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A worrying increase in death rates.

Lately, you might have seen articles in the media telling you that more people are dying than normal. I find this upsetting and would like to know why this is.


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Explaining excess deaths.

Excess deaths are defined as the number of deaths during a given period that exceeds the expected count based on historical trends. In the year 2023, there were 150,000 excess deaths in America. These unexpected fatalities are very alarming, to say the least.

It can be a signal of critical public health issues, including pandemics, natural disasters, or widespread health complications in a community.

Or did something else happen that might have caused it?

It is important to know that the analysis of excess deaths isn’t new. Public health experts have long relied on this measure to gain insight into the overall health of populations.

By comparing mortality data against previous years, we can identify spikes or decreases that demand further scrutiny. We hear that correlation does not prove causation. But, according to one medical expert, we can turn correlation into a strong enough argument to warrant investigating its viability to causation.

Do not miss this video by Dr. Campbell, these facts are so sad.



We just heard what Dr. John Campbell had to say about excess deaths in 2023 (over 100,000 excess deaths not attributed to COVID-19) but did you catch the excess deaths reported in 2022? The number 495,000 is definitely an extreme case of excess deaths.

Tracking excess deaths involves meticulous data analysis: collecting reports, adjusting for anomalies, and accounting for different variability. Accurate findings are essential for informed decision-making and effective crisis response.

Perhaps we should review the databases compiled by the life insurance companies. These companies are constantly trying to estimate costs associated with poor health. They have found that excess deaths, in the U.S. alone, increased by over 20% in 2021 when compared to 2015 through 2020 data.

In the next section, we’ll delve into how the United States has faced an alarming number of excess deaths in 2023 and what the underlying data might reveal about this trend.


Analyzing US Excess Deaths in 2023: A Deep Dive into the Data

The United States witnessed about 150,000 excess deaths in 2023, a statistic that is highly worrying and demands attention and analysis. To put this into perspective, excess deaths are measured against a baseline of expected mortality under “normal conditions” assessed from historical data. The figure for 2023 stands out when compared to previous years, signaling a potential public health issue that requires a closer look.

As we heard from the statistics already presented by Dr. Campbell, to understand the significance of these excess deaths, it’s vital to consider various factors. For instance, age segments, socioeconomic status, and preexisting health conditions play crucial roles in these statistics. Moreover, access to healthcare varies across the U.S., further complicating the analysis. However, these factors are nearly impossible to fully quantify.

What about the questionable causes of death among our athletes and sports stars? This is the healthiest sector of our population, and the question is how does an 11-year-old die of sudden cardiac arrest or 28 athletes die of sudden cardiac arrest in less than two years? All of this since the roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccines.

The suspicious increase in excess deaths after the vaccination roll-out raises questions that warrant careful examination.


Connecting the Dots: Vaccination Roll-out and Excess Death Rates

In the examination of the trajectory of excess deaths, it is crucial to look closely at notable events that coincide with these patterns.

One such significant event is the vaccination roll-out. In 2023, medical and public health communities around the US continued to administer vaccines, bolstered by efforts to reach broader populations. If that was a positive thing, only time will tell.

This timeline is not merely a backdrop; it is necessary to understand any potential connections between these health initiatives and the rates of excess deaths.

Do not forget, that these vaccines were not tested in double-blind placebo trials. As an example, a test group was given only a placebo, later on, this same group was given the real vaccine. The excuse is that one should not deprive them of the “good”. By doing that, the whole test is violated and useless.

These vaccines were let on the market because there was an “emergency”. It’s essential, though, to make clear that pinpointing direct causation without exhaustive scientific investigation invites room for error and misinterpretation.

What is even more important is the fact that the trials could not document the vaccines’ ability to save lives or prevent infections, this study puts the value of vaccinations in doubt.

The strange thing is that when asking Google for information, you will get recent statistics from Europe, but the CDC has not collected data after September 2023.

Are they not interested in finding the truth?

Expert analysis is key when interpreting these complex situations. A vaccine aims to safeguard the population and decrease the incidence of disease-related deaths. But to get vaccinated should always be a personal choice, and that is why it is of utmost importance to be well-informed before taking one.

