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How a healthy diet changes you, our society, and the world as a whole


Hamburger, fries, and a big belly

Hamburger, fries, and a big belly, image Menno de Jong


The importance of the type of food you eat

You are what you eat. That is a phrase one hears often. Nobody stops and thinks, am I eating the right kind of food, and is it the right food for me? People appear to be unconcerned about the quality of the food they eat and do not realize how it affects their individual lives.

It is strange that our society finds it normal that all kinds of ailments related to an unhealthy lifestyle have popped up all of a sudden. We stuff ourselves with man-made foods, sugars, and fats, and even praise these new tastes which fool our senses into wanting more of them. Obesity is on the rise as well as all the related illnesses.


Getting old unhealthily

People are getting older and many are suffering from the effects of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, but they do not link it to eating unhealthy foods for many years. The increase in age-related illnesses is not only from eating bad and unnatural foods.

There are more factors involved. Factors like polluted air and water, pesticides in our food, radiation (EMF, XRay, Microwave, and the like.), lack of exercise, etc. One could safely say our unhealthy lifestyle has called forth a lot of ailments one did not hear about in the past.

Today I would like to concentrate mainly on food and the physical, mental and spiritual influence it has on us. It is all connected and we are doing a poor job in trying to keep a healthy balance.

Food feeds your cells and keeps your system going. The human body is an amazing and complex creation. Whenever scientists discover something new and gain knowledge about the human body, it becomes apparent there is so much more to it than was previously believed. Some parts of the body and their function are understood, but others we know little about. Only recently has it been discovered there is a connection between the brain and the gut.

This is an interesting YouTube video with a TED TALK on the gut/brain connection you should not miss.



If your digestive system does not work properly, besides that nasty stuffed feeling, your mood also suffers. I can speak from experience as in the past it would often happen to me. Nowadays, with a balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, being at home is not a problem.

It can get tricky going on a trip. The temporary change of diet, at least for me, does not seem favorable. I get cranky when blocked, but going back to my healthy diet, the symptoms related to traveling disappear.


Pill overdose

Pill overdose image Hasty Words


Our society suffers the consequences of terrible food

Have you ever thought that there might be a cause-and-effect relationship between food and violence? There are a lot of studies that prove that unhealthy foods have a negative effect on your brain.

Unhealthy food is normally man-made food. It is processed and modified in a factory and wrapped in plastic. Often, when trying to read the label, it happens you cannot pronounce the ingredients and likely don’t know what it means. These foods are full of sugar and bad fats, loads of additives, and often made with GMO products, which have been sprayed with pesticides. Why on earth do we eat this crap?

I must confess, I do eat chocolate and sometimes a cookie, but I do not eat fast food and neither prepackaged meals. These modern foods actually do not deserve the name food at all. We are brainwashed by commercials and aggressive campaigns. It makes us think it is healthy to eat.

Eating these unnatural foods has changed our society. An unnatural diet is linked to aggressive behavior and an inability to control our anger. Could it be that the rise in conflicts in our society is linked to bad food? More and more studies appear to confirm this. There are problems everywhere, just look around you. Domestic violence is on the rise and, in general, women are often treated in a bad way.

In politics, it is quite awful when you see grown-up people misbehave so much. At schools, the bullying of classmates has nearly become normal. It is also a fact that children struggle with learning as if their brains cannot cope.

How about not being tolerant of other races and religions? We are becoming more aggressive every day. A diet of processed food is harming us in a big way. More people go to prison, there are more homicides and suicides, and on a whole, we are misbehaving.


A walnut resembles the brain

A walnut resembles the brain image Mupfel80


The importance of Omega-3 fats

Did you know that a low level of omega-3 fats has been linked to an increase in depressions? It seems, as we changed our eating habits by cutting out this healthy fat, the population started having all kinds of ailments, including depression and inflammation, which then leads to other and even more severe conditions.

