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Smart Meters might not be as smart as you think!



Electricity-meter image by Gerd Altmann


We hear all the time that the electrical grid in the U.S. is obsolete and in dire need of upgrading.  And in order to do this, we need to upgrade to “smart meters”. What exactly are smart meters and what will they do for us?


The present state of Technology

Currently, electrical meters (and gas meters) are analog meters, meaning that they simply measure the flow of electricity (or volume of gas) to your house. A meter reader must stand in front of the meter and record the current meter reading.

When this data is compiled by the utility to evaluate your energy consumption, the previous meter reading is subtracted from the current meter reading, resulting in the most recent record of energy usage by that individual. This may be over a 30-day timeframe, over 35 days, or even over 90 days, depending on how often the meter is read.

There are times when the meter reader can’t get to the meter to read it (15 inches of snow) and there are times where the length of time between meter readings is not consistent. This is one advantage of the new digital meter. The meter sends real-time data back to the parent utility, which can be on a second-by-second basis.

So the premise is that readings will be recorded on a consistent basis. Is this really a good thing?  Do we really want a utility knowing what time we turn on our toaster or how long the hot water heater runs in the morning? Is this something we are worried about?


Cable Mess

Cable Mess image by Michal Jarmoluk


Responsible consumption of utilities

What about the concept that in the future, if you use too much energy over a given time period, you will incur additional charges? The concept is that tariffs could be imposed for consumption during times of peak usage and credits would be offered for non-peak usage.

This would give the utilities a breakdown (minute by minute) of all electrical (and gas) usage within the home. What if you take 15 minutes to enjoy a hot shower? You may say so what, but in a world conscious of global warming, you may be charged for wasted heat.

The concept might sound a little “Orwellian” but there are other concerns. A “smart” meter might be an acceptable idea if it actually reduced costs, but numerous studies document that these meters can be wildly inaccurate.



Socket image by Kalhh


Results of a Scientific Study

In a study published in the scientific journal IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Magazine conducted by the University of Twente and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, both in Holland, researchers found these meters can report energy usage 582 percent above actual usage.

The report states that five of the nine meters tested gave readings much higher than the actual power consumed. Only two meters gave readings that were as much as 32 percent lower than actual power consumed. The erroneous readings occurred in spite of the fact that all the meters met legal requirements and were certified.

Modern energy-saving lighting systems such as LEDs, heaters, and dimmers influenced the accuracy of smart meters.

These kinds of devices create non-linear, fast switching, electrical loads. The researchers identified that meters with a “Rogowski coil” current sensor gave false high values when fast switching devices were used.


A good book

The writer of this book tells his personal story, his first year with a Smart Meter. He warns us of coming problems for utilities and customers alike. He will show you a couple of tricks to outsmart the Smart Meter.



Microwaves and its dangers

If that were not enough to make you switch your smart meter off, you may want to consider that these meters emit non-ionizing microwaves at a rate of 10,000 to 200,000 pulses per meter a day.  This is the radioactive equivalent of 160 cell phones. Repeated exposure to excessive radiation can trigger migraines and neurological conditions, as well as various types of cancer.


DefenderShield EMF Protection


The World Health Organization has classified non-ionizing radiation as a Class 2B Carcinogen, the same level as lead and propylene oxide. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has called for a moratorium on smart meters until the health effects can be adequately studied.


Power lines at dawn

Power lines at dawn image by Pexels


More about these issues can be found by visiting – Smart Meters.

I found this disturbing video recently. Look at it so you are informed about our future.


Smart meters are bad, but there are more things that give off radiation dangerous for humans. All different types of radiation, which are difficult to escape, surround us. The best thing you can do is to be informed as much as possible.

Like that, you will be able to make the right choices in your life. You might care to read my post on these “modern” radiation types in our daily life, Beware of the Dangers of Pollution and Radiation .

Soon 5G will be upon us, and I am sure it will harm our health.

If you also think radiation is dangerous for the human race, then please join this Global Protest.


Here you will find extra help

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The more I investigat this “modern” life, the less ethusiastic I am. There are too many things that can harm us. Beware, and choose wisely.

Before you leave, have a look at Recommendations. This is a special page I made for you. A collection of interesting things.


Source: NaturalHealth365

Photo Source: Pixabay


A modern kitchen has a microwave oven. The question is if it is good for your health? I wrote a post you might care to read.

Nutrients In Food Are Killed In The Microwave Oven




Win Bill

These meters sound pretty dangerous considering the amount of radiation it produces. It is like bringing cancer into the family. To add oil to the fire, the meter is also highly inaccurately. It shows numbers that are five times higher than actual measurements. That sounds horrible. I do not want to pay five times more for untilities that I did not use. Smart or not. It is definitely not any smarter than using the good old analog meters. Thanks for the information. Do you know anybody that has been a victim of these smart meters before.

Oct 17.2017 | 07:16 pm


    Good Morning Win,

    Thank you for visiting my website. Yes, sadly it is getting more dangerous every day. These “modern times” with all the new inventions might seem positive for the human race but the health factor is often forgotten. I live in the south of Spain and these smart meters have not been installed here yet. In the US it is already more common and many houses will be upgraded in the near future. I personally do not know a person who has suffered the negative effect of the radation. I hope I never will as I do have friends in America.

