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Is this the beginning of the end? Monsanto and its court cases.


Large scale farming

Large scale farming image Le Boutillier


A herbicide called Roundup

I suppose you have heard about Monsanto and its infamous product Roundup. This glyphosate-based herbicide was developed in 1970, and the world has not been the same since. I made my personal and negative experience on my organic farm in 1981. I thought it would be a good idea to spray the cobblestones on my patio with Roundup to get rid of the weeds.

3 Weeks later, my gardener, Miguel, started sweeping the dried up weeds and the fish suddenly died in my fishpond. That opened my eyes to the danger of using this product on my farm, and I became organic. When you go shopping, if possible, try to buy organic at your local market.


Organic Vegetables

Organic Vegetables image Grifan 4k


Is GMO bad for your health?

Monsanto is also known worldwide for being one in four groups to introduce genes into plants. This happened in 1983. Up till today, they state that GMO (genetically modified organisms/crops) does not pose any harm to the people who eat this. Time will tell, but there is more than enough evidence that this is a lie. Money making is more important than the health of the people, so please be aware of what you eat.


GMO needs to be stopped

GMO needs to be stopped image James Farley


Does eating GMO foods have side effects?

Personally, I do not think that GMO is safe. I wonder why humans always have the need to improve on nature? I have found a couple of websites which also ponder on the question if GMO is good for you and what the long-term side effects could be for you and the following generations.

The many dangers of GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organism)

From agriculture to scientific research, a broad group of plants, animals, and bacteria are engineered.

Former Pro-GMO Scientist speaks out on the real danger.

Nutrition Studies-The danger of eating GMO



A little about Monsanto’s History

Monsanto was founded in St.Louis, Missouri in 1901 as a chemical company. The founder was John Francis Queeny, and he used his wife’s maiden name for his new company. The first products Monsanto produced were saccharine, caffeine, and vanillin. In 2000 the warning labels on saccharin-sweetened products were removed and one year later the FDA declared it safe to use.

That really makes one think, do you also agree? For many years there is a warning on a label and then suddenly it is taken away.  Question is, do you trust the FDA? The Sherpa tells me that saccharin is made of Coal Tar. Coal Tar? Well, that does not sound like something I would like to eat. Do read the article of the Sherpa, it is worthwhile and eye-opening.

Together with some 15 other companies, DDT came on the market in 1944. They used this insecticide in the fight against the malaria-mosquito. Its toxicity became soon apparent, but it took until 1972 to be finally banned in the U.S. The book Silent Spring, made the public aware of its dangers.

Monsanto was also the producer of Agent Orange for the army, and they used this product in Vietnam. In 1984, they settled a lawsuit brought by veterans out of court. One does not hear much about Vietnam, where the population was sprayed with this product. It affected the people, fauna and flora, water and earth.


This is a powerful book

You are what you eat. You probably know this saying. Monsanto claims to solve problems when actually the contrary is true. Monsantos seed and food dictatorship is shaping the world in an unhealthy way.

This book results from a 3 year investigation and shows that the new “green” face Monsanto shows is not something trustworthy.

Pollution, Corruption, and the Control of Our Food Supply

Where do you buy your seeds and food?

As a gardener, one really should ask oneself if Monsanto has ever made a healthy product. Personally, I think their principal focus is on earning money.  Monsanto’s aim is to have the worldwide monopoly on seeds, think where you buy yours. As a grown-up, when you go shopping one should also think before one buys. Here comes a list of products one should better leave standing on the shelves of the supermarket.

Coming back to the beginning of my post and the product Roundup, which has been used for so many years and in so many countries, some news caught my attention. When the company Monsanto has always claimed their product is safe, oh well, we have seen the contrary these past years with other products they made, now it seems serious times have come to them.


Protest against Monsanto

Protest against Monsanto image Kevin Hicks


Monsanto to appear in court

On CNN World they published an article by Holly Yan on June 17, 2018

The news is really sad. A man, his name is Dewayne Johnson, is not expected to live much longer. The doctors did not think he would make it this far. This man is only 46 years old, and he is dying from cancer. There are days where he can hardly speak and about 80% of his body is covered with ugly looking wounds. Even if there are more people who are so sick at this early age, the why is very important.

