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Treat cows with care, your health will benefit from it

It is so important to know where the meat comes from and in what condition the animals are being kept.The quality of the meat does have an impact on your health and this also applies to milk and dairy products.We will also have a look at the alternatives to milk.

Mahatma Gandhi only drank milk twice in his life. He said milk is meant for babies.


Cattle in the Colorado Mountains

Cattle in the Colorado Mountains


I found the following news very interesting as this change can be noticed in one’s health and also on an environmental level.
The sale of cow milk has fallen drastically in the US  these last 5 years, it has fallen by some 50% which is a lot.


Plant-based milk

Now there is a dairy in Queens, New York, which, after some 90 years in the dairy business, has decided to stop completely and instead will produce raw, plant-based milk instead. Fresh
People nowadays are more aware of the often bad treatment cows get. Cows that are being kept in stables, hardly seeing sunlight and not being free to pasture on a nice meadow. They are fed unnatural food to them and injected with hormones which after all end up in the milk and their meat. When in old times one could get raw, fresh milk directly from the farmer that is hardly possible anymore. Cows have been turned into machines. This has caused 1 out of 6 cows to have mastitis(udder infection).
When a cow is infected 90% of the cow’s somatic cells in her milk are neutrophils, those
inflammatory cells create pus.  The dairy industry says that does not matter as the milk gets pasteurized, that means the pus gets cooked.
Also the fact that nowadays cows milk holds an impressive list of hormones like progesterone, cortisone, estrogen, leptin, IGF-1 growth hormone consumption
Milk consumption peaked in the late 1940s but declined sharply in the last few years.
This company will now produce a range of healthy kinds of milk like almonds, hazelnuts, cashew, and walnuts. These new kinds of milk were presented at the Natural Foods Expo West in Anaheim, California.
Ideal for vegetarians and it is made with very few ingredients. It will have no added things like emulsifiers, whiteners, thickeners or frankenfood proteins


Mother cow with calf

Mother cow with calf


Laws on animal cruelty

Apart from milk and the product which can be made with it the cows are being kept for their meat.
In the past, people were not really interested to hear about the living conditions of these animals but slowly but surely one can notice that people become more conscious of wanting to treat animals more fairly. Laws are being updated in many countries, animal cruelty is a known word by now and people become more aware that one has to treat animals well, that said I mean all animals. Not so long ago I heard that in Austria and Switzerland it is now forbidden to keep rabbits sitting alone in a small cage. In other countries like Spain where I live they have not heard of this yet. I remember when I told my Spanish gardener about this law he said that everybody keeps rabbits separated in small cages and as everybody is doing it it is acceptable.
I think 1 or even 2 generations are needed until hopefully, most people realize you have to treat all living creatures with respect.


Grass-fed cows

But let’s go back to the cows. One hears the term grass-fed and organic beef. The sales of this type of meat have been on the rise. Ten years ago there were only some 50 grass-fed cattle operations in the US, Now there are thousands.
The feeding of cattle with grains could turn out to be a really dumb idea. It needs some 7 to 16 pounds of grain to obtain a pound of beef, seen like this it is not a clever investment. Then one should not forget that most of this grain has been sprayed with pesticides which end up in the meat we eat. Traditionally all beef was grass-fed beef. Cattle are grazing animals, they can convert the grasses, something we can not, into flesh which we eat.  We can not digest grasses as we only have 1 stomach.
To feed cows grains can make them really sick. Their intestinal tracts become more acid which favors the growth of pathogenic E.coli bacteria which can kill people who eat undercooked meat.
The meat of grass-fed cows is healthier than from the corn-fed cows. A grass-fed steak has about twice as much omega-3 compared to the corn-fed meat. Also, it is much higher on vitamin E and higher on linoleic acid (CLA) which helps to lower cancer risk.
A grass fed cow pollutes a lot less also. Its waste drops on the meadow and fertilizes the soil. In feedlots, the waste just piles up forming huge amounts which form a source of water and air pollution.


Summer Meadow Flowers

Summer Meadow Flowers

Environmental damage from cattle grazing

There is but a big problem when this wish for lush meadows becomes exaggerated. In Brazil is a good example, the deforestation of the Amazonian rainforest. Brazil is the largest beef exporter worldwide and by this policy of taking the trees away, it is responsible for 20 % of the world’s greenhouse gasses. In the US the cattle grazing has taken a tremendous toll on the environment, some 70 % of the land in the American West is used for cattle. This practice has changed the landscape already considerably, cattle pollute the water, destroy the vegetation there for the soil is eroded and wildlife is displaced.


Less but more healthy meat

To eat too much meat is not healthy, especially if it is grain fed. Organic and grass-fed is the best option for one’s health but better to have a good piece of meat only now and then and not on a regular basis, like that we also take care of our environment and at the same time think about the wellbeing of the animals.


Source: The Food Revolution

Photo Source: Free Great Pictures


Juan Rojas

I found the article very interesting because it perfectly connects health care and the environment. Many thanks for sharing it.

May 24.2017 | 05:52 pm


    Good evening Juan,

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my website. It is so important people know about these things as all our actions have an impact on our environment.
    I will continue to give more information and I hope you will visit again.

    Regards, Taetske

    May 24.2017 | 07:04 pm


My step daughter started here period at a very very young age – I contribute that to the hormones in so many of our foods. I had throat cancer – a jock – no drugs – no cigarettes – healthy eating -there is much is going on out here that is disturbing. Great article to inform people – keep at it.

Jun 04.2017 | 03:15 pm


    Good afternoon Dave,

    I personally find it very sad what humans are doing to animals and also to their food. We actually live in the Garden of Eden but we are intent on destroying it all. At the same time, we lose our good health. I just wonder why we are so stupid and do not see the things that are happening around us and ultimately with us and our families. Thank you for stopping by.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jun 04.2017 | 04:01 pm

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