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Cleopatra and her natural products





Everybody has heard the name, Cleopatra. This name became widely known when the film with Elizabeth Taylor came out in 1963. There are many well-known facts about this Egyptian queen who reigned during the 1st century BC. Being a woman in those times and a ruler (she shared the throne with her 10-year-old brother Ptolemy XIII) must have been a difficult time for her. In those times it was normal to marry a brother or sister.

She faced difficult beginning years, with floods and famine and the Egyptian economy was not at its best either. Soon problems arose with her brother and that forced her to flee to Syria. There she gathered an army around her to try and regain the throne. She returned to Egypt and faced her brother in Pelusium.


She ruled Egypt for 21 years. She was installed on the throne,  lost her kingdom, regained it back, was on the verge of losing it again to then, after assembling an empire, lost it all. She had 4 children, one of them with Julius Caesar. Had an affair with Mark Antony and died at an early age of 39.

She was the richest woman of her time and enjoyed great prestige. Even if there were other female rulers, she still was the one who stood out. She had built a fleet, controlled a currency and was successful in suppressing an insurrection.

She could speak nine languages which really is quite an accomplishment. It was very practical to be able to speak to all people directly, without an interpreter. After a fifth-century A.D. earthquake, her palace disappeared in the Mediterranean. The only things that remain are the coins with her face on it. All these are known facts.


a coin with Cleopatras face

A coin with Cleopatras face

Hygienic habits in old Egypt

The following hygienic habits might be less well known to us modern human. Remember it is not so long ago that people would take a bath on Saturdays, whole families sharing the same water. A couple of centuries ago it was normal to send your laundry out every 3 months or even every 6 months for cleaning. You might think we have improved a lot having a shower once a day and putting on some fresh clothes also. In old Egypt, one knew a lot of things that had to be rediscovered in modern times.


Bad breath

Not to smell nice from your mouth was a no go in those times. Herbs combined with honey would be boiled to a paste, then solidified in pellet form, which helped with this problem. By 3000 BC, people with mouth wounds were getting help as documented in the Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus. It seems they invented a kind of toothbrush which was simply frayed ends of twigs.

The Egyptians used a natural toothpaste made of salt, pepper, mint, and dried iris flower. One has only recently discovered that iris has beneficial properties in case of gum disease. You can see that Egyptians were well advanced in their time.


Shaving under the arms

Egyptians did not like strong smells so they shaved and used nice smelling spices like citrus and cinnamon. It is said that the ancient Greek followed this habit of shaving under the arms. At that time people were not yet conscious of the sweat glands and its connection with a strong body odor. Well, we now know that fresh sweat does not stink but old sweat does due to its bacteria. The Egyptians were also well advanced in other fields.

Did you read the book Sinuhe the Egyptian? In this book, the bathing habits are discussed of the Egyptians, albeit the wealthy ones, Sinuhe was a high ranking official.


Cleopatras beauty secrets

All these things, Cleopatra knew and used and it is said she knew some more. Most women like to use lipstick and the women from ancient cultures were no different. To achieve a red dye, Carmine, one needed the shells of beetles and some ants. This was made into a paste and used to paint one’s lips.

Think that Carmine is still used nowadays in cosmetics, in candy, and as a food coloring. We have all heard that to keep her skin soft and smooth she would take a milk and honey bath. It would leave a fresh and sweet smell. As a face mask, she mixed Aloe vera with honey, one of her many tricks. In those times the use of henna was widespread. She used it for painting her fingernails and also her hair.

Sea salts were used for a great body scrub. Mixed with olive oil, it moisturizes and exfoliates. We should not forget rose water, an excellent facial tonic and slightly astringent. I use it myself in the morning and evening. This queen knew a lot about natural things which helped her to stay beautiful.


old oil press

Old oil press


A heartwarming story about Cleopatras soap

I read a Spanish newspaper and in the June 23rd issue of SUR, a very nice story was published by Susana Zamora. It is the story of a Spanish woman, Letizia Buzon who gives work to Sirian refugees in a factory in Turkey. These people from Aleppo in Syria make soap bars of olive and laurel leaf oil said to be the soap recipe Cleopatra used 2000 years ago.

The soap of Aleppo originates in antique Babylonia. Known in history as the first soap or also as Cleopatra’s soap. Later it traveled to other countries like France where it is known as soap of Marseille and in Spain as soap of Castilla. The ingredients are 100% natural with a mixture of 60% virgin olive oil and 40% laurel leaf oil.


true laurel or laurus nobilis

True Laurel or Laurus Nobilis


The high antioxidants and anti-inflammation properties of the olive oil together with laurel leaf (which is anti-bacterial with properties of antiseptic and antiviral benefits) make this Aleppo soap really special. The head of the dermatological department of the 9th of October Hospital in Valencia, Vincente Alonso stated with these exceptional properties this soap is ideal to treat skin with acne, all type of dermatitis and psoriasis.