While we are eating less of the good fats, the rise in eating refined omega-6 oils (mostly soybean oil) is quite staggering. From 1970 to 2010, Omega-6 consumption had an increase of 248%. When you look at the data from 1900 onward, it is a whopping 1000%. Why are we doing this to ourselves?

A deficiency of vitamins and minerals can lead to violence, which can start at a young age. Food has tremendous importance for your physical, mental, and spiritual development.

It seems that replacing snack foods with healthier options can have a remarkable effect. An experimental study on 3000 incarcerated youth showed that reducing the intake of refined and sugary foods caused a 21% decline in antisocial behavior.

There were no suicides within the study group, which cannot be said of the incarcerated population as a whole.

Suicide is the number one killer of children between the ages of 10 to 19 years old. This is the first time I hear this. Could it be that all those big manufacturers of unhealthy food do not want you to know about it?

There was another interesting study where one group of violent kids were given vitamin and mineral supplements. They had been tested and showed having a big deficiency in iron, magnesium, B12, and folate, which are all needed so the brain can perform well. These supplements were credited with reducing their violent acts by as much as 91%.


Dr. Hyman and his new book

Mark Adam Hyman is an American physician and New York Times best-selling author. He believes we all deserve vibrant health and happiness and that by eating real food we can obtain this state. He thinks that our broken food system is one of the most pressing issues we have to solve.

The new book ” Food Fix” by Dr. Hyman is a must-read



There is too much violence in the world

There are many reasons why people or kids become violent. There are environmental, social, and economic factors. It has been proven that eating nutritious food, meaning healthy and natural food can avoid many problems, including ailments.

The eating of wrong and unhealthy foods will get you in a never-ending vicious circle of unhappiness, overweight, feeling alone, mental illness, violence, homicide, etc.

Did you know that smoking kills fewer people than food? 7 Million die each year from smoke-related illnesses. 11 Million people die each year from ailments caused mainly by eating unhealthy food.

How come the rules and regulations on smoking are really tight? No more advertising like in the good old days, remember the Marlborough man? You can hardly smoke anywhere if it is not your private home and garden, but you are told to eat more junk foods.

Convincing the population to follow strict guidelines against the consumption of unhealthy foods would be a good thing and make the population a lot healthier. Of course, a big part of the food industry would go down the drain, but it would mean a better, longer, and healthier life. No more obesity, type 2 diabetes, or mental illness just to name a few.


Colorful Vegetable Market

Colorful Vegetable Market image flyupmike



What about Big Pharma? They might be out of a lot of business. Do not fool yourself by thinking they want you to get better. A healthy person does not bring in money.

Erase depression, anger flares, uncontrolled violent actions, hatred, and inflexibility, failing at school and at your job, feeling awful and misunderstood. Become the healthy person you were meant to be. Your body can make that happen.

Just as with a car where the right type of petrol is needed, your body needs the right type of fuel to take you to a happy and healthy old age. That old age where you can enjoy all the beautiful things life offers.

I would be interested to hear your comments about what you eat.

I have made a special page for my visitors with Recommendations, please have a look.


Source: Dr. Mark Hyman and his newsletter of 27 January 2020

Photo Source: Pixabay


It is not only man-made foods that are a danger. These foods cause all kinds of ailments which then require medicine, chemical medicine. Popping pills often hold adverse side effects. You do not get better and Big Pharma is filling its pockets. You might like to read the following post.

Warning, The Threat Of The Opioid Epidemic



Clearly, more emphasis needs to be placed on a healthy lifestyle. Once upon a time, I was one who cared very little about the quality of the foods I ate, so long as it dealt with the hunger problem at the time. A series of health issues has drastically changed all of that and in a very short period.

At the very least, I’m glad this article faces the issue squarely. It’s about time we as a society, made the necessary changes. Thanks 

Feb 03.2020 | 03:59 pm


    Good Morning Ikechukwu,

    Thank you for visiting my website and for leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    Right you are! We, the people should come to our senses and realize we are being manipulated, our health is at stake. 

    I have lost my trust in leaders and the government as it has become clear they do not care about my health, that is my responsibility.

