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Fast Food has invaded us, beware of your Health


Have you ever thought what Fast Food really is? Let’s have a closer look at it. Fast Food has entered our modern day life in a big way. People do not realize the devastating effects it can have on your health and the health of your family. You come home from work and do not have the energy to think about and even less to cook a full meal from scratch. Parents are both working so what is easier than to open the deep freezer and put a ready meal in the microwave oven. Microwave ovens are also bad for your health as the radiation has a radius of 20 meters.


What is Fast Food?

Everything which comes out of a bag, pack or a box and is wrapped up.
This type of food is easily digested and absorbed into your bloodstream but as it has no real nutrients, nor fiber it will not keep you feeling full and satisfied for long. This type of food you will not only find in the so-called fast food restaurants. Many restaurants opt for pre-prepared food to save time.

Nowadays people are always in a hurry so the ordered food has to appear pronto on the plate. In southern countries like Spain, Portugal or Italy the tradition of having long and relaxed lunches still exists but also in these countries it is getting rarer. People do not take hour-long midday breaks to eat anymore.




Explosive growth in the fast food market

The global fast food market is growing and that means there will also be a growing demand for packaged food. It seems the times where the whole family would gather around the table and spent quality time with each other while eating natural food might not come back. Each of the family members has different timetables so it is difficult to find the right time where everybody can have a meal together.


A nice memory

This reminds me of a very nice experience I had in 1974. I made a trip to Bangkok and the Philippines. In Manila, I had the honor to have lunch with a famous artist. This older lady was a well-known jewelry designer and had won first place in a contest in Asia. She had made a necklace of peace doves, beautiful, I saw a photo of it. Arriving at her house I was greeted by the whole family including a group of grandchildren.

The table was big and round. In the middle a bit elevated was a second smaller round table on which the food was placed. This smaller table could rotate so it was easy to reach for the different dishes on display. I spent some lovely hours talking about this and that with this welcoming and friendly family, no need to say the food was delicious.




What is considered fast food?

Let’s have a look at what fast food is exactly.
The list is long, here come some examples:
French fries, fried in unhealthy fats
Bagels and Croissants, wheat, sugar, and bad fats.
Energy bars, seemingly good as a pep me up but loaded with sugars.
Soda, loaded with sugars and nothing else but chemicals.
Frozen entrees, these foods have a lot of additives, too much salt, and sugar and fat.
Products made with white flower, also sugar, fat, and additives.
Deli meats and cheeses, preservatives, plastic in the cheese, no good what so ever.


Obese woman

Obese woman

We are getting fatter

Obesity is on the rise, especially in western countries. We have an overload of food but as a whole are undernourished. Big companies like McDonald, KFC, Nestle are having their greedy eyes on developing countries. People are getting hooked on the taste and therefore in places like Brasil, Ghanan, China, and India obesity is also on the rise. Health issues previously nearly unknown in these countries are now becoming common.


sculpture of obese woman

Sculpture of obese woman

Are you prepared to suffer the health risks?

Let’s talk about the health risks you are open to if you eat fast food. There again the list is long and frightening, to say the least.
Diabetes and obesity are first on the list, this one probably understands but that it also makes you more vulnerable to premature cardiac death, cancer and stokes might be a novelty. These foods are altering your brain making you prone to depressions and mental illnesses. What you eat affects your brain and the result could be Alzheimer and dementia.

If people eat a lot of fast food they change, they can develop depressions and also become more aggressive. Fast food people have a 51% more likely to develop depression as your brain does not get clean fuel so to speak. This applies to people who eat 2 servings of fast food a week. This information came out of a study published in The Public Health Journal.


french fries, ketchup and majonaise

French fries, ketchup, and mayonnaise

Do not eat french fries

In the Journal of Adolescence Health. it was found that only 1 time a week eating these bad French fries while being a teenager could augment your risk of getting breast cancer by 27%.
One thing which is well worth mentioning is that children who eat a well balanced and healthy diet will be less hyperactive, less moody and more cooperative. At a young age, one should educate your child’s taste buds. Giving it sweet foods, too much salt, and bad oils it will develop a liking for it and this habit is nearly impossible to get rid of once grown up.

The science of food addiction explains these bad foods have a biochemical effect on your brain. To say it in an easy way to understand you become addictive to fast food. Fast food rules you, do you want that?


You are what you eat

Dr.Fuhrman has written a new book with the Title: Fast Food Genocide.
You are what you eat, that is a fact. If you put bad petrol in your car it will not drive far. This applies to the human body also, the food you eat influences if you live a long and healthy life. Be informed as that is the first step in the right direction.



Source: Lindsay Oberst of the Food Revolution Network

Photo Source: Pixabay


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Fast food is horrible, and the more I ready about it, the less I want to eat it. Every time I’m in the restaurant seeing little kid eating fries or other deep fried food, I just want to say to their mother something like “why don’t you care about your kids future so much?”. But it’s so common nowadays…. Sad.

Dec 30.2017 | 03:00 am


    Good Morning Soby,

    Thank you for visiting my website and reading my post on Fast Food. It is sad indeed that a lot of people do not think about the effect of food on their health. The more we turn away from nature the sicker we will get. Big Pharma will be very happy as the sicker we get the more money they will earn. It is good to hear that you have decided not to eat this food.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 30.2017 | 08:02 am

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