The beginning

Since 2015 Mrs. Buzon has led a Spanish company dedicated to the import and export of special machinery used in beauty salons. She travels a lot and especially to Turkey, where she came in contact with refugees from Aleppo who are still making this soap. She decided to found a factory and has now 50 employees, people who have lost everything, their home, and country.

This project has given them a future and also their self-esteem back. They have a monthly salary of 600 Euros and 14 days holiday, something unheard of in Syria. There are plans for 7 new factories and 400 workers.



How the soap of Aleppo is made

In October and November, the harvest of the oils takes place. After pressing the olives and laurel leaves, the soap mixture must be “cooked” This process starts in January and continues until April. In May, 9 months of drying start. We have started the production of 100.000 pieces in Gaziantep and some 500.000 pieces in one of the few surviving factories in Aleppo. The whole process is done by refugee workers and is completely manual.

One worker, Ali Salathi, who thanks to his salary in Turkey, was able to reopen his factory in Aleppo. From Turkey, all the necessary materials for wrapping and preparing the transport are sent. When everything is ready, it is taken to the port of Latakia in Siria. From there it travels to Turkey to be distributed to the rest of Europe.

The Spanish company of Mrs. Buzon takes care that all workers have a regular working contract according to Turkey’s laws and with the salary of 6oo Euros nearly pays double of the minimum interprofessional set wage.



I was very happy when I read this story. It is so positive, giving people hope that there can be a future even if you have lost your home and your country. I hope this soap will come soon to the Spanish market where I will buy it when I find it.


Source: Newspaper SUR

Photo Source: Pixabay


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Wow, this was a really fascinating post. I’m a big history buff, so my curiosity for all things ancient knows no bounds and I’ll soak up anything that feeds it. I’m also really big on showers and I tend to be more thorough than most, when it comes to scrubbing myself down. If I haven’t had a shower on a particular day, I start getting itchy all over and my skin starts getting really oily. As much as I love ancient cultures, I have a hard time figuring out how someone like me would have gotten along thousands of years ago, when modern hygiene practices were either nonexistent or at least rare. I find it incredibly interesting to know that at least the Egyptians were as irritated by uncleanliness as I am and it’s amazing that this soap recipe still exists today. Mind blown, lol!

Aug 04.2018 | 02:19 am


    Good afternoon Mark,

    Thank you for your nice reply to my post on the soap of Cleopatra . To tell you the truth I also would have problems in places where one does not take hygiene seriously. My sense of smell is over delveloped so I would really suffer. Cleopatra seems to have been quite a lady but I like this story especially because people who have lost everything have found a means to rebuild their lives making this very special soap.

    Regards, Taetske

    Aug 04.2018 | 04:12 pm


That Elizabeth Taylor was a real looker. I suppose we should assume the same about Cleopatra, but that coin pic probably doesn’t show her best side.

It is very interesting to read about the practices of ancient Egyptians and their health and beauty habits seem very beneficial, to stay all natural, even today.

It would be nice to have a book of Egyptian health and beauty recipes for my Mom since she is interested in making soaps and things from her herb garden.

I am glad you included the story of this great opportunity for Aleppo citizens to make the Egyptian soap. They really need more opportunity like this and I will say a prayer of peace and prosperity for them.

Sep 06.2018 | 07:47 pm


    Good Morning Alexander,

    Thank you for visiting my website. Cleopatra seems to have been quite a lady. The coin with her imagine does not show a beauty but then she was higly intelligent. How nice your mother makes so many things with the herbs from her garden. I could suggest you have a look in the World Library as one can find amazing documents there. 

    I was also happy when I read the story about the people from Aleppo who have a future again after losing everything they had.

    Regards, Taetske

    Sep 07.2018 | 07:13 am


Now that is very interesting.  I would never thought about this, but as I read it was truly a great story.  Taking history and using it for a great purpose, wow.

The workers seem to be well taken care of and I payed attention to that hoping I wouldnt read that they were doing slave labor.  Clearly not.

Great little piece of history

Oct 08.2018 | 11:40 am


    Good afternoon Stew,

    Thank you for visiting my website and your comment.

    When I came across this piece of news it really made me happy as it was so positive. Not often one gets positive news nowadays. To give a human his/her dignity back is a big thing. These people have lost everything because of a long-lasting war. For them making the same soap which Cleopatra used has given them hope for their future.

    Regards, Taetske

    Oct 08.2018 | 12:57 pm

abioye olalekan

Hello Taetske;

This is inspiring and lovely. I have heard about Cleopatra but I haven’t experienced it. This is a must read for everyone that cherish their body hygiene.

I hope the soap will also come soon to Africa in order to market and share with my household.

Thanks for the lovely post shared. its well appreciated 

Feb 04.2019 | 03:47 pm


    Good afternoon Abioye,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    I have not seen the soap in the shops here in the south of Spain yet. I put an Amazon link on my post as they of course already sell it. There you see, the old Egyptians knew how to take care of their hygiene. That is something certain people nowadays can take as an example. Nice to hear you liked my post.