Mr. Johnson claims it is Roundup which is killing him and he will be the first person who goes to court with his case. He used to be a former school groundskeeper and used Roundup from 20 to 30 times a year. The attorney of Mr. Johnson is now representing an enormous group, over 2000 Non-Hodgkin lymphoma sufferers. All these people are going to court claiming Roundup ruined their health. There is a law in California where people who have a very short life expectancy can be granted expedited trials.



Let’s face it. In March 2015, the World Health Organization for Research on Cancer (IARC) warned that one of the key ingredients of Roundup is glyphosate and that this ingredient is probably carcinogenic to humans.  When somebody is spraying this product so many times a year it is not surprising it gets in your system, I think. Monsanto has always been adamant in that their products do not pose any danger to the health of people, but let us not forget the past where they were proven more than wrong.

Think before you spray in your garden. There are many alternatives to Roundup which do not harm your health and are neither harmful to fauna and flora. There is really no need to want and play God, trying to better creation. We should try to stick to all the beautiful products nature has to offer, we will find health and excellent taste.

This is a short video, do not miss it.




Presently we are living in 2020 and Christmas will be in 1 month. This year the focus is on Covid 19, but last year there were still court cases against Monsanto. Here you can read about it.

I have made a special page for you with a collection of things you might find interesting. Before you leave, pay a small visit to Recommendations and have a look.


Source: Wikipedia

Photo Source: Pixabay


Perhaps you like to read my other post on Monsanto.

Important Information on Monsanto and Roundup®.




Monsanto should be defined as an extreme swear word! Their obsession with world plant domination is particularly scary.

Added to this control is their fiddling with grafting pesticides to plant genes. I hear most if not all of the plants grown from their seeds are sterile. To many countries this is a catastrophe. Once they start using these seeds the people can’t, as they have for generations, collect their seeds from the adult plants. This means they have to buy every year and most can’t afford that.

Their cross grafting different plant (and probably animal) genes to get new, ‘better’ strains has impacted on people. They might be allergic to one of the crossing plants and they don’t know they are actually eating a descendent of that plant. I had heard years ago that some deaths did occur but that might not be fact.

As for roundup, it is in fact an organic based product, taking the word organic in its correct meaning. It is an
organophosphorus compound. These are organic compounds containing phosphorus. (Oops I did a lot of science in my seemly eternal schooling!)

Finally, one Canadian farmer was arrested and jailed for using Monsanto seeds. In fact he didn’t but the seeds had blown in from a US farm just across the border. So he, of course wasn’t licenced. Monsanto took him to court. Such ignorant stupidity. Fortunately a group of people in Canada had set up a legal fighting fund and managed to get him freed.

Monsanto. YUK!!! Let’s hope many people read this and act accordingly.


Aug 09.2018 | 04:24 am


    Good Morning Helen,

    Thank you for the second visit to my website.

    Monsanto has a story which kind of equates to a gangster boss.  They have known all along of the danger of their products but were more interested in making money than keeping people safe.

    I found a good article where it shows scientists are not all of the same opinions and Monsanto for sure says again their product does no harm.

    There are movements going against Monsanto seeds monopoly, time will tell if these initiatives have been successful.

    I do hope that the court cases which are taking place against Monsanto will put a brake on them but to tell you the truth I do not think so. There are too many high-level people involved and the same can be said for the amount of money, they are huge amounts. In the meantime the general health of the population is in decline, why oh why do we not see it and understand we are but guinea pigs.

    Regards, Taetske

    Aug 09.2018 | 12:07 pm


I absolutely loved your post! I am in agreement 100%! GMO products are certainly not safe and in my personal opinion are harmful to health. Being in the health field I look at nationwide statistics and there has been a large increase in cancers in the United States and this is due to a higher lasting inflammatory state within the body. Why does this happen? Again, my personal opinion is from the things we eat and drink (some of which being GMO). The next problem we should address is how expensive organic food is. It is the better option and an option I personally go toward for my own dinner table but it is hard to afford. Any suggestions on how to combat that?

Oct 17.2018 | 03:19 pm


    Good Morning Conner,

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my website.A fact is the moment we turned away from nature and started to make men made foods, meaning with this trying to improve on nature which really is not possible, our health went down the drain. Just as a small example: Fruit Juice. You look at the label and read: concentrated with added sugar and water. That I think is crazy. Take a fresh fruit, make juice and then drink it. 

