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Botulinum toxin or Botox is a neurotoxic protein



Botox image Vesna Harni


There are 8 types of botulinum toxin, named type A to H

Type H is the deadliest substance in the world. Two billionths of a gram (2ng) injected into a human can cause death. They use types A and B in medicine to treat various muscle spasms. This poison is on the market under the name Botox. One wonders why millions of women worldwide want to inject this poison into their bodies with the only aim to get rid of wrinkles.


My personal opinion

I am a woman who is concerned about her looks. I am now 71 and do my best to have decent-looking skin. By eating healthy food, getting enough sleep and living upcountry, and also using, most of the time, natural products, I can not complain about my skin. One week before Christmas 2015, I smoked my last cigarette, and that has also helped.


An article in Newsweek

I had heard about Botox and how fantastic it is to get rid of your wrinkles. Knowing it was an extreme poison, I was not really sure it would be the right thing to do. Then I read an article in Newsweek, written by Sharon Begley and published on 4/12/2008.

First, one should be conscious that many animals have to suffer and ultimately die before they allow a medical drug for human use. You can imagine that as we are talking about the most dangerous substance known in the world, these tests were severe. Botox came on the market in 1989 in an extremely diluted dose.

The manufacturer, Allergan, assured the public that its product was safe as the tests had shown Botox did not travel along the body’s highways (nerve cells) to the brain or spinal cord. Still, there was some evidence this toxin could slip into the bloodstream or the lymph system. The manufacturer stated this poison cannot enter the brain. Or can it?



Syringe image Liz Masoner


Botox is more dangerous than previously thought

That was a big mistake. At the Italian Institute for Neuroscience, researchers found Botox injected in the whisker muscles of lab animals, the neurons absorbed some of the substance and passed it on to where it is not intended. Like that it traveled to end up 3 days later in the brainstem. There it disrupted neuronal activity.

Matteo Caleo, who led the study, told the journal “Science” that part of the toxin is active where it is not supposed to be. I found this frightening information.

In 2008, they had injected already millions of people with this poison. There were 1,437 death reported, mainly people who wanted to get rid of their wrinkles. These deaths occurred between 1989 and 2003. The FDA did little but admitted that there was enough evidence that serious reactions and even death can occur in a broader population, thank you.

Reading this article, I decided I would not put poison in my skin.

Some years later, I went to a concert in Marbella. In that town live a lot of jet-set ladies. 4 ladies entered the concert hall close by where I was sitting. They were approx my age and dressed in the latest fashion. The strange thing was that they all looked the same. Injected lips and not a wrinkle to be seen. It was their hands, necks, and legs that gave their age away. Their faces looked like Barby dolls.


Botox is big business

Quite some years have passed since 2008. It is now 10 years later and many articles have been written about Botox, its pros, and cons. By the year 2015 Botox had generated global revenue of a staggering $2.45 billion, half of which came from therapeutic rather than cosmetic uses.

In the following video, you will get more information on Botox and how it can affect your brain.



A warning

I get very interesting and informative emails from GreenMedinfo. A very serious article came my way. They posted it on Thursday, June 7th, 2018.

Botox’s ugly ” Side Effects ” Run Deeper Than Skin, Alter Mind and Numb Emotion

I recommend you to read this article and form your own opinion if you really think it is worthwhile to inject yourself with the deadliest substance know in this world. I decided some time ago to not use Botox to get rid of my wrinkles. The opening sentences of the article in GreenMedinfo only confirmed that my decision had been the right one.

Millions around the world have, and no doubt will continue to receive Botox injections, but this increasingly popular “beauty” strategy has a dark side: it does not only deaden facial nerves and muscles; it may also alter human cognition, emotion, and possibly empathy as well.


Do you want more information?

This book will give you more in-depth details on Botox.



An Afterthought

Nowadays it seems looks are everything. The better you look, the more successful you will be in life. Is that really true? Do we have to spend so much money to please society? I think if you have a healthy lifestyle and eat mainly natural foods, it will be visible on the outside. You will feel better and be more in balance, and that is something you can also see on the outside.

When you look in the mirror and say: not bad, that is actually all you need and people can think what they want.

Please have a look at Recommendations. It is a special page I have made for you with a collection of things you might find interesting.


Source: Wikipedia, Time, Newsweek, GreenMedInfo

Photo Source: Pixabay


Our modern life is full of dangers. Perhaps you like to read my post on Aluminum.

Is it Dangerous to live in the Age of Aluminum?



I know botox is very dangerous in the most common usage of beauty treatments. These days there is such concern about looking old that loads of people ignore these dangers.

However I would like to point out that it also has some very beneficial health benefits. Obviously when handled by practiced medical practitioners. I found an informative article on this. Check out ‘The Surprising Uses of Botox’ from Penn (University) Medicine News.

From helping with migraines, crossed eyes, facial muscle spasms and in some cases it actually relaxes muscles.

The use of botox for vanity, to me, is a very bad reason to use it!

