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Unknown facts about Health Care Cost


Health Care is very expensive and one needs a good insurance to cover all eventualities.


Doctor Visit

Doctor Visit


A recent post in Naturalhealth398 stated that the costs of treating diseases are staggering.  Consider the following costs for 2010:

Heart disease and stroke:                315 Billion

Cancer:                                               157 Billion

Diabetes:                                             245 Billion

Arthritis:                                              128 Billion

This is only the tip of the iceberg.  “Western medicine offers nothing – in terms of effective solutions to the most pressing health problems of our time.”  The money spent to treat the disease is not being effective. Big Pharmaceutical companies are earning millions and the people are only getting sicker. This is more evident as one continues to study the data.

Everyone living in the U.S. has heard that the U.S. health care system is the best health care system in the world.  But when we look at actual statistics, we see a different picture.

A comparative study conducted by International Federation of Health Plans titled “2015 Comparative Price Report” documents variations in prescription costs as well as select procedures.

** Average Price, 25th percentile and 95th percentile can be significantly different.



Medical Products

Medical Products



US ** UK Spain South Africa Australia New Zealand
Xarelto $292 $126 $101 $48
Humira $2,669 $1,362 $1,253 $552
Harvoni $32,114 $22,554 $18,165
Truvada $1,301 $689 $559
Tecfidera $5,089 $663 $1,399
Avastin $3,930 $470 $1,534 $956
OxyContin $265 $590 $36 $84

*Reason for Prescription and typical dosage for comparative cost analysis

Prevent or treat blood clots
30 capsules, 20 mg, 30 day supply
Treat rheumatoid arthritis
1 prefilled syringe carton, 2 syringes, 28 day supply
Treat hepatitis C
28 tablets, a 4-week supply
30 tablets, 30 day supply
Treat relapsing multiple sclerosis
60 Capsules, 240 mg, 30 day supply
Treat certain types of cancer
400 mg Vial
Treat severe ongoing pain
60 tablets, 20 mg, 30+ day supply
** Average Price, 25th percentile and 95th percentile can be significantly different.






US ** UK Spain South Africa Australia New Zealand
Angiogram $1,164 $2,149 $240 $270 $1,089
CT  Scan Abdomen $844 $860 $85 $233 $483
MRI $1,119 $788 $130 $455 $215 $811
Colonoscopy $1,301 $3,059 $589 $632 $372 $1,421
Cardiac Catheterization $5,061 $4,046 $2,974 $2,596 $487 $3,196
Hospital Cost per day $5,220 $424 $631 $765 $2,142


Total Hospital and Physician

US ** UK Spain South Africa Australia New Zealand
Appendectomy $15,930 $8,009 $2,003 $1,786 $3,814 $6,199
Normal Delivery $10,808 $1,950 $1,271 $5,312
C-Section $16,106 $2,352 $2,192 $7,901
Cataract Surgery $3,530 $3,145 $1,719 $1,186 $3,037 $2,740
Knee Replacement $28,184 $18,451 $6,687 $7,795 $15,941 $16,508
Hip Replacement $29,067 $16,335 $6,757 $7,685 $19,484 $15,465
Bypass Surgery $78,318 $24,059 $14,579 $18,501 $28,888 $32,480
Angioplasty $31,620 $7,264 $7,839 $6,510 $11,164 $13,677


Medical Equipment

Special Medical Equipment


Another report suggests that the healthcare costs in the U.S. are much higher.  A chart from the Peter G. Peterson Foundation gives a simple cost comparison of the per capita healthcare spending in ten of the world’s most developed countries.



The Health risk of bad air

Of course, there are many aspects that have a big influence on our health, not all we can control. The air we breathe is one of those things, especially in big cities when there is too much traffic and no wind sometimes these very toxic situations are created. Like in Beijing the capital of China where the traffic together with its surrounding topography, sitting in a bowl,  made the air unbreathable, many people had to check into the hospitals. In summer in Madrid, it has also happened that people walking their dog the poor animal suddenly fainted away. The gasses staying low to the ground cause animals to inhale it in first.

acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture treatment

The Holistic approach

In old times in China the people paid their doctor as long as they stayed healthy, getting sick he had failed and would not receive any more money.