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 04.2019 | 04:45 pm


Wow! what an excellent post of historical story about Cleopatras and her amazing natural products. I would not even know about this interesting story if I did not read your article. This is really a surprised issue yet for many of ancient Egyptian activities. I am going to bookmark it for my general knowledge. Thanks for sharing this helpful historical story of Cleopatras’ natural products.

Feb 04.2019 | 03:52 pm


    Good afternoon Mzakapon,

    Nice to see you again. Thank you for your comment.

    Quit amazing to hear about the beauty tricks ladies had in old times. I was happy when I found out about Cleopatras soap and how it helps people who have lost everything to have a future again. Nice to hear you found my post interesting.

    Regards, Taetske 

    Feb 04.2019 | 04:50 pm


Of all the Egyptian women, this I guess is the most popular which I have heard about mostly for her charm and beauty. I love the Egyptian histories and I found them fascinating, the horrors, the stories, their intelligence, and their culture. The fact that their civilization preceded their timeline back then is amazing. Great writeup about Cleopatra. 

Feb 04.2019 | 03:53 pm


    Good afternoon Ayodeji,

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my website. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF?

    The time when the Egyptians lived is a very interesting time of our human history. They knew so much of which only part has been discovered. I am happy you liked my post on Cleopatra.

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 04.2019 | 04:54 pm


I enjoyed this article.

You returned me with my warm and interesting teaching story at the time of the miraculous Cleopatra. And after another beautiful story of really great soap from Aleppo.

Everything in life is ying and yang.

In my country in the Mediterranean, we have very good olive oils. The recipe for soap is excellent and I’ll try it for sure.

Have a nice day,


Feb 04.2019 | 03:54 pm


    Good afternoon Leo,

    Thank you for your visit and leaving a comment on my website. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    I live in the south of Spain and I enjoy the great extra virgin olive oil, I use it every day. The soap of Aleppo is really a must-have.

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 04.2019 | 05:03 pm


Hi Taetske;

Oh, yes the topic is original and most seniors avoid talking about it, your site will really be a platform for seniors to exchange freely ideas and worries.

As they say: “Cherish all your happy moments; they make a fine cushion for old age.”

Among the “ladies of old time” the most famous for their attractions, it is, of course, the queen of all, Cleopatra (aka Cleopatra VII, Queen of Egypt), she has the honor of inaugurating this cruise of charm. For sure there is a lot of secret behind this sublime beauty.

Feb 04.2019 | 03:55 pm


    Good afternoon Karim,

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    I am afraid I do not understand what you mean with, and most seniors avoid talking about?

    I  bet there are many more secrets to be discovered about Cleopatra, we will probably never find out. It is a shame her palace was lost in the sea, it might have given some answers to our questions.

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 04.2019 | 05:15 pm

Dave Sweney

Hi, Taetske…

This was a fascinating story about Cleopatra and the soap she is said to have used. I found myself totally immersed and really learned a lot as I read through it. Connecting it to the current day soap that is being sold and helping people that really need it completes the story perfectly.

I would like to buy some of this soap to help out. My daily maintenance includes two showers or three, depending on the time of year (Summer three is a must, it is so hot here in Dubai), so I think I would be a very good customer for them! I did not see any link to buy the soap, do you have one or know where we can buy this?

Right now I am delving into a lot of history, so the Cleopatra story from you is particularly timely. She is someone who was a powerful leader in a time where for women it was not the norm. As you say the movie probably has added a lot of new fans, but this soap take is an unusual but good outcome, and will likely add more fans!

Thanks for making my day a bit brighter, I always like to start it off with something light yet having meaning, and this was perfect! You are a natural storyteller…  

Feb 04.2019 | 03:56 pm


    Good afternoon Dave,

    Nice to see you again. Thank you for your comment.

    Sometimes in the summer when it is close to 40C I also need more than 1 shower, especially after garden work.

    You must have missed the Amazon link on my post. They sell it already but I have not seen it in shops yet.

    It is not so often one reads a nice and good story in the newspaper. This was an exception. I am really happy that those victims of war now have a new future.

    Thank you for the compliment. Nice to hear you liked my story.

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 04.2019 | 05:37 pm


Hello Taetske,Not long ago I watched a film on television where the queen of Egypt appeared in all its splendor “Cleopatra”. A very beautiful woman who knew how to preserve all her beauty using natural products from plants and herbs. 

She was able to speak 9 languages, create her own currency, a very rich and advanced woman considering the time in which she lived. Thank you very much for sharing such a valuable article. 


Feb 04.2019 | 04:12 pm


    Good afternoon Claudio,

    Cleopatra seems to have been quite a lady, smart, intelligent, and beautiful. That is an enviable combination. I am a bit envious she spoke 9 languages, I manage only 6 and cannot speak 2 of them anymore for lack of practice

    Back to nature would be best for us, eating healthy foods again. Also, natural products for our skin are a lot better than all those chemicals. Nice to hear you liked my article.

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 04.2019 | 05:25 pm

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