by Taetske | 3:43 pm

How to improve your Oral Health

  We can link poor Oral Health to various diseases     The connection between your health and your teeth. People, in general, do not connect their overall health to their oral health. There

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by Taetske | 2:51 pm

BEWARE OF FRONTLINE ! Your pets are in serious danger.

How Toxins also affect our dear Pets     Our pets are also at risk I have been writing quite a few posts on the dangers in our daily life. Some of these are

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by Taetske | 3:18 pm

How to Detoxify Oneself with a Fasting Cure

  Fasting cure and its Benefits for your Health   Why you need an internal cleaning now and then One has to detoxify now and then with a fasting cure as we are full

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by Taetske | 3:00 pm

Know Your Right, Green Light to the Medical use of Curcumin

  FDA refusal to approve Turmeric for any medical use   Turmeric has over 700 health benefits and this claim is backed by over 8ooo research papers and also clinical studies at the U.S.

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