Modern medicine looks at the symptom not at what caused the negative situation. Then one will get a pill often with severe side effects. In Holistic medicine one does look at the total person as everything is related, it is of no use to treat 1 organ and not treat the rest. Only when total balance is achieved the person is healthy again.



Source: NaturalHealth398

Photo Source: Pixabay



Maria Morris

Very interesting, very informative. How can there be such huge differences. The standard of living is pretty much the same in these countries. Good to have this information. Thaank you.

Apr 29.2017 | 05:43 pm


    Thank you for reading this post, Maria,

    Yes, it is quite amazing when you compare the cost of medical care worldwide. I think that the cost is so high in the US as the pharmaceutical companies are very greedy, sadly enough the overall health of the population is at the bottom of the list, probably due to eating too much fast food.

    Regards, Taetske

    Apr 30.2017 | 08:02 am


do my essay for me

You explained it wonderfully.

Apr 12.2018 | 04:17 am


    Good Morning,

    Thank you for your comment.
    Once again you refused to tell me who you are, what a shame.

    Regards, Taetske

    Apr 12.2018 | 06:24 am


I live in South Africa, and here the costs of private medical care are astronomical too. There is free health care if you can’t afford private care, but believe me you try to do anything to avoid going that route as the quality is so bad and you could wait in cues for days before being attended to.

I would rather go without food in order to be able to afford my medical aid, as it is something you just do not want to be without.

Its so sad that most in the medical field would rather make a quick buck by prescribing meds rather than look at ways to avoid getting sick in the first place.

Dec 19.2018 | 01:58 pm


    Good afternoon Michel,

    I personally believe that it pays off to take care of one’s health and stay away from doctors as much as possible. 

    I do my yearly checkup with the gynecologist, I go to the dentist and then an anti-aging doctor gives me my bioidentical hormones. With this system, I am fairing well. The last time I was for 3 days in bed with bad flu was at the end of 2000.

    I take care of my diet, luckily live in a place with good air and water and hope I will reach 90 years of age.

    Thank you for your comment.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 19.2018 | 02:54 pm


I was absolutely blown away by the cost discrepancies between the US and other countries. It appears to be down right extortion by the drug companies preying often on the misfortunes of others. Its interesting the research that is being done into cannabis and other natural remedies that treat not only the symptoms but the causes of such diseases.

Its no surprise that this type of research is receiving still opposition from the drug companies as this threatens their profits. Sad reality of modern day society.


Dec 19.2018 | 02:01 pm


    Good afternoon Rich,

    Big Pharma has a huge appetite, our health is not important that is obvious. The sicker we are being kept the more money will be made.

    Cannabis cannot be patented and that is why there is so much opposition from Big Pharma. This is, of course, a scandal. The more people become aware that this is brutal manipulation the more people should protest. I hope there will come a turning point soon. Some good news was that a judge condemned Monsanto in paying a big fine, more court cases will follow.

    Thank you for your comment.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 19.2018 | 02:54 pm


I didn’t realise that things had got so bad in the US – luckily I live in the UK where we have the NHS, so I’ve never experienced shelling out cash for medical treatment. 

I thought at one point they were going to go down the ‘Obama-care’ route, what happened to that – why did it change and why have they stayed with the same platform?

Dec 19.2018 | 02:01 pm


    Good afternoon Chris,

    Here in Spain I have a private health insurance which costs this year 146 Euros a month. The health care they provide is ok and I can choose any doctor I want to go to.

    Obama care was approved and I think it was like some extra 40 million Americans getting cover through it. Then somebody else became president and things got messed up. One has to be careful for whom one votes. Just these days I read that that President Trump thinks of cutting special care for Veterans. now really.