    These past years a new word started being used, Frankenstein Food. With that one says it all.  Diabetes, Autism, Cancer, etc are all food related. When we do not have a big say on the air we breathe ( on that one could discuss for days as we are after all the ones who pollute it ) and the same applies to water at least with what we eat you have a choice.

    You say that organic is more expensive, that is correct in most cases. Compare “normal” food to organic and one will find that organic has more nutrients. So with eating less food, it comes to equal plus it is far better for our health. I have written a post on edible landscapes, you might like to read it.

    Regards, Taetske

    Oct 18.2018 | 06:55 am


Wow this is like something out of a conspiracy movie. I am so glad you are doing your bit to expose this terrible scandals. I hope all those involved get what’s coming to them legally. Justice is slow and so is karma, but I’ve or both will catch up to people like this eventually. Hope you update us again soon. Thanks Kenny

Oct 17.2018 | 03:23 pm


    Good Morning Kenny,

    Nice to see you again. You said it!  This is a conspiracy bigger than we can imagine. We, the normal burger are not told the truth as there is too much money involved. The scandalous thing is it is our health which suffers. Yes, there is an update as a judge has fined Monsanto a more than 200 million dollar fine.

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my website.

    Regards, Taetske

    Oct 18.2018 | 06:42 am

Karen Noone

Oh my, I had no idea that this company was behind so many of the nasty things that are in our food chain. The things you mentioned here are all on my no no list. I was interested to see what was in your list of products to leave on the shelf but I couldn’t get the link to click?

I have however used Round up in my own garden without knowing or realising its potential dangers. That is definitely going to be thrown away. What else do you suggest I use to control weeds in my garden? I am in the U.K and may have different products available to you.


Oct 17.2018 | 03:24 pm


    Good Morning Karen,

    Thank you for your visit and leaving a comment. I checked the links and it functions ok. The link which says: think where you buy yours – shows a website of a lady, keep Monsanto out of your garden.
    The other link, list of products, is the companies which have ties to Monsanto. With the products they make I would be more than careful and perhaps avoid them completely.

    In the vegetable garden we do not do really anything much, just pull or dig in the weeds. Sometimes there are snails who get thrown over the fence, I think they come creeping back. Other weeds are plowed in on the orange field, given to the chicken or burned. 

    The other link gives you a long list of Companies with ties to Monsanto so I would say do not buy their products.

    One of my last posts is on Edible Landscapes, with 2 links, one on childhood cancer and one on dogs. The danger of pesticides has which are used on lawns, perhaps you care to read it.

    Regards, Taetske

    Oct 18.2018 | 06:36 am

Ches Power

Hi there Taetske. This is a very important and informative article about the dangers of Roundup. Since the verdict of the court case filed by Dewayne ‘Lee’ Johnson, the floodgates have opened. Thousands of victims of glyphosate, the main toxic chemical in Roundup, are now lined up to have their day in court. They are all suing Monsanto (now Bayer) over the Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma they contracted from using this toxic herbicide.
Mr. Johnson was awarded $289 million in damages to be paid by Monsanto. Not that his compensation will be of any use to him; his condition is terminal. Bayer took over Monsanto on the understanding that a fund be set up to pay for litigation liability. That fund of $277 million has now been wiped out in one fell swoop!
Unfortunately for the general public, swapping Monsanto for Bayer is likely to worsen the deeds and fraudulent activity of this industry. You only have to look at Bayer’s history during WWII and their ethos today. They actually set up a scholarship in memory of Fritz-ter-Meer, who became supervisory board chairman of Bayer after the war. During the war, he used inmates of Auschwitz to carry out obnoxious experiements. Needless to say they all died horribly. He was found guilty of war crimes at the Nuremberg Trials in 1948.
Bayer have now changed the name of this scholarship. It is now called the Bayer Science & Education Foundation. IMHO, remembering a Nazi party member and war criminal is an insult to those who suffered and died at the hands of this man. Memorialising him is tantamount to applauding his evil past. Is this still the mindset of Bayer today?

Nov 05.2018 | 01:18 pm


    Good afternoon Ches,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    I have also followed what happened in the court case started by Mr. Johnson. I hope that the huge amount of coming court cases will be the end of Monsanto/Bayer, they do not deserve any better.

