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How Toxins also affect our dear Pets


Cindy my dog with little Jasmin

Cindy my dog with little Jasmin

Our pets are also at risk

I have been writing quite a few posts on the dangers in our daily life. Some of these are in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the foods we eat.
In big cities, the air is often so polluted that it is dangerous to our health and when small dogs go out for their daily walks they even breathe a bigger amount of bad air as we do, toxins are heavy and stay close to the ground. Our tap water often has a cocktail of bad things in it.  These particles are invisible to the naked eye but negative to our health. The same applies to our food when you look at the labels of men made food you can hardly pronounce the word and neither do you know what it is.

When we think about our pets, our dogs and cats, we, of course, want the best for them. We want them to be healthy for many years. The air they breathe, well, not so easy to influence that. Don’t take your dogs for a walk on the streets if you can avoid it. Best is to go to a park or the outskirts of a city. With free roaming cats it is not possible to decide where they go as they go where they want. To keep a cat, especially alone, always inside is sad as they love to go out and explore with a little bit of hunting on the side.


The water your pet drinks is important

You might think that to avoid giving your animals tap water you would do better to give it bottled water. If so then it cannot be from a plastic bottle which is also unhealthy. I have a trick to improve their water, it is cheap and easy to do. I put a layer of clay, like a finger thick and then fill up the bowl with water. Only a glass bowl or ceramic, never a plastic or metal bowl. For more details on the use of clay read my post  Helpful Clay and the Unique Ways to Use It .

You take care with your pet’s food, not too much salt, fat or additives. There are many brands be it dry or wet food. Some people like to give their animals raw food or home-cooked meals.
If you have outdoor cats they add some food while hunting. Whatever you do you do with the best intention to maintain your pet’s health.


What do you do when your pet has fleas?

What does one do when you discover your pets have fleas. You will probably go to your vet or visit a store specialized in pet care.  You might buy the well-known product FRONTLINE.
Please do not do that, it is dangerous. Dogs and cats alike have been suffering from severe side effects, after all, it is a pesticide, and sadly some of these animals have died.
Please have a look a  this linked website.


the day of Shugars arrival

The day of Shugars arrival

Michael and Shugar arrive in Spain

To end this post I want to tell you about the personal experience Michael and I had with his cat Shugar. They both emigrated from the US to Spain in Aug. 2016. Shugar is a big, beautiful, white and deaf girl of 13 years old. I had called her Rolly Polly which irritated Michael some, he would call her Rubenesque. Here is a photo of the day when I had picked her up from Malaga airport, 1 day before Michael was to arrive. On coming home she immediately went to eat on the upper floor which would be her home as it was planned Michael would have his workroom there.


Michael and Shugar in the pergola

Michael and Shugar in the pergola


We had Shugar in the patio but as she is deaf and was talking a lot in the beginning months my other cats took a while to get used to her. Cindy my dog who loves cats had no problem with her at all and Shugar also got used to having Cindy at a short distance without getting nervous. As she was moving more than in Nampa/Idaho where she lived with Michael she started to lose some weight also due to the fact she had to get used to the cobblestones.


Flea attack

In the first week of July, we noticed that the cats started to scratch so they had a little attack of fleas. Michael went to the vet here in the village and got some Frontline for the family.
About a week after applying it we noticed Shugar was deteriorating, eating less, having weak back legs, and she started walking on her entire foot from the toes to her heel.  As you know, cats walk on their toes so we were concerned. The other cats were doing fine. It did not take long but then Shugar stopped eating and Michael took her to the vet. He gave her some pain injections and a vitamin paste but it did not really help. After some more days which included 2 more visits to the vet, he said we better take her to the hospital in the next village where they have a 24-hour service. By that time she was very weak, had not eaten for over a week and had therefore lost a lot of weight. As I said she used to be a big girl with some 9kg and was now about half.


Shugar is very sick

We took her to the hospital on a Friday and they took a blood test. It would take 45 min for the result so we went for a coffee. The young doctor spoke some English and said it does not look good at all. She had a severe liver infection with toxic levels being well over double safe levels. Shugar had to stay there and we went home rather upset. On Saturday they told us she had eaten a tiny bit of food and on Sunday, after calling, we went to pick her up again. She looked rather awful I must say. The first week she stayed very weak, dragging herself over the floor, a sad sight indeed. No strength at all in her back legs and on top of all this misery she had started to pull out her hair.  We will have to bring her in for a new blood test to see if there is any improvement. She is having special dry food which is indicated for liver problems. We have decided to give a small bite of tuna as breakfast with 1 drop of CBD oil. She is also drinking clay water. Every day she is improving a tiny bit and trying to walk on her toes again.


Shugar is sick

Shugar is sick


If you love your pets and I am sure you do never ever give it Frontline again. Perhaps nothing happens the first or second time you apply this product but it could well happen in the future.

Although I have written about the reactions suffered by my cat Shugar, other pets suffer equal pain. The following link discusses Frontline’s effects on dogs.


Just an update on our cat Shugar

We have started giving her a drop of CBD oil each morning with her breakfast and she appears to be improving.  She appears to be redeveloping muscle mass in her rear legs.