    Regards, Taetske

    Oct 18.2017 | 06:28 am


This is an eye opening article Taetske. I never knew how smart meters and microwave can be that dangerous to our health. Now I understand why my parents used to encourage me to turn off all electrics and the microwave off when going to sleep. I am going to read the scientific journey you recommended in your post. I’m really curious to find what they found in their research. Thanks for altering us Taetske. 

Dec 18.2018 | 02:59 pm


There has been a growing awareness of radiation and the effects that electronics are having on humans. The problem is that technology of this kind has only been around a short time and studies are still in their infancy. 

One that is for me a big problem is people who sleep with their mobile phones next to them at home. This is constantly emitting low levels of radiation that must have a negative influence on us. While we cannot get away from this totally, its important to limit our exposure as much as possible and if that means that I dont have a smart meter then ok, will have to do it the old fashioned way.


Dec 18.2018 | 03:02 pm


A most interesting post, Taetske.  I am not a fan of metering and measuring and data collection when it can lead to more of a police-state mentality where you are penalized for living your own life.  Nor am I particularly enthusiastic about the possible radiation hazards.  

However, I’m not sure what an individual can effectively do if she chooses to participate in the realities of modern life.  I don’t live off the grid (which I suppose is now a viable alternative) nor do I have a choice about how our local energy company chooses to measure power usage or deploy its employees (or not).  

It is a puzzle, I am thinking. 

Dec 18.2018 | 03:05 pm


    Good Morning Netta,

    It is not funny that we are forced to accept these things when we do not like it. Where I live, in a village in the south of Spain, those meters are not out yet. They might have problems reading as I live 500 meters away from the street.

    One should be as informed as possible about all these things to then, if possible, make the choice which is best for our health. People in bigger cities will have it difficult indeed and I do not know where all this is leading us, it makes me wonder and worried.

    Thank you for leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 19.2018 | 07:38 am

Ngonidzashe Manzwangani

The whole concept of smart meters is good before looking at the negative side of it. Why? because overall, the concept is about convenience on how the meters are read. Smart meters will mean that no smart readers will have to come to your house to see how much you have consumed for a certain time frame, it will be done in responsible authorities’ offices, of which is good.

However, as it seems right now, there is much to be done to improve smart meters efficiency part of doing things. First the margins of figures being over-charged and under charged are too much. Surely an error of 582% above the actual usage figure mean that a lot needs to be done before we can talk about using smart meters  

Dec 18.2018 | 03:11 pm


    Good Morning Ngonidzashe,

    Often these modern things pose a dilemma. In one way they might make life easier but then, on the other hand, could pose health risks. It is not always easy to know what to do. Personally, I prefer to stay as healthy as possible getting old in a pleasant way as otherwise these commodities will not really bring me much joy anyhow.

    One thing is for sure, these smart meters need to be finetuned as with their erroneous readings would make your bill sky high.

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my website.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 19.2018 | 07:38 am


There is still alot of explanation to be done by the agencies wanting to impose the the smart meters down our throat. What is exactly wrong with the old meters.  I think they are just pushing for the change  just because. there is anew technology in town. Its like changing an Iphone because there is anew iphone in the market.

Dec 18.2018 | 03:12 pm


Very informative. I have not heard of these meters until I read your article. The amount of radiation exposure here is worrying it’s not even accurate so why bother with these meters? 

We are exposed to so many technologies that are bad for our health yet they were invented to make our lives easier. I guess they’re also going to make our lives shorter and expose us to the negative effects of radiation. 

Thanks for sharing this information as we all need to be aware in order to make the best choices.

Dec 18.2018 | 03:43 pm

Emilio Vela

Thank you for this informative article. There are countries where these “smart-meters” are mandatory to have installed by the government and utility companies and they get rid of your old meter (is that in every country?) and the results related to the amount of reported complaints on people being overcharged on their bills is alarming. After reading about the studies conducted by University of Twente and the Amsterdam University with results of 582% above actual usage, its very clear that many people are being pick-pocketed today by utility service agencies while they are sitting in their homes watching tv or worst yet, taking a nap with the a/c on. 

This “smart-meter” sounds like is designed to become some type of investigation gizmo in the (very) near future. This device will record every move someone makes inside their home, every time you switch your garage door, turn-on your stove, heating food in the microwave, switch the heater, etc. Let’s not even begin to list the health hazardous issues that this device will bring to millions of homes around the globe. The worst of course is the massive increase of involuntary exposure to wireless radiation that we are already experiencing by using wireless devices. Unfortunately as consumers in this day and age of wireless technology we pay little or no attention to this topic and we do not acknowledge the environmental changes this is causing in a global scale now.

Are we at a point of no return on this? 


Jul 27.2020 | 12:01 am


    Good Morning Mario,

    Thank you for visiting my website and for your comment. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    I wrote this post some years ago and quite a bit has changed. Personally, I would say not for the better. We have become completely “gadget” crazy and our health is in decline. 

    People in Holland are protesting about smart meters and everything that emits dangerous radiation. A big battle is ongoing with the government about 5G. I have a friend in Canada who started to feel unwell after a smart meter was installed. She asked her company to change it, which they did. Her problems disappeared. Here in Spain, I live on the Costa del Sol, it has not come yet and I hope it will stay like that.

     The harm our inventions are causing the environment is incredible. Just look at the bees. When they are gone we will soon follow. Humans are the most destructive species that exist. Mother Earth would be much better off without our presence. It is nearly too late and a lot of damage cannot be repaired anymore. The inheritance we are leaving for future generations is shocking.

    Regards, Taetske 

    Jul 27.2020 | 06:53 am

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