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Information on the risks of eating Salmon


Bears love fishing

Bears love fishing image by David Hook


Eating fish is good for your health, right?

We have all heard that eating fish is good for your health and eating salmon comes on the top of the list because of its Omega 3. It is a sad fact that humans are polluting the world, including our waters. An illustrative story of this fact I heard quite some years ago.

People were getting seriously sick, so an investigation was started to find the why of this. It happened that these people were eating chicken a lot, chicken which came from the same source. These chickens were fed a compound made from fishmeal. On further investigation, it came to light that these fish were swimming in polluted water and who had polluted that water? Here the circle closes. All the bad comes back to us one way or the other.


An interesting book you should not miss

Geologist and writer David Montgomery tells the tale of the salmon over the last thousand years. It seems it does not look good. A rather bleak future for the salmon. Humans are interfering too much. He suggests some provocative recommendations to change environmental decisions about land, water, and fish.



Puget Sound in Seattle

Coming back to salmon, some disturbing news appeared in The Alternative Daily recently. Tanya Mead says that salmon from Puget Sound in Seattle is not appropriate for consumption. Why is this? The answer is more than alarming. Scientists have found that this fish is heavily contaminated with cocaine, nicotine, Valium, and fungicides just to name a few. It seems that up to 81 drugs were found in this salmon which is wild-caught.

One has not yet found the cause of this negative phenomenon. Perhaps it is leaking from septic tanks or the wastewater treatment systems are not functioning as well as they should, therefore not filtering out these harmful contaminants enough.

Obviously, this situation is not only harmful to the people who eat these salmon but also to the fish population as well. What influence it will have on future fish generations one can only speculate upon, but for sure it will have a negative effect on the species.


Fish spawning

Fish spawning image by Natalia Kollegova


Tapeworm in salmon

From The Alternative Daily comes more disturbing news in a new article on salmon by Katherine Marko. A certain type of tapeworm has infected the North American salmon. Before, this worm could only be found in Asian fish.

In 1986 the Japanese tapeworm was discovered and the following reports found it only in fish from Japan, South Korea, and the Pacific coast of Russia. In 2013, a study revealed that this worm had found its way to America and was living in the Alaskan salmon. It has now spread to all four species along the Pacific coast.

The terrible news is if you are infected you might not have any symptoms. When this tapeworm egg changes into a larva, it starts traveling in your body, causing all kinds of damage like the forming of cysts to be it in your intestines, lungs, and other places. Be always careful and do not eat raw or badly cooked fish.

This is a nice and short YouTube video on salmon fishing in Scotland.



How to get rid of Tapeworm

There are various things you might consider doing to keep this worm at bay.
The use of coconut oil is recommended, apart from all the other health benefits it is antiviral, antimicrobial, and antifungal. Of course, only use the organic virgin type of coconut oil, some 6 spoons full a day should do the trick.

Other than this ginger, papaya, not too ripe, and its seeds and of course garlic are all good allies in the fight against this worm.


Salmon with lemon

Salmon with lemon image by Matthias Lipinsky


Some more information on salmon

Again, it is in the newsletter of NaturalHealth365 that I read some disturbing news. It happened on August 20, 2017, the day before the total eclipse of the sun. On that day, thousands of farm-raised salmon decided they needed a holiday and escaped from their net pen on the fish farm.

This fish farm is located on the coast of Cypress Island in the San Juan Islands. In its net-pen, hundreds of thousands of salmon live together. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has estimated between 4000 to 5000 fish escaped. This accidental release of salmon can have serious consequences.

Many people are concerned about this happening. It could be that the farm-raised fish will compete for food with the wild salmon. What could also happen is that this escapee could pass on diseases.

Then one should also take into consideration that farm-bred fish contain toxins like PCBs and dioxins, these toxins being very dangerous to humans, especially to the elder and small children, or in case you have a weak immune system.


Salmon in the river

Salmon in the river image by Jason Gillman


What is the best Salmon to buy?

When you go shopping for your salmon, the best one to buy is the wild Pacific salmon. If you are not sure, best ask in the shop if the fish is labeled as wild-caught. Like that, you have the health benefits of eating this fish and minimizing the intake of any harmful toxins. I wrote this post in 2017 and the situation has not improved much. Take care where you buy your fish and always ask first.



We have arrived in 2022 and spring has started. Has there been any improvement on this issue? No, rather the contrary. We continue doing stupid things or one could say allowing others to do things that harm our health. Please read the following article.

Before you leave, you might have a look at Recommendations. I hope you will find something of your interest.


Source: NaturalHealth365

Photo Source: Pixabay


Really, it is not so easy to remain healthy these days. One has to read the labels of store-bought food carefully to know what one is eating. Man is manipulating food big way and often there is hardly anything of nutritional value left. You might care to also read the following post. One has to be informed.