I have just been sent a video discussing the benefits of using the Sacred Plant on your pets.  We have learned that all mammals have cannabinoid receptors throughout our bodies.  It is to be expected that our furry friends would benefit just like humans but on a smaller scale.


Source: My Life

Photo Source: Private




Frontline products are loaded with chemicals. Many pets have died and many others have serious side effects all the way from seizures to losing hair. Please DON’T subject your pets to this poison.

Aug 21.2017 | 03:21 pm


    Good afternoon Nancy,

    Thank you for visiting my website. Frontline is an awful product which should be taken off the market. When we look at human food which is laden with chemicals, pesticides, additives, and GMO’s one can hardly be surprised this product is on the market for animals.

    Regards, Taetske

    Aug 21.2017 | 04:11 pm


Taetske, I feel blessed in a way that we have never given our dog Indy Frontline. We treat Indy to vet prescribed Advocate, which is in fact only available from vet surgeries. But I know of so many pet owners who opt for Frontline as readily available online and in shops.
Your post has prompted me to do my own little research. I can’t believe the number of negative reviews on Frontline. Your Shugar may have been one of the most unlucky cases – and she does look so tired in the picture, poor thing ❤️ But there are indications that Frontline may cause skin problems and nausea and vomiting. And to add up to all this, it has also been reported that Frontline does not work as promised in killing pest on your pet. I’m certainly going to point anyone using Frontline in the direction of your post, as pet owners have the right to know. Thank you.

Aug 21.2017 | 08:10 pm


    Good afternoon Giulia,

    Thank God that you did not use Frontline on your dear dog Indy. The symptoms might not come the first time, neither the second time but then suddenly it happens. Shugar had Frontline applied once while still living in the US and that spot lost its hair, she did not do that as that spot was out of reach for her. This time the symptoms were really severe and we feared for her life. She is getting better slowly and I will be so happy when she walks on her toes again. Thank you for visiting, hope to see you again.

    Regards, Taetske

    Aug 22.2017 | 02:04 pm


Thank you Taetske for the warning about Frontline. It is terrible to learn that such dangerous products are on the market, and how animals are at risk due to thoughtlessness of company owners who allow such dangerous items to be produced.
I hope that Shugar will soon be restored to full health and able to enjoy her life to the fullest.

Aug 22.2017 | 07:13 am


    Good afternoon Valerie,

    It is so sad that these products are on the market and pose a health hazard to our dear pets. Frontline seems to be a real bad one. Shugar is getting better day by day and I hope to see her walking on her toes again so she can enjoy the Spanish Patio.
    Thank you for visiting my website.

    Regards, Taetske

    Aug 22.2017 | 02:10 pm

John ツ

Thanks for sharing this information Taetske. My wife and myself don’t have pets anymore but, being international house and pets sitters, we take care of other people’s pets. So it is good to know so that when we have a client who is using a Frontline product (which is very common), we can advise them to stop.
I always enjoy reading your articles and I look forward to the next one.
Best wishes,
John ツ

Aug 25.2017 | 04:39 pm


    Good afternoon John,

    Nice to see you again visiting my website. This Frontline is really awful, just imagine we would have lost Shugar because of using it. Yes, do spread the word to people who use this product, the sooner the better. I have sent an email with the website to all my friends world wide.

    Regards, Taetske

    Aug 25.2017 | 04:55 pm


This is terrifying. I am so sorry your kitty went through this due to the poison these drugs contain. I am eager to learn about natural treatments for fleas and ticks though I am lucky to live in Alaska where we don’t need them! I get many questions about this however and if we ever moved somewhere else I would want to know what to use.
Thanks for spreading the word on this dangerous product! It is scary to think how many dogs and cats get this every day!

Aug 29.2017 | 08:13 pm


    Good Morning Jessica,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment on Frontline. These later years in my life I have become more conscious about the dangers around us. That is also why I write about these things on my website. But I had not been thinking in depth about what I do by giving my animals this pesticide. I have not given it often as my cats are mainly outdoor cats but this time I saw that they all had an itch. Michaels cat who most of the time stays indoors also started scratching so that was the moment I took action which had these horrible results. I will now look into finding a natural solution in case the fleas come back again.

    Regards, Taetske

    Aug 30.2017 | 06:06 am


Thank you very much Taetske for this article, your experience has truly woken us up as to what other things our dogs are exposed to. Often times we take the vets word as good and do not give it a second thought. We will definitely be stopping front line now and look for natural solutions for fleas, thank you again for bringing this to light!


Feb 05.2018 | 03:46 am


    Good Morning Rox,

    Thank you for reading my article on Frontline, the more people read it the better. It is so true that when going to the vet one accepts the advice given. Now we know it is a harmful product which should not be used for our fur friends. Also when we go to the doctor one normally accepts the pills or treatment he prescribes. It is time we start analyzing all these things. Big money making companies are behind it and in general, it is not our health or the health of our pets which really interests them. Thank you for your visit and I hope to see you again.

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 05.2018 | 07:25 am

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