    Thank you for your comment.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 19.2018 | 02:54 pm

Jake Aswani


Great piece on Medical costs in the USA. You have a touched on a subject important to my heart. Now that I am 59 years I am taking special of my health to avoid getting sick with diseases like high cholesterol and diabetes ( Which is in my family). Also nowadays the insurance are playing a game of cat and mouse to approve important tests and procedures when they are required. Natural healing is a great way to take care of your body and everyday I read more on holistic medicine & exercises (Yoga and Tai Chi) .  I live in the Rep of Panama and private medicine here is also expensive. At the end of the day I strongly believe “Prevention is better than the Cure” . Like your articles and will read some more. Cheers Jake

Dec 19.2018 | 02:02 pm


    Good Morning Jake,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    I cannot but agree with you that prevention is the best. Hippocrates said let your food be thy medicine and following his advice we might make it to a healthy old age. Still, one has to stay as informed as possible about all the things which affect our health. Food, water, air, radiation, stress etc. Not so easy to maintain one’s health these days.

    I also, prefer the holistic way and I do my best to reduce my visits to “real” doctors.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 20.2018 | 08:22 am


I must say that I am surprised. I did not know that medical costs are that high in other countries. It is very sad as most people don’t have that money and because of that they suffer. I must show this stats to my dad, he is a doctor and he will be shocked. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

Dec 19.2018 | 02:04 pm


    Good Morning Daniel,

    It is quite shocking when one compares prices between the countries. The countries where health care is so expensive cannot boast of a healthier population. A long time ago I read an article, forgot which city it was in the U.S. In that city, had the highest amount of cancer surgeons and sadly also the highest rate of cancer deaths. That really makes you think.

    Thank you for your visit and leaving a comment.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 20.2018 | 08:22 am


You brought up a good point here. People said that we have the best medical system, it is more expensive every year thus we are getting sicker. The air is one of the factor but I also yhink that the diet here in the States also plays the big factor for our health as well. Our portions are enormous when you compare it to other contries, and we eat mostly processed food. 

I always choose to go for herbal (hollistic) approach rather than modern medicines. When I read the labels it made me cringe. The side effects are endless and they are in thise little fine prints. No thank you. I was diagnosed with a high cholesterol last year, my doctor was in a rush to put me on drugs. I told him right away, no thank you, you will see better numbers next time I visit. I changed my diet and work out regularly. I drink a lot of teas especially my homemade ginger tea. 

Now I feel better and meda free!!

Dec 19.2018 | 02:04 pm


    Good afternoon Nuttanee,

    The costs for health care go up and the people are getting sicker, strange to say the least.

    I think you are quite right to go the holistic way and skip all these chemicals. They have too many side effects.

    We were given a brain so we should use it to investigate and then think what is best for ourselves, after all, we are responsible for our own health.

    Thank you for your comment.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 20.2018 | 04:47 pm


I agree the cost is very high. I have friends living in countries where they should buy all the things necessary for surgery and on the top the medication. It’s really sad. All of us pay a monthly health contribution from your salaries, but when it’s about a health issue, you still have to pay. So frustrating.

I know cases when you go with an infection and you are sent back home with a paracetamol prescription. Go back after two days, the paracetamol is replaced with ibuprofen, and on the third visit, the patient is sent for in in-depth investigations. And for all this visits and medicine, the patient is paying.

Very informative article, thank you.

Dec 19.2018 | 02:05 pm


    Good afternoon Dany,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    We should take better care of how we live and what we eat, like that a lot of visits to doctors can be avoided.

    I have reduced my visits to the absolute minimum and feel good with it. Health care cost is not too bad in Spain but I have this private insurance for the emergency like breaking a leg not to run to the doctor every time I have a slight cold which I hardly have anyhow.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 20.2018 | 04:46 pm

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