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 04.2020 | 12:19 pm

Linda Frankson

Dear Taetske, as always, your writing has made a significant focus on healthy eating habits.

I enjoyed very much the video Ted Talk such a young person that has given an evident scope on our body functions.

This is very gratifying because it shows that the younger generations are being much more conscient and aware that the body plays such a large part in how we are and how we eat.

As Always Linda

Feb 04.2020 | 07:39 pm


    Good afternoon Linda,

    Thank you for stopping by again, always nice to see you.

    I also thought this TED talk was great, it had a little giggle but in the meantime, it explained the whole process very well.
    I do hope that young people really start with thinking about their health. They still have their whole life to live.

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 05.2020 | 04:32 pm


Doesn’t it just sound insane? That food is actually making us sick. I have to admit the older I have got my eating has gotten worse. I do feel terribly sluggish the next day if I was binge eating food the night before. There seems to be a lot that we can change to avoid all the extra bad toxins we accumulate because of harmful foods.

Like the dreaded fast foods that have become a staple diet nowadays. Yes, we are all fighting amongst ourselves daily and this is so terribly sad.

I lived in Spain when I was younger and I fell in love with the Mediterranean cuisine. I felt alive happy and yes I was always slim back in the day. Not to mention how I loved how the Spanish families made lunches and dinners a family affair. The way it should be. I shall have to take a look at that book as it has caught my eye also.

Thank you for such an awesome article once again. It really is an eyeopener and so very true.

Feb 04.2020 | 07:53 pm


    Good afternoon Debs,

    Thank you for your visit and for your comment.
    Spain has been my guest country since 1975 which is more than half my life. I must say I like it here.

    Dr. Hyman is a nice guy and a great doctor. I subscribe to his newsletters and always learn something new. He has a very sensible outlook on how our world functions, how and why our food system is like it is and he talks straight which I especially like.

    If you feel sluggish you might benefit from a good detox. At least once a year but it would be better if you do it at the change of season.

    Let me know how it goes.

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 05.2020 | 04:22 pm


I think the past year of different phases of global lockdowns has forced a lot of people to reevaluate their relationship with food. In our home, we used to dine out quite often, but it immediately stopped, and then stayed that way for months.

We enjoyed browsing for recipes and testing out new flavors in our own kitchen. I think we ended up having more healthy options simply because frying foods at home is more mess than it’s worth! 

Apr 26.2021 | 02:49 pm


    Good Morning Aly,

    Thank you for your comment and your visit.

    I agree with you that frying at home is a mess. Michael has one cooking evening a week. I clean the kitchen every Sunday so he cooks on a Friday or Saturday. We have considered getting one of those hot-air fryers. It has to be a glass container as we avoid cooking in pans with an anti-stick coating. That is bad for your health.

    It is sad that a big part of the world’s population eats fast food. The negative result of that is visible on many levels.

    Regards, Taetske

    Apr 27.2021 | 06:57 am


I fully agree with you that big pharma wants us to be on medication, so will not help to make us better through lifestyle and diet. I watched a documentary series last year, called the Gut Solution, and it addresses the issues that you are discussing here. Herbicides, insecticides and GMO crops are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to damaging our health. 

It makes it so much more important to source organically grown foods. And cook your own meals. It is so much better for your wallet, and your health, than prepared meals with lots of unnecessary additives.

Apr 26.2021 | 02:58 pm


    Good Morning Line,

    It is awful to think that humanity is just business. But I am convinced by now that that is true. See all these companies rushing to get their vaccine on the market for a virus that does not exist and making billions. We are being fooled on so many levels.

    Take GMO. We were told it would solve the hunger problem in the world, but that is a lie. Yesterday, on Facebook, I posted photos from a laboratory. They had divided white rats into 3 groups. They gave them GMO food, GMO with Roundup, or only Roundup. All 3 groups developed horrendous cancer growths. We are eating GMO crops sprayed with Roundup. We are not right in our heads. 

    Thank you for your comment.

    Regards, Taetske 

    Apr 27.2021 | 07:08 am

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