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5G and EMF Pollution, Dangers of Microwave Radiation


Is our technology really bringing us advantages or having it means paying for it with our health?
I just read disturbing information on Microwave radiation. You might think, oh well, that small oven? It is not only your personal micro oven which is harmful, up to a radius of 20 m when in use, it is all this new technology of which most of the side effects long range are still unknown but already feared.


Microwave Tower

Microwave Tower


The modern life pollutions

In NaturalHealth Mr. Jeromy Johnson paints a grim future with his article.
He warns of the EMF pollution created by all these “new” things like 5G wireless antennas, cars which do not need a driver but brings you to your destiny, Internet sensors which need to be placed everywhere. He calls those cities “Smart Cities” but the question is what kind of people live there? Uninformed people, who trade their health for technology? Would you like that? I would certainly not like or want it.

It took me until the end of 2013 to accept a computer in my life. You might not believe this but I have a mobile in my handbag on off. About 3 times a year I might need it to make a call, like being late for an appointment or perhaps a problem with my car, but that is it. To be honest I would call this having entered the modern world with 1 toe but not more.


ever present mobile phone

Ever present Mobile Phone


The dangers of smart cities

The Smart city is being pictured as an advance for humankind but little is said about how dangerous it will be to our health.
5G stands for “5th generation” wireless technology. At the moment our modern devices need the 3G or 4G technology which is a limited range of the microwave spectrum. Going to 5G will mean quicker downloads and programs go wirelessly instead of by cable.

It will also mean that at least 1 million new base stations need to be built which means that we, the people, are surrounded by an electromagnetic field which is not a natural state for the human body.

Mr. Johnson describes a picture of what our future homes will look like, much like a science fiction film I think.
We will have our houses protected by wireless security systems, toothbrushes, coffee makers and the like. This will increase the EMF pollution inside the house and at the same time, our personal data of all the devices will pass on to industry. Everything will be known about us and our privacy has gone down the drain.



A car without a driver

To be driven by a car and have this time to ourselves might sound good but for a car like that to function, it needs 7 different types of wireless technology. While sitting in the car or only being an innocent pedestrian nearby, these cars engulf us in their microwave radiation. I find all this very disturbing. All these new inventions might seem great but too often the price we pay for having these things is extremely high. We pay with our health.


radiation strenght chart

Radiation Strength Chart


The dangers of cell phones

There is an important study of the National Toxicology Program (NTP) which was made as one hoped to prove that 2G cell phones were not harmful. It was a shock to find the contrary as it was shown it causes brain cancer and DNA damage in rats. When you walk on the streets today most people you see are looking like hypnotized at their mobile phones or worse have it glued to their ear.

Apart from all the toxins in our food and the bad air we breathe another important reason people are not feeling well nowadays is the unhealthy environment we live in. When one is exposed to wireless technology headaches, tinnitus and sleep disturbance might be a constant state of being.



DefenderShield EMF Protection



I do not think we are taking the right direction. There are many things you can do yourself to minimize the negative effects.
Keep your mobile phone on off when you do not need it, go back to normal landline telephones. Get rid of that unhealthy micro oven and cook again the traditional way. Do not accept a Smart meter in your house, they are not precise and on top bad for your health. Be informed, your health will thank you.


Here follows a TEDx talk of Mr. Jeromy Johnson.

The title is eye-catching: WirelessWakeupCall.



If you also think that radiation is dangerous for humans then join this Global Protest.

Source: NaturalHealth365

Photo Source: Pixabay



Hi Teatske, it looks like we are creating a huge microwave for ourselves to live in. All those electromagnetic fields can’t be good for our health. Thank you for being on the same thinking level as I am. I believe a lot of people don’t realize how much influence these frequencies can have on their health. Otherwise, there would be a major protest worldwide against 5G.

Aug 31.2017 | 08:34 pm


    Good Morning Loes,

    Thank you for visiting my website. It is amazing all the bad which happens in our modern world. From climate change, men made foods, Monsanto, big Pharma, GMO’s and now also 5G. I probably left out a couple but think this list is already awful enough. Oh, I forgot Nuclear power, fracking etc etc.
    If we were to start a protest march that would be our sole occupation in life. This story I heard quite some years ago. People were getting sick, it was found out they all ate chicken meat from the same area. The chickens were sick as they had been given a compound made with fishmeal. These fish had been living in polluted water and who had polluted the water? I am happy I live in a halfway rural area and also have some own grown things on the farm.
    Fact is, even with our advanced science it is difficult to stay healthy.

    Regards, Taetske

    Sep 01.2017 | 06:20 am


Hi there, I’m 18 therefore have always grown up with this sort of technology, to a point. 

It’s interesting, because although I am switched on to what’s going around me, I didn’t realise all the upcoming technology is ruining our health and the planet. 

I guess it is easy to be blinded by the excitement of new tech, especially for younger people who are more involved in the technology, and it is those who it affects directly.

Dec 11.2018 | 05:20 pm


    Good Morning Joe,

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my website. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    It is true that the younger generation is more into all those technical things but then they are also more affected by the negative side effects these things have. It is good to be informed so you can take steps to protect yourself. 

    I grew up without a cell phone and I got a computer at the age of 63. So my house was rather a radiation-free one up till that time. 

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 12.2018 | 07:21 am


Thanks for the wonderful post, we really do not pay attention to the effect of pollution in our health. Siimple things like Keeping phones off when you don’t need it, using landlines, cooking the traditional way and other important health wise things.

I really should show this to my mum and uncles.

Dec 11.2018 | 05:24 pm


Hey Taetske,

I just feel so lucky to have found your post. I knew very little about EMR and never thought it can have these kinds of drastic consequences in human life. It is a wake up call for me and everyone. 

I will take care of this spread it around as much as I can. The least I could do immediately is turnoff the WiFi which is on 24 h. I do have fiber optics and no smart meter.Now I want to live like ancient people as much as I can.

I really enjoyed this knowledge filled video at the end. It was kind of long and it was well worth the time.

Thank you.

Dec 11.2018 | 08:20 pm

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