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FDA refusal to approve Tumeric for any medical use

Tumeric has more than 700 health benefits and this claim is backed by over 8ooo research papers and also clinical studies at the U.S. National Library of Medicine.
Now before we go into these health benefits a bit more in-depth I would like to tell you some about its history.


Tumeric root

Tumeric root

The history of Tumeric

Tumeric is a bright yellow spice and is harvested from a plant which is related to ginger. Curcumin is the active ingredient in this herbal remedy. It has been used medicinally for more than 5000 years in China and India. It is used in Asian recipes as well as for dying fabric, and cosmetics. In the 14th century, early European explorers brought this spice back home. Tumeric finds its use in the folk remedy.  The ancient Indian medical system, Ayurveda, still utilizes it today. Johnson&Johnson even makes Band-Aids with turmeric for the Indian market. It is used for dental diseases, digestive disorders, ulcers, acidity, and the list goes on.


spices sold on the street

Spices sold on the street.

The amazing properties of Curcumin

The healing compound of Tumeric is CURCUMIN. It has been proven that curcumin has an ability to suppress acute and chronic inflammation. When the body produces an inflammation it wants to tell us something is wrong while in the meantime our immune system goes to battle that situation. Now if the cause of this inflammation is not eliminated then it will become chronic and can become a serious health issue.,things like leaking gut or cancer. Curcumin will help prevent inflammation to become an illness and in the case of this illness already existing will attack this. Curcumin has no side effects on fetuses and will be helpful when radiation therapy is being used. The Indian way of cooking with curry is known all over the world nowadays. The use of fat and also coconut milk helps the curcumin to be absorbed by the digestive tract. As small children already eat these spices it helps them to build up an effective defense from a young age on.


Take Curcumin to lower your cholesterol

Instead of taking pills to lower your cholesterol you should eat 500mg of curcumin a day. A study published in the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology shows that volunteers who took this amount of curcumin for 7 days had spectacular results. Their LDL which is the oxidized cholesterol decreased by 33% and the good one, HDL increased by 29%. In the American Journal of Cardiology has reported that the use of curcumin lowers your risk of a sudden cardiac event
by 56%. It is so important to take care with what you eat, the wrong foods will clog up your arteries, curcumin keeps them clean.

The next time you think about taking a painkiller, a pill with side effects, think about trying curcumin. The American College of Rheumatology states that on a test trial which latest 8 weeks the curcumin user reported 60% reduction in joint pain and 73% in joint swelling, all this without side effects.

The last thing I would like to mention is that the use of curcumin has positive effects on people who suffer from Alzheimer. Taking it over a longer period of time, people who did not recognize their family members anymore, now do. Curcumin works as it attacks the build up plaque in your brain apart from other important things, it helps to keep your mind and memory sharp.





The FDA does not want to give the green light, one wonders why. As Curcumin is a natural product it cannot be patented so big Pharma loses out. They prefer to produce dangerous pills with side effects. Be informed, your health will thank you.


Source: NaturalHealth365

Photo Source: Pixabay


John ツ

Excellent website full of great healthy information and outstanding images. Thanks for taking the time to research and share all these valuable facts Taetske.
John ツ

Aug 09.2017 | 11:55 am


    Good afternoon John,

    Thank you for visiting my website. I like to inform the people about things I discover along my life path. I try them out and if I find they add some kind of value to my life I for sure will continue with it. One should always be open for new things as we go through our personal evolution and neither is one too old for change.

    Regards, Taetske

    Aug 09.2017 | 12:04 pm


It is always nice to find information about the beneficial health effects of turmeric. It is very important that many more people know this precious root and its benefits. Thank you very much for sharing the information. Regards”””

Nov 02.2017 | 06:30 pm


    Good evening Juan,

    Thank you for visiting my website. Nature provides so many healthy things and it is a shame that the FDA refuses to allow this great spice to be used by people. That is why it is so important people are informed so they can decide for themselves what to take in case they have a health issue. What is better, Mother nature or chemicals? I personally prefer nature. Hope to see you again Juan.

    Regards, Taetske

    Nov 02.2017 | 09:16 pm

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