    The history of both companies is scandalous and awful. Imagine naming a scholarship after a war criminal. The German society was literally infiltrated by Nazis who were given high ranking positions be it in culture, industry, you name it, they were everywhere and often people knew about it. It took a long time to have a thorough cleaning of these undesirable creatures. I think one is right in stating that both companies do not have our health in mind. Their purpose is to earn lots of money never mind people dying like fleas.

    I think it is time that people in general start thinking for themselves instead of blindly following what the authorities want them to believe. We have been fed wrong and harmful information for a really long period and various generations are suffering the consequences. We were given grey cells, we better start using them. We are responsible for our health so one should be informed as much as possible to then be able to decide what is good for us.

    Regards, Taetske

    Nov 05.2018 | 03:45 pm


A very Informative and thought provoking article. I live in the UK and although Monsanto’s antics is very well known and documented in the US I have found that although there is some awareness, here in the UK there are still so many people that are completely ignorant to these issues and their implications for future generations. I think it’s important that there are people such as yourself that are championing these issues and raising awareness. Keep up the good work!

May 13.2019 | 11:49 am


    Good afternoon Rus,

    Thank you for your visit and leaving a comment, I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Let’s face it, Monsanto is awful and they have been like that for far too much time. I have written more articles on this company and together with big Pharma and the FDA, they are the worst there is.

    The more people find out about it the better. Only if we protest something will change.

    Regards, Taetske

    May 13.2019 | 02:28 pm


I have come across, and even used Roundup on some of the areas of my garden (stone areas) in the past, but I had no idea about the dangers linked to it or the company behind it (Monsanto) being such a strong force when it comes to changing nature. 

Really worrying really. 

When the fish unfortunately died in your pond did you manage to get proof that it was linked to the weedkiller? 

May 13.2019 | 11:51 am


    Good afternoon Chris,

    Thank you for your visit and comment.

    Personally, I do not have proof but enough scientific studies back my findings. Insects and birds eating these insects die, fish in rivers or lakes also die.

    I had another sad experience many years later. Perhaps you have heard of the palm tree plague caused by that red palm weevil = beetle. A specialized company would come to spray the trees. I had 3 trees standing together behind one of my fishponds. I covered that pond during the spraying. 3 Weeks later it rained and all the fish died. Eventually, I lost my 8 old palm trees on the property. I could not afford to continue paying Euros 200 every second month.

    Nature and poison do not go together. 

    Regards, Taetske

    May 13.2019 | 02:40 pm


Sometimes we just go buy consuming what’s there in the market, and it’s really terrifying to know it’s not as safe as we like to think it is. Greed has blinded the eyes and the price we pay is really big. I would really like to thank you for spreading such an awareness and for providing such valuable information. I think my day has started with such a sweet alarm and it’s not at all difficult to watch for what we eat and drink. Thank you♥

May 13.2019 | 11:52 am


    Good afternoon,

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my website. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    The more we become conscious that what we eat and drink has an effect on our overall health the better. 

    The price we pay for living this modern life is high, too high I think as it is our health.

    Regards, Taetske

    May 13.2019 | 02:44 pm


I have seen articles about this evil company lately, it is good that finally people starting to pay attention to all these chemical companies whose main goal is to make money, does not matter at what cost. 

But if we look around it is not only chemical companies – what about food and pharma companies? 

They have been poisoning us and our children for decades. And don’t get me started on the FDA. FDA should be prosecuted along with those companies because they sell anything for the right price. But it will never happen. It is a really sad reality. Thanks for a great post. For some people, it is an eye-opener, but for me just another sad truth.

All we have to do to protect ourselves is to use common sense and stay away from their products, this is the only way we can bring them down.

May 13.2019 | 11:53 am


    Good afternoon David,

    Thank you for your visit and leaving a comment.

    Oh yes, I follow and agree with you. Not only have I written various posts on Monsanto I also have Big Pharma, the FDA and lately the EPA on my radar. I write about those things on both my websites. 

    Only if one is well informed and that needs thinking outside the box and not following blindly everything which is presented to you as good and healthy, only then we might escape.

    Having websites I have become more aware of what is happening in our world and it is not very pretty.

    On my farm everything seems good and well balanced but I now know I live in paradise. The closest cell tower is 1 km away.