As per a load of things there are goods and bads. For instance Thalidomide, a true bane back in the 20th century is now used in the treatment of leprosy and plasma cell myeloma. And again we have a bad effect here, in that leprosy mostly occurs in areas of poverty. With little education women proscribed this were having some deformed babies. I don’t know if this still occurs but it is pretty scary.

Great and informative article.


Aug 07.2018 | 04:00 am


    Good afternoon Helen,

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my Botox article. Yes, I am aware of the medical use of this substance. That is actually how it all started. When the doctors, having treated their patients with Botox for a migraine, spasm etc,  discovered these patients looked a lot better = fewer wrinkles, these doctors switched over to the aesthetic side of medicine. There is a lot more money to be made.

    It is sad that a lot of good things have negative side effects. Let’s take organ transplants as an example. Just now on the Spanish news, I heard that in Spain 2 young lives were saved by dividing a donor’s liver, I find that remarkable. On the other side, you have the awful black market for organs. Even small children are being kidnapped and used. 

    We live in a great world with some very dark sides to it.

    Regards, Taetske 

    Aug 07.2018 | 02:51 pm

      Helen Doyle

      The liver is an astonishing organ. Apparently it’s the only one that can regenerate itself. Our cat Katie had a liver condition. We had to use medicine to control it. Fortunately her liver took over and now she is bouncy and healthy with no more medicines needed.


      Aug 09.2018 | 02:05 am


        Good afternoon Helen,

        I think the whole human body is an amazing creation. Organ donation is on the rise here in Spain. I am happy to hear your cat Katie was able to get well again.

        Best wishes from one cat lover to another.

        Regards, Taetske

        Aug 09.2018 | 01:04 pm


This was a revealing article! Never knew all of that, and I think that is part of the reason why many women (and men too!) are using it, as they just don’t really know what botox actually is.

I mean, the clinic that treats you will of course not scare you away, so the only way for people to know is by doing their own research.

I gotta be honest, before reading your article, I was not totally opposed to use botox someday… But after knowing all of this, I’ll keep away from that stuff.

Thanks for writing this!

Oct 29.2018 | 12:10 pm


    Good afternoon Laura,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    When you reach my age by then there will be a lot of new things one can do. Already now you can have your own stem cells injected, I am too old for that. Anyhow, I think you have made a good decision to not use Botox in the future.

    Regards, Taetske

    Oct 29.2018 | 03:37 pm

Rogier Giersthove

It’s crazy what people put themelves to just to look better. I’ve heard before that botox wasn’t what its made out to be but the numbers in this post really makes you think about a lot of other things we’re doing to our bodies without even knowing the actual side effects.

This is the first time I’ve heard it can alter human cognition though. Very interesting post!

Oct 29.2018 | 12:18 pm


    Good afternoon Rogier,

    It is quite amazing what people do and as you say it is crazy. The problem is we are bombarded with glossy pictures of models and a lot of people want to look just like that. That these photos are most of the time photoshopped one tends to forget.

    It is really frightening when one thinks how deep or far-reaching the effects can be on a person. Something to stay away from for sure.

    Thank you for your visit and comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske

    Oct 29.2018 | 03:42 pm


Hello Taetske,

Going into this article I had very limited knowledge regarding bottox and its effects on human body, and after reading Your article, which I found to be very informative and interesting, I was very surprised to learn what kind of negative effects and dangers it can do to our bodies. I was left very shocked when I have discovered that injecting it can lead to reduction in the amount of impulses sent to the brain which makes it less stimulated, which overall results in brain reacting less to impulses coming from the hand than before (prior to injecting bottox). I have learned a lot of new and exciting things today, thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

Oct 29.2018 | 12:24 pm


    Good Morning Evald,

    Thank you for your comment on my Botox article. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    When you read about what people are willing to do to themselves it is quite shocking. Most people have no idea to start with so I hope my post wakes them up. The health-related big business normally does not care about us, in the first place it cares about money. These modern times are not easy and one has to be aware of all those dangers around.

    Regards, Taetske

    Oct 30.2018 | 08:09 am


Botox is so popular in South Africa, even young people are doing it.  This makes it such an important topic to focus on, people need to be informed about the risks they take.  Not to mention the impact these products have in the research phases too.  Thank you for keeping us aware of the dangers.

Oct 29.2018 | 12:29 pm


    Good afternoon Louise,

    Thank you for your comment on my post. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF?

    It is really sad that every time it is younger people who think it is necessary to use this deadly poison. Long term studies do not exist yet but when they do one day in the future it might be too late for many people.

    Regards, Taetske

    Nov 01.2018 | 04:05 pm


Great Post! I actually remember discussing this in Biology at high school. Our teachers broke down how BOTOX stood for Botulinum toxin so its great to be reminded of that lesson. When people say they use natural products this isn’t really the kind of thing you think of!

I think it is crazy the lengths people will go to for the sake of aesthetics. Like you they should practicing healthy habits likes eating healthy, exercising and sleeping enough. I think that at the end of the day people will do what they do regardless, but I don’t think its worth the risk.

