

  Tibetan glacier holds a worrying surprise of 28 unknown viruses     One of the many side effects of global warming It is getting warmer, no doubt about that. Having lived since 1981

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by Taetske | 4:28 pm

Scandalous Discovery Asbestos Found In Children’s Makeup

The danger of asbestos to your health     What is asbestos The name asbestos refers to six naturally occurring silicate minerals. The fact that it is found in nature does not automatically mean

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by Taetske | 4:33 pm

Information On The 3 New GMO Products

  Have you heard about the GMO potato?   . I received an email from “GMOs Revealed” and read an amazing story Before telling you the story though, I would like to tell you

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