    Regards, Taetske

    May 13.2019 | 02:53 pm


Great topic and post! Organic is definitely the way to go an I’m very glad to hear you have gone to organic. Thank you for bringing awareness to this very important topic. I am sorry to hear of your fish but at least this brought about a lasting knowledge, one that you can bring to light here. I like how you structured your post here as it presents and answers very important questions as well as provides some very solid background information. Great research and message here, well done!

May 13.2019 | 11:57 am


    Good afternoon,

    It was a hard but needed lesson. Since 1981 I have become more aware of these things and now having 2 websites even more.

    I am happy I can grow a lot of things myself and do not have to worry that eating it might harm me. I recently made really yummy orange marmalade with little pieces of shredded peel. That you can only do if you have organic oranges available.

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske

    May 13.2019 | 02:58 pm


Hi, Friend I have read your entire article very carefully. After reading your article, I learned about Monsanto and its court cases. This glyphosate-based herbicide was developed in 1970 and the world has not been the same since Up till today, they state that GMO (genetically modified organisms/crops) does not pose any harm to the people who eat this. From agriculture to scientific research a group of plants, animals, and bacteria. It’s not harmful to people. Thank you very much for sharing such a beautiful article.

May 13.2019 | 12:02 pm


    Good afternoon Parvez,

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Monsanto is considered the worst company worldwide. Not all people are informed about the harm it can pose to their health using this awful invention Roundup. We should know that our environment is put under a lot of strain and many animals are dying. Bees are being killed and that will be our end.

    Regards, Taetske

    May 13.2019 | 03:05 pm


Greetings Taetske,

This a well written article! GMO is everywhere and most people are not aware of its influence and the danger of our food in today’s society. You are 💯 correct! We are capable of planting our fruits and vegetables. My father was a farmer I grew up planting foods. I can appreciate the beauty and the freedom!  It is liberating for sure! Monsanto: Hand in hand with GMO. You would’ve said it right! I am vegan that doesn’t mean it’s all pass the healthy test. What is healthy is being aware of the food we eat and taking action!

Thank you so much for taking the stand and speaking out and educating us! We must stand up and beware! 

Peace and light!

May 13.2019 | 12:09 pm


    Good afternoon Rebecca,

    I agree with you, we are surrounded by a lot of harmful things and that is why one has to be well informed.

    I always say the closer you eat to nature the better. I love working in the garden and have 100 organic oranges, some grapefruits, lemons, mandarins, and other fruit trees. The vegetable garden looks good this year. Had some great meals with fresh spinach. Now we are waiting for the tomatoes so I can make Gazpacho when it gets hot.

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my website. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske

    May 13.2019 | 03:12 pm


Hi Taetske.
I have read your entire post because it is a very important and serious issue. I 100% agree with your statement. GMO products are really harmful to our health. I would like to give you a special thanks for exposing this terrible scandal. I will never use Round up in my own garden and will tell my friends not to use it. Your post is really very much important to all people for being more aware. So I will definitely share this post to others for their help.
Thank you so much for sharing this helpful post.

May 13.2019 | 01:38 pm


    Good afternoon Monalisha,

    Thank you for your visit and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    I read you study environmental issues at the university. I have the impression that the younger generation is a lot more aware of what happens in our world. In your country, you suffer the negative effects of Global Warming = Climate Change. There are sadly still people who do not acknowledge the fact that our actions have consequences, be it to our health or the environment we live in. 

    Regards, Taetske

    May 13.2019 | 03:22 pm


Oh I am so with you that Monsanto and any GMO products are the worst you can ever imagine. The scary part is that so much of it is hidden and that Monsanto is in the pocket of the big Pharma companies and also government. I have heard just so much about cancer, respiratory diseases, skin allergies etc. name it, all linked to Monsanto and their products. The sooner Monsanto can be banned or disbarred, the better.

Nov 22.2020 | 07:17 pm


    Good Morning Line,

    I fully agree, Monsanto should be banned from the face of the earth. The problem is that too many things, companies and money are involved in this setup. That the general health of the population is in decline does not bother them, and Big Pharma is happy. Only if people worldwide would stop buying any product related to Monsanto, and the list is huge, we might see a positive change.

    You might care to look at that green widget, Save the Planet, in the sidebar.bUnited could resonate with you.

    Thank you for your visit and for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    Regards, Taetske

    Nov 23.2020 | 07:58 am

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