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Poor Oral Health can be linked to various diseases.


very bad teeth

Very bad teeth

The connection between your health and your teeth.

People, in general, do not connect their overall health to their oral health. There is a definite connection between how “clean” your mouth is to how you feel in general. One hears more than often the phrase; quit smoking or do not eat so much junk food and also the phrase; more exercise would do you good. You do not often hear have your teeth checked to regain your health, very few doctors would tell you this. Millions of people have some form of gum disease, from the lesser Gingivitis to the more severe and serious Peridontitis. Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums and can be painful. Your breath smells bad, your gums bleed when you brush your teeth. Any inflammation in the body is a signal that something is not ok. Not paying attention to it and letting it continue will eventually develop into a  Periodontitis which affects your jaw bone and then your teeth will fall out. The plaque on your teeth which is formed by the starches and sugars in your food is loaded with bad bacteria and this sticky film covers your teeth. Poor oral hygiene, not brushing your teeth after each meal, will cause this plaque to build up and then eventually hardens into becoming tartar. When it is so bad brushing your teeth does not help anymore and you will need to make an appointment with a qualified, dental hygienist to have it removed.


The yearly checkup

The yearly checkup

The relation between various ailments and bad teeth.

Recent studies have shown that having a bad mouth is related to obesity, heart disease, and stroke. The inflammatory cytokines which come together with Periodontitis might contribute to obesity. It raises the level of C-reactive protein. This causes fat cells to accumulate more fat while burning less energy. In a 2016 study, it was found that obesity was more likely with people who practiced less oral health.  Then, in another study, it was proven that the participants in this study who had Periodontitis had a higher risk of stroke, also the risk of dying from heart disease. The sooner the better, reduce the inflammation in your mouth and the risk of suffering the aforementioned illnesses can be highly reduced.

Cancer also seems to be related to poor oral health. Researchers found in a study of 48.000 male health professionals aged 40 to 75, that people with a history of the Periodontal disease had an increased risk for lung, kidney and pancreas cancer. This study was published in “ The Lancet Oncology” by researchers at Harvard Medical School.

People who have been diagnosed with Diabetes should take special care of their oral health.
Periodontal disease has been linked with the increased risk of poor blood sugar control.
Having a healthy mouth can prevent the complications and consequences associated with Diabetes.

Especially in older people, poor oral health can mean the start of respiratory infections including Pneumonia. Researchers believe this may be due to the bacteria in the mouth secretions and pharynx which then end up in the lungs.


Some tips on what you can do yourself.

healthy habit brush your teeth

Healthy habit brush your teeth

There are quite a lot of things you can do in your home to prevent Gingivitis and Periodontitis.
Brush your teeth with Aloe Vera toothpaste. When you have swollen gums apply a little of the Aloe gel to the spot.
In my bathroom, I have a glass of water and a teaspoon of Himalayan salt. After brushing my teeth I take a sip and keep it in my mouth for some minutes.
In the morning when I get up I use the Ayurveda method of oil pulling. You can use extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. I take a small spoonful and keep it in my mouth for at least 10 min up to 20 min. Do not swallow! After spitting it out rinse with water.
A glass of water with Arcilla = clay, keep it in your mouth for some 10 min, it will absorb the infection.
When you buy mouth water it should be the herbal type one, often the “  normal” ones have in ingredients which kill the good bacteria you have in your mouth.


Source: NaturalHealth365
Photo Source: Pixabay



Hi, when i brush my teeth, i can do the salt with water and gargle it for minutes but I haven’t tried the coconut oil or olive oil. I cant imagine to put oil in my mouth especially let it stay for 10mins or more. So it really helps? Although I don’t have gingivitis or periodontist. But i do have bad breath. Will i still do the oil?

Jan 07.2018 | 02:07 am


    Good Morning Meliza,

    Thank you for reading my post and leaving a comment. Having bad breath can be related to digestive problems. I would try the oil pulling with Coconut oil, even if the first times it is only for 5 min. Like that you then can slowly increase the time to 10 min and even 20 min. Besides the oil pulling eating Coconut oil is very beneficial for your health. I would recommend to give it a try for sure.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jan 07.2018 | 07:52 am

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