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How cleaning Products affect the health of your Pets

Hello, I am Michael and Taetske invited me to be a guest commentator on her website.


House Cat

Shugar in the Spanish Sun


In recent news, house dust may be hazardous to your pet’s health.  In a study published in Environmental Health and Technology, indoor cats are especially sensitive to organohalogen compounds that are absorbed by household dust.  The study evaluated the house dust in seventeen Swedish homes, the blood samples from house cats resident in the homes as well as samples from the food sources.  To establish a baseline, cat food was purchased matching the reported diets of the households in question.

The problem is that many organohalogens are present in our homes.  You may not think so but how many items do you have that are sprayed or treated with flame retardant. The study investigated at least ten known compounds and found a significant correlation between serum and dust samples.


Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products


You may not think that this is important but I would advise you to reconsider.  Many of our household chemicals are heavier than air so they sink to the low levels in the house.  Who besides our furry friends inhabit the low levels, maybe babies?



Morning Cigarette


Smoking also dangerous for your pets

My mother lived in a mobile home in the Colorado Rockies.  And much to my chagrin, she smoked a pack of cigarettes a day.  She did not believe that cigarette smoke was harmful to her pets but one time while visiting her, I cleaned the furnace filter and found it was absolutely filthy with a dark brown sticky substance.  I proposed that this was nicotine and tar from cigarettes.  It wasn’t until her cats started developing cancer symptoms that she started questioning her stance.  I had left two wonderful animals with her for a while.  Within 4 years, I lost a beautiful Cornish Rex to sinus cancer, she had lost Cornish Rex I had given her to breast cancer and a feral beauty she had adopted as a kitten to lung cancer.  Soon, she would develop cancer and the rest is unnecessary to discuss.

Be proactive and protective with your pets (and children) and air the house out often.
There are more dangers you may not be aware of.  We found that other things can seriously affect your pets,  Look at my post beware of frontline for more information.  You may also want to visit this site as well: Frontline products – silent killers.


Source: NaturalHealth365 and My Life

Photo Source: Pixabay and Private




Melinda Curle

Oh wow! I hadn’t even know that these could harm our pets. You mention cats a lot in the article, do you know if it impacts dogs in the same way? I have a mixed breed dog.
Do you have recommendations for cleaners that are safer for our pets? I know that a lot of people use vinegar solutions to clean.

Oct 03.2017 | 10:49 pm


    Good Morning Melinda,

    Yes, it is a bad situation and it is good to be informed about these hazards. Cats and dog and also small children will be affected as they are close to the ground. I do not know where you live but here in Spain the different supermarket have often a “clean”line of cleaning products, the same is valid for hygiene products, make-up and food. The more one is informed the better. I have recently written a post about Frontline, you might care to have a look.

    Regards, Taetske

    Oct 04.2017 | 06:18 am

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