by Taetske | 4:32 pm

The importance of eating Salt every day

The Salt of the Earth and the Sea     Incorrect information of the American Heart Association Salt has been getting a very bad rap for a long time, doctors telling their patients to

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by Taetske | 2:28 pm

Happy Cows for a Safe and Healthy You

  Treat cows with care, your health will benefit from it   It is so important to know where the meat comes from and in what condition the animals are being kept. The quality

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by Taetske | 7:23 pm

Wake up to the Unbelievable Health Risks of Sugar

  Sugar is more addictive than Cocaine!     We eat too much sugar Everybody knows by now that eating too much sugar is bad for you. Strangely enough, this knowledge has not stopped

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by Taetske | 6:53 pm

Warning! Smart-meters are Inaccurate and a Health Risk

  Smart Meters might not be as smart as you think!     We hear all the time that the electrical grid in the U.S. is obsolete and in dire need of upgrading.  And

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