In many instances, vaccines have a proven historical record of reducing mortality rates in diseases like influenza and measles.

The problem is that the Covid-19 vaccine cannot be compared with older ones. Its makeup is completely different from the previous vaccines, and we have no clue about the long-term effects it might have. Because of the criticality of rolling out a vaccine, the vaccine manufacturers were granted emergency use licenses and their known side effects have been hidden. Let’s not forget that in 1986, Congress gave pharmaceutical companies immunity against lawsuits for injuries or deaths caused by vaccines.

The question remains if this new vaccine, completely different in its setup from vaccines in the past, is safe and effective. Personally, I do not think so and that is why I am not vaccinated. Who wants to be a Guinea pig? Here is a link to a big collection of data.

Let’s not forget that each death on these statistics is a life story – the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and friends whose lives are represented in these figures. It is their experiences that often hold the real insights into the multi-faceted nature of public health outcomes and what can be done to improve them.


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Grieving man, Photo by StockSnap on Pixabay.



Beyond the Numbers: Addressing the Human Stories Behind Excess Deaths

The hard numbers can be jarring, but behind every statistic about excess deaths is a family, and a community that has been impacted. We should recognize the human aspect within this topic, understanding that these aren’t just figures in a report but real people who have lives, aspirations, and loved ones. It’s essential to remember that public health initiatives save lives.

Actionable steps like promoting public awareness, and improving access to healthcare are fundamental in lessening the blow of potential health crises. Communities can rebound more robustly when armed with the right knowledge and resources.

Moving forward, using data to steer policy decisions and public action is critical to managing and mitigating excess deaths. By examining what the numbers can teach us about risk factors or the effectiveness of interventions, policymakers can create a proactive instead of reactive approach to public health.


A Book Not to be missed.

Big pharma does not have your health in mind.  But they work like Donald Duck’s uncle, Scrooge MC Duck.  Thinking only of the bottom line and $$$$. This book nails big pharma.


How Big Pharma Broke American Health Care And How We Can Repair It



I encourage readers to maintain a perspective of vigilance and engagement with their health and the health of their loved ones. Be informed about the advances in the scientific community and listen to a variety of information sources.

Take control of your own health. Hopefully, by doing so, you will not be a statistic like other people. A serious look at one’s lifestyle, healthy food, and light exercise can do wonders.

At the heart of this, you’ll find a commitment to preventive care. Never lose sight of the individual stories, we are humans, not numbers.

Before you leave, take a look at my Recommendations page.


Source: CDC, Children’s Health.

Photo Source: Pixabay


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Jake Devins

Hi, this is a interesting take on big pharma. A lot of people blindly follow the pharmaceutical industry. For sure it has many awesome medications but it’s a trillion dollar industry and yet there’s lots  of unhealthy unhappy people out there so wtf is that about? Either way. This is a eye opener.

Feb 21.2024 | 04:29 pm


    Good afternoon, Jake.

    Thank you for your visit and comment. I hope you downloaded a free PDF of your choice at the Tulip Widget.

    It is a vicious circle as Big Pharma keeps people unhealthy, probably therefor unhappy. The sicker the nation, the more money is made. In addition, Big Pharma has, what is called agency capture. Meaning that high level individuals working in the governmental agencies perform favors knowing that they will be compensated when they retire from those agencies. It definitely is a crooked setup and the population pays the price with their health.

    Kind regards,


    Feb 22.2024 | 03:49 pm


Thanks Taetske!  The insights you provided for the excess deaths in the US gave me something to think about.  I have been taking vaccines diligently my entire life and never once considered why we need them or how they are made.   I have, within the last 5 years, put more time and consideration into my daily lifestyle, such as watching what I eat, reading food labels, and making sure to get exercise a few times a week.   

Feb 21.2024 | 04:40 pm


    Good afternoon, Athina,

    Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. I hope you downloaded a free PDF of your choice at the Tulip Widget.

    That is great, you are taking care of yourself. After all, we are responsible for our own health. Big Pharma prefers sick people, as that makes more money. Wishing you all the best on your road to good and long-lasting health. 

    With best regards,


    Feb 22.2024 | 03:38 pm

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