How to avoid eating DNA manipulated Franken Foods




Thank you for this very important info! I had not heard of this till now. I hope they do something about it and
more people need to know this!

Apr 22.2017 | 07:40 pm


    Good morning William,

    The problem is that our governments are making the rules and regulations and often it is not for the benefit of the people but in benefit of harmful companies who earn money at the cost of our health. Depending who is ruling it can be for.better or for worse, look what is happening with EPA lately.
    We the people can only protest and then choose something else to eat. Also, each person has some responsibility, if we would have a healthier lifestyle there would be fewer drugs floating in the water.

    Regards, Taetske

    Apr 23.2017 | 06:29 am


Thank you for sharing this information. I have heard that today’s salmon wasn’t good for consumption because of what the farms feed them, but I hadn’t heard about farm raised fish escaping into the ocean. Is there no tracking system for fish like there is for cows? How are they regulated now and what kind of inspections are done on these fish-farming facilities?

Nov 22.2018 | 06:12 pm


Wow… Salmon on drugs… the idea is just scary! Poor fish! Humans should be ashamed of themselves. They are supposed to take care of this planet, but instead they are only destroying it. 

And, the idea of a tape worm inside me, without knowing about it, is enough to put me off salmon for life. 

Nov 22.2018 | 06:13 pm


    Good evening,

    Yes, the idea of having a tapeworm as a quest is far from pleasant. To never eat salmon again would be a shame just be careful when you buy it and know from where it comes.

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my website. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske

    Nov 22.2018 | 07:32 pm

julienne murekatete

Thank you for this great information.Salmon seem to be a great fish and for sure I like eating fish.Environment is at risk these days and if the world can’t stand and look for the way to protect it against pollution which is the cause of environment destruction ,we will all suffer from that.

It is very important to me to get such information.

Nov 22.2018 | 06:14 pm


    Good Morning Julienne,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF?

    I think it is quite crazy that we, with our actions, cause all these problems. Health is so important so the best thing one can do is being informed and eat natural things. 

    If we all do our bit to keep the environment clean it will make a difference.

    Regards, Taetske

    Nov 23.2018 | 07:38 am


Wow, friend,

I was just shocked reading this article, where is this world heading toward? I mean our own activities are gradually killing us slowly without our notice. I never thought eating Salmon could also be a problem. But now this is what we are experiencing in this dark world.

I just wonder how these fishes got contaminated with all these toxic chemicals. It means industries that are producing these drugs should be under strict regulation to ensure they don’t keep contaminating our fish with these chemicals. And what a surprise to hear that a fish has been infected with Tape Worm. Today is the first time I’m hearing this. This is very serious!

Now that you have alerted me, I will be extra careful when buying any fish out  there and even how to cook it properly to make sure it is safe for eating.

Thanks so much for sharing this useful article.


Nov 22.2018 | 06:29 pm


    Good Morning Stephen,

    I agree with you, we live in a dark world, ruled by money and it is our fault. We do not live in harmony with nature anymore and that has serious consequences for all. I wish that people would wake up to the fact that with our actions we are polluting the environment where we live.

    Lets face it. If people, in general, would be more healthy they would take less medicine  so it would not end up in the water.

    Be informed about what is happening in our world. Try to pollute as little as possible and stay as healthy as possible. I am trying my best.

    Regards, Taetske 

    Nov 23.2018 | 07:38 am

Olonisakin Kehinde

this is quite informative,  and on the other hand it is disturbing as well.  seeing that the salmon forms a good source of nutrition and protein and the contermination will cut off this source.  

A big question to ask is what could be done to eradicate conterminated fish from the sea?  Are there remedies?? What is the way forward for those who might have consume this fish within the period of discovery of the contermination??  

Nov 22.2018 | 06:32 pm


    Good Morning Olonisakin.

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF?

    If we, humans, would live a life more in tune with nature a lot of problems could be solved. Eating natural foods would save on chemicals etc. The soil would not get polluted. Our health would be a lot better so we would need less medicine. Factories would not pollute water. All these things are related with each other and as a total pollute our environment and all the living things, ourselves included. 

    We always say we are the most intelligent of all living species, sadly we are the ones that do most of the stupid and harmful things to our living space.

    You ask what to do if you have eaten bad fish. I would think the best you can do is a fasting plus detox. You must give your body the chance to heal itself, something which it is very capable of doing.

    Regards, Taetske

    Nov 23.2018 | 07:38 am


Amazing article. This was really informative. I myself am a fish-lover and I had no clue how much impact pollution was having on fishes. The fact that tapeworms are affecting salmon comes as real new to me.

