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The Necessity of clean drinking Water


River in the high dessert in the western US

River in the high Dessert in the western US

Some thoughts on water

Have you ever thought about the quality of water when you turn on your kitchen tap?
I suppose you think your drinking water is clean and does not present a health hazard, This sadly may change for some 117 Million Americans.
One chooses one’s leaders and hopes for the best but this time it might mean a huge problem and present a serious health risk to so many people.
We all need water and can not survive without it, our planet could not survive without it. It is of utmost importance that we treat the available water from underground sources or rivers and lakes with respect as water belongs to all of us.
Rules and regulations are good when chosen well but to annul an existing law put to safeguard the quality of water is criminal. It seems that Mr. Trump together with Mr. Pruitt head of EPA are planning to do just that. They plan on a rollback of the Clean Water Rule. If this happens industry and agriculture can treat much of the nation’s drinking water supply like an ashtray.


Gorgeous nature

Gorgeous Nature

Dangers lurking in your water

Here comes a list of contaminants which are often found in drinking water.

Lead: It seems that in some 20% of the water unsafe levels of lead are found.

Chromium-6: Remember the famous movie, Erin Brockovich? Now, some 17 years later this cancer-causing chemical can be found in 75% of drinking water.

Polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs). Hormone disruption, linked to cancer and a lot of other health problems these industrial chemicals according to a Harvard study is found in the water of 33 states and some 6 million Americans are affected. Harvard Gazette: Unsafe Levels of Toxic Chemicals

Pharmaceuticals: People go to the doctor and are being prescribed some kind of pill. Taking the pills during some weeks where do you think the residues end up? Painkillers, birth control pills, antibiotics, antidepressants all this and more are found in normal tap water.
It seems that some 41 million Americans are contaminated with these trace amounts of pharmaceuticals.

Chlorine: It is normally added to the water to kill dangerous pathogens but after killing the enemy it is not filtered out so you drink it. Many studies have shown that Chlorine is dangerous for our microbiome which is important to our digestive and overall health.
Chlorine has been linked to some types of cancer heart disease, asthma, birth defect rates etc.

Fluoride: In the fifties, the news came from America to Europe that one had to add fluoride to the drinking water as it would prevent tooth decay. Now, one knows it is actually the other way around. Fluoride is an endocrine disruptor and can affect many organs and systems in our body. The teeth go bad, bones get brittle, the thyroid gland is affected and even blood sugar levels go array.

clean water

Clean Water

Beware of water in plastic bottles

Many people opt for buying bottled water spending hundreds to thousands of $ a year. There are 2 problems with that as you do not know how long the water has been standing in those plastic bottles. Then there is something else to consider. Our planet is flooded with plastic in all its sizes, colors, and shapes. The damage to our environment is obvious. Protecting our health should not be at the expense of the rest of the planet. So having a central water purification system in our house is paramount to eliminating plastics and maintaining a healthy water supply.

This article I found in The Food Revolution Network, always a good source. Lindsay Oberst wrote it.


my well water in the kitchen

My well water in the kitchen

Clean water for all

I just came across a wonderful program that for more than 10 years has been working toward the goal of everyone having access to clean water.  This organization is called “Charity: Water” and they are starting a new promotion called “The Spring,”

Charity: Water declares that 100% of donations go directly to construction projects for clean water in under-developed regions of the world and they provide coordinates, with Google Earths help, to provide exact locations of the projects they have constructed.

I invite you to watch this video and begin to believe that you can make a difference.

The Spring – 10 years of charity: water from charity: water on Vimeo.


Photo Source: Pixabay and Private Photo



Thank you for speaking out about the issue of water. It is at situation critical for sure as are so many things these days and so it seems like the basic fundamental things get forgotten. Have you heard anything about lead in the water recently? I heard something about there being a number of major cities that have tested worse for lead than Detroit. But I don’t know if that was verified or swept under the rug.

Jan 01.2018 | 07:56 pm


    Good Morning Gord,


    I think everyone has heard about the issues of Flint Michigan. I have not heard about any other new issues (yet) in the upper Midwest.  I am sure with aging infrastructure, there will be problems.  My better half spent a number of years in the water and wastewater treatment industry.  He tells me that there are a number of issues regarding who is responsible for the state of our water.  Of course you can identify that there is a concern with the raw water at its source.  There is also the issue of the treatment systems and their costs, but there is also the issue of the aging delivery systems. 

    The old systems can be anything from ceramic tubes, to lead pipes, to copper soldered with lead based solder, to very old systems with wood (yes wood) pipes.  You can imagine that an organic system made from wood slats and bound with steel bands would harbor millions of microorganisms. 

    Water systems are always under the gun to upgrade their treatment and delivery systems.  If the community is poor or has not allocated funds for continuous improvements, you may see a decline in the water quality.  I think it is very important for you (the citizen) to keep informed of what your water utility is capable of doing and what future challenges they will face.

    Thank you for visiting my website,

    Regards, Taetske    

    Jan 02.2018 | 10:18 am

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