If it aint broke don’t fix it! Wrinkles are the hard earned stripes of a long life. They are a badge of honor you receive for avoiding death (which is actually not that easy). Wrinkles filter out the people who only stuck around you for your looks and leaves you with the people who truly love you.

Oct 29.2018 | 01:32 pm


    Good Morning Renton,

    In these modern times we are brainwashed by commercials be it in magazines, tv, billboards, and on the internet. It is not easy to escape their influence. Then when friends have also done it, it gets even more difficult not to follow a certain trend.

    I confess I would like fewer wrinkles but knowing the side effects this treatment can have I decided to not fall into the trap. We already have to be careful of the toxins in the air, water, and foods then why to add more to it.

    Thank you for leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske 

    Oct 30.2018 | 08:15 am


Hi Taetske!

Your article is really informative. I often wonder why we’re so much in denial concerning ageing. It’s a part of life and we should accept it gracefully. Sure, we all want to look our best but I don’t get having to inject myself with poison to do that… But, as you said, it’s big business. 

I see those plastic, stiff shiny faces all around. I have seen some once beautiful (and handsome) celebrities (mostly), become doll-like creatures and looking like something from a wax museum. 

Like you I believe in adequate rest, healthy food, exercise etc. in order to maintain healthy skin and general health. The grey hairs, wrinkles are all welcomed as evidence of being blessed with life. Let’s face it, getting older is a part of life –  a celebration of survival, accomplishment and a privilege to be around  to support our children/grandchildren. Whether our faces are as smooth as a baby’s skin or as wrinkled as a prune, we are still our age and everybody knows it.

Your post certainly should keep many away from this deadly poison, which incidentally will keep you going back for more and more treatments.

Thanks for the warning and for providing such valuable info and references.


Oct 29.2018 | 09:20 pm


    Good Morning David,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    The problem is we are bombarded with commercials showing us how we should look to be accepted by society. This is difficult, especially for younger people. If you do not fit the set standard you are out. Now I am quite a bit older and still I do care about my looks, I try so it does not become an obsession.

    I have also seen those before and after photos of famous people, some are ruined beyond recognition, what a shame.

    In the case with Botox you can become addicted. Injection after injection, what is happening to your body? Long term studies do not exist and if they are negative which I do not doubt will be swept under the carpet. Money first and health? Forget it, they are not interested in our health. That is why we have to think with our grey cells instead of poisoning them.

    Regards, Taetske

    Oct 30.2018 | 12:35 pm


      Love that response 🙂 I will certainly download that PDF now. Thanks for sharing.

      Oct 31.2018 | 12:22 am


        Good Morning David,

        When I found this website with free PDFs I thought it would be a good idea to include it on my websites. I chose this book but you can download whatever you like.

        All the best, Taetske

        Oct 31.2018 | 06:42 am


Thank you very much for sharing this detailed piece of information with us. It is helpful I came across this because I know a few people taking the Botulinum toxin. I will be able to warn them about the negative effects the use of Botox can have on their health This article will go a long way in saving lives. Keep on the wonderful work.

Nov 19.2020 | 12:36 pm


    Good Morning,

    Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    In our society, where looking young and attractive seems to be a must, we are pushed in doing stupid and unhealthy things. We are being brainwashed by advertisements, TV, and the internet. To be well informed is the best way to remain healthy and good looking.

    Regards, Taetske

    Nov 20.2020 | 08:00 am


I cannot imagine why this substance is still allowed. In fact, I was surprised when I read your article to find that it is still in wide use. Women (and men) need to be aware of all the facts about this dangerous substance and the potential long-term effects. Why anyone would risk their future to something like this is beyond me.

Like you, I try to age by using sensible healthy strategies. If I look my age, but I’m healthy, that’s better than looking younger but dying more quickly.

Thanks for the updated information on botox. I’ll continue to stay far away!

Nov 19.2020 | 12:39 pm


    Good Morning Diane,

    Thank you for your comment. You can download a free PDF of your choice at the tulip widget.

    I do not understand either why Botox is allowed for cosmetic use, but money comes first and not your health. This applies to many things happening in our world. The FDA gives permission for things that are dangerous and put a stop on natural and helpful things. The best one can do is to be informed and find the things that suit your health best. A fact is, the more natural we live, the better.

    Regards, Taetske

    Nov 20.2020 | 07:44 am


Hello there!

That is an educative article you wrote and a very important lesson I got. I have been told how active BOTOX can be to help get rid of wrinkles but I wasn’t told it is as well deadly. I was almost going to refer it to my pet mum because I did not understand how dangerous it is. It is good I got to see this article before I take the step.


Nov 19.2020 | 12:45 pm


    Good Morning Caro,

    Taking care of your skin with a healthy lifestyle and clean foods, we are better off. To use a poison is not logical. In medicine it is used for people who have face spasms, and there I can understand the benefit.

    Thank you for your visit and for your comment. You can download a free PDF of your choice at the tulip widget.

    Regards, Taetske 

    Nov 20.2020 | 07:37 am

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