And thank you for your suggestions on how to remove these tapeworms also. This information is of great value for both fish lovers as well as people who do not eat fish. Thanks for this great article.

Dec 29.2019 | 01:27 pm


    Good afternoon Sirshendu,

    Those tapeworms are not to be taken lightly that is for sure. I am happy you found the information valuable. The food nowadays holds multiple health problems mainly caused by ourselves. To be well informed is really necessary. The closer we live to nature the better our health will be.

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 29.2019 | 04:52 pm


Salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12 in addition to selenium and choline. The polyunsaturated fatty acids found in salmon can help improve serum cholesterol, a key indicator of cardiovascular disease risk.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol and Abuse and Alcoholism, omega-3 fatty acids have also been shown to decrease aggression, impulsivity, and depression in adults. Salmon contains a wide range of nutrients to strengthen the body.

Dec 29.2019 | 01:33 pm


    Good afternoon Ruby,

    Thank you for visiting my website and for leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    I agree with your comment and all the benefits you list when eating salmon. I suppose you realize that I was focusing on something else than health benefits. If we pollute the water these fish live in the health benefits are 0. It will become a health hazard eating this “healthy” fish. 

    That is why one has to be vigilant and check where the fish you are buying comes from.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 29.2019 | 05:00 pm

Twack Romero

I found this it upsetting, in that at the end of your article you mention that you wrote this in 2017 and since then not much has been seen to have changed. That in itself speaks loudly of the amount of care and attention that we are divesting into the plight of so many areas of concern on our planet.

I am not a Salmon eater but my wife is and loves it, more of a treat than an everyday occurrence though. This just one species of fish that is consumed and it does make one wonder the extent to which this problem might have spread. Some of the pollutants don’t look as though they will be dealt with through the normal cooking processes though.

I shall be sure to pass on the advice of checking the label, to make sure that source of the Salmon is that of the wild Pacific variety, at least then there will be some reassurance, though for how long that will last is another matter entirely. 

Dec 29.2019 | 02:39 pm


    Good afternoon Twack,

    Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. Nice to see you again.

    Here in the south of Spain, one can buy good fresh salmon which I freeze. From my Mother I inherited a real good deep-freezer, it goes to minus 30C. Funny thing is it is quite a bit cheaper than buying frozen salmon.

    You are right, we humans have to clean up our act less we have nothing to eat anymore. We spray our GMO crops one of those other crazy things. Having my 2 websites have opened my eyes to a lot of things I was not aware of. Many things have me really worried and I hope to still be able to see a big change in our world. That will be short of a miracle.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 29.2019 | 05:33 pm


Hello Taetske, Thanks for providing 2 Important health updates on the risk of eating salmon. I enjoy your article while reading. Eating fish is good for our health because it has Omega 3. So sad to read this healthy fish is polluted.

Thank you for the warning many people want to know about it. Thanks for sharing that the best buy is wild Pacific salmon.


Dec 29.2019 | 02:50 pm


    Good afternoon Parveen,

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my post. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    Salmon is a great source of many things we need to stay healthy. To have this fish polluted by our own deeds is very upsetting. Nowadays one has to take extra care of what foods to eat.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 29.2019 | 04:24 pm

Dave Sweney

This is par for the course it seems when it comes to the fishing industry. We are all being poisoned slowly but surely and fish which is supposed to be good for you no longer may be good for you. Tuna is the same from what I understand. I have backed away from fish drastically because of this and it is a shame. I miss eating it but do not trust the sources… Thanks for the updates…Let’s hope someone does something about the Puget Sound area, that seems to be very dangerous for people!

Jan 11.2020 | 02:42 am


    Good Morning Dave,

    Thank you for your visit and comment. Nice to see you again.

    If we were to make a list of all the things we have done wrong and harms our health we would be more than ashamed.
    Creation is beautiful and perfect, everything has its place. We think we can do better which actually shows a disrespect for the Creator. What then happens is evident, we make a mess of it and we all suffer the consequences. With all the scientific advances the health of the population is bad. Are we going to change? I am afraid we will not.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jan 11.2020 | 07:49 am


You have just confirmed the idea I have been tiptoeing around. It is  enough; I am  going Vegan LOL, I  can’t deal. I have reduced red meat to fish. At the back of my mind I knew of this possible toxins in fish but this article is a good slap on my face to go for it, It is just horrible and we have no one to blame but ourself, putting all this dirt in our bodies. Thank you 

Jul 20.2020 | 06:01 pm


    Good Morning Bogadi,

    Not so easy to remain healthy nowadays. Too much crap is being sold The more natural we eat the better. It is of course a scandal that we pollute the water to such an extent that the fish living there get sick and their meat is bad for human consumption.

    Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    Regards, Taetske 

    Jul 21.2020 | 06:47 am

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