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How Monsanto, the developer of Roundup® convinced me to abandon the use of all pesticides on my orchard

I have been convinced that (Roundup®) specifically and all pesticides, in general, are a danger to human health as well as that of non-targeted fauna and flora.


Spanish Farm

Entrance to Finca
Private Photo


My Spanish Story

When I started on my finca (farm) in 1981, I had no idea about anything related to agriculture.  My Spanish gardener, Miguel, told me that to get rid of the bad weeds, I should buy Roundup®.   This weed killer is produced by Monsanto and used worldwide.  I have a piece of land approximately 1000 square meters with orange trees, and cobblestones around the house and a big cobblestone patio. The farmhouse is 180 years old and cobblestones look very nice when they are clean.  Obviously, not meant for running around on in high-heels but whenever I have a party outside, I remind my guests of the need to wear flat shoes.


Orange crop

Organic Oranges


Pesticides in my garden

So, to battle the weeds, I bought a big can of Roundup® and using a sprayer, my gardener applied the product to the orange field and all the cobblestones  For sure, the weeds were starting to wither away within a few days.  About 3 weeks later, Miguel started to sweep the cobblestones in the patio with a big broom.  The next day, I found some dead fish floating in the small concrete fish pond I built myself.  On the orange fields, the snails that had been creeping up the tree trunks had fallen off and were laying in a white circle around the tree.  Within a couple of days, we found a dead hedgehog.  He had been eating the poisoned snails thinking he would have a fantastic meal but it cost him his life.



Happy Hedgehog


Going Organic

These two incidents opened my eyes and made me understand that I would avoid any type of pesticide in the future so I went green (organic).  From that moment, all my produce from the farm is organic.  My friends who buy my oranges and with whom I have a coffee and socialize are happy to be able to use the total orange for making marmalade knowing they are not sprayed.



Applying Pesticides Manually


Glyphosate and other toxic ingredients

I just received an email from NaturalHealth365, telling me that Roundup’s main ingredient, glyphosate, is not the only poisonous chemical in the mixture.  The article mentions that the “inert” ingredients are more toxic than just the glyphosate on its own.  Many of these additional ingredients, called adjuvants, are toxic in and of themselves but their toxicity increased exponentially when glyphosate is added.



Pesticides Large Scale

Large Scale application of pesticides


The additives to weed killers can constitute as much as 95% of the total solution, however, Roundup® and the other ingredients have gone largely untested.  With the advent of the Trump administration’s goal of reducing or eliminating the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency, we, the public have to step up and protect our health and that of future generations.


Source: NaturalHealth365

Photo Source: Pixabay


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