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Peach blossom in spring

Peach Blossom

An EPA official is implicated in a cover-up involving glyphosate (Roundup®) and Monsanto

Once again Monsanto, the manufacturer of Roundup®, is in trouble.

In an expose’ posted by Lori Alton, staff writer for NaturalHealth365 (March 26, 2017), EPA official Jess Rowland, a former deputy at the EPA Office of Pesticide Programs, is being accused of breaking ethics rules and collaborating with Monsanto to institute a cover-up of its decision to declare that Roundup® is not likely to be a carcinogen.

While working at the EPA, Rowland chaired a Cancer Ass­­essment Review Committee – which found “insignificant evidence” to conclude that glyphosate (Roundup®) causes cancer, and determined that glyphosate was “not likely to be carcinogenic to humans.”

Attorneys representing 50 lawsuits accusing Monsanto of failing to warn of the cancer risk associated with glyphosate, is also seeking to depose Rowland (compel him to respond to questions) regarding his association with Monsanto.  The EPA denied the request to have him deposed but a US District Judge believes the deposition is “appropriate”.

Monsanto is not happy and is trying to keep internal documents from the ­­public, stating that a significant portion of them should be kept confidential.  However, since the EPA is a governmental body and works (ostensibly) for the people who are the government, the plaintiff’s attorneys are insisting interactions with Monsanto should be subject to public scrutiny, implying that Rowland’s primary goal was to help Monsanto.

I think it is time to step up and demand that Monsanto releases all documents and communications between them and the EPA, especially with Rowland.

You can read Taetske’s experience with Roundup ® by clicking here.


Update on Pesticides


small child with strawberry plant

Little child with strawberry plant.

Have you ever thought of what pesticides are doing to children? The so-called tolerance levels that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (the EPA) suggests are safe for human consumption, are only good for the agriculture industry. These levels are not safe for infants and children. Ignoring growing research that pesticides are harmful to the very young in low concentrations, the EPA continues to allow more pesticides on fruits and vegetables than scientist’s document as being safe.


Brain Damage caused by Pesticides



Juicy Peaches

Even in small doses, pesticides like chlorpyrifos have been linked to brain damage and damage to the nervous system in children.  Who would want to knowingly feed their children something so damaging? A child who eats 1 piece of fruit like a peach or even only 1 strawberry with the allowable residues of chlorpyrifos, exceeds EPA’s own safe exposure levels. I just wonder how that can be. I thought these institutions were meant to protect the people and also the environment. It seems our environment gets more and more polluted every day and people’s health does is not important at all.


EPA is not functioning well


Beautiful Strawberries

This information comes from EWG Action Alert and it is good this information gets out. EPA’s role in our society is not what it should be. Instead of keeping us from harm, the EPA allows harmful products to be used on fruits and vegetables.  Nearly 70% of all conventional fruits or veggies test positive for at least 1 pesticide, even after having been washed and peeled.



Grow and or buy Organic

Knowing of the prevalence of pesticides in our food supply, it is easy to understand the drive to buy organic and if you are lucky to have a plot of land to grow your own food. That is the only thing you can do to prevent or at least ameliorate the disastrous effect of having chosen Mr. Scott Pruitt as the director of the Environmental Protection Agency. Prior to Pruitt’s appointment, EPA had shown signs of wanting to reduce the huge amount of pesticides used each day. With this person being installed as the director of the EPA, our hope of a cleaner environment went up in smoke.


Organic Produce

Organic Produce


Source: NaturalHealth365

Photo Source: Pixabay




I find it depressing and unacceptable that we have allowed so many poisons to find their way into our bodies, and this is just the next example. I’m sure all the CEOs at Monsanto eat organic farmer’s market produce themselves and stay way far away from conventionally raised food. It would be nice if we all had that luxury, right? But because of their misdeeds and the EPA’s suppression, what’s available as food to most people is poison, plain and simple.

Oct 16.2017 | 03:49 pm


    Good afternoon Penelope,

    I can only agree with you. It is horrible what happens to us people, we pay with our health while some big corporations fill their pockets. The same applies to FDA, they approve chemical medicine while their own people would not touch it or give to their own families. The more natural food you eat the better your health will be. People should speak up against being manipulated. One should refuse to eat manipulated food made with GMO and pesticides. Thank you for visiting my website.

    Regards, Taetske

    Oct 17.2017 | 01:28 pm


This is a concern of so many people and that is being able to eat good quality foods without the use of using pesticides. Many people are now turning to organic as a more healthier and safe lifestyle because the use of these chemicals, for the most part, is not used on these products.
I do believe that what you are sharing here is really helpful and informative.

Nov 19.2017 | 06:14 pm


    Good evening Norman,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I am also very concerned about all the unhealthy things of modern day life. We cannot change all of it, water and air are quite difficult to tackle. What you eat is but your own choice. Going back to nature is the solution, that is why I try to grow as much as I can on my property

    Regards, Taetske

    Nov 19.2017 | 06:24 pm

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