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The need for Fiber for a healthy gut


Fermented Sauerkraut

Fermented Sauerkraut image Edwina MC


The more you turn away from nature, the less good your digestive system will work

Man-made foods are killing our “good” gut bacteria, and in the long run, this will have nasty consequences. Do you want to run that risk? Modern foods are full of additives, pesticides, probably also GMO, and nearly completely lacks fiber, which is so important to keep your digestive system functioning properly.

Taking pills to go to the bathroom only temporarily solves having bad digestion, but it does not solve the problem. When your digestion is not functioning well, bits and pieces might lie in a corner of your gut for weeks on end. There it ferments and in the long run can create a leaky gut, a nasty illness which can require surgery to remove a part of your intestine.


Digestive tract

Digestive tract image Clker-Free-Vector


Our amazing Body

Our body is a marvelous and complex machine that needs the right foods to function properly. Everything is related and scientists are now saying there is a direct connection between the brain and the gut. Single-celled organisms live in your gut together with bacteria and fungi forming the basis of a healthy you. Without them, we cannot survive.

Did you know that in your gut, you have 40 trillion little chemists working to keep you healthy? They digest your meals, and important nutrients you can not make yourself are created by some of these organisms and protect you from infections and harm.


What is the Microbiome?

Your Microbiome includes all the microbes and bacteria living inside your body and the ones living on your skin. There seem to be over 100 trillion of them working for our well-being.

These bacteria and microbes produce all kinds of things you need for living like serotonin, dopamine, and GABA

These 3 substances are responsible for how you feel. Feeling a bit off today? Well, there might be a slight imbalance between the 3 of them.

Having your Microbiome in good shape is also necessary for controlling your appetite. It helps modulate your metabolism and neurological functions. If it is off wack for a longer period, the risk of developing chronic fatigue syndrome or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) increases.

Look at this short video that explains what ADHD is.



Did you know that ADHD is on the rise? More and more young children are suffering from it. Perhaps it is time to blame our modern food for this illness. Consequences of eating denaturalized foods.

With each meal you are feeding your microbiome and giving it the wrong stuff, there will come the day it will stop functioning as it should.

When you go to the petrol station to fill up your tank, you would not think to put something which is not indicated for your car type, right? Then why do we put the wrong food into our bodies so we stop functioning?


The lack of Fiber in your diet

Our ancestors in Paleolithic times seem to have gotten about 100 grams of fiber each day. Today, most people only get approximately 15 to 18 grams a day. There are many things you can do yourself to restore the right balance. If you feed yourself on a lot of sugar and bad fats together with processed foods, do not expect to have a healthy gut and as a result neither a healthy body.

Be careful with unnecessary medicines like antibiotics, or toxins like glyphosate. These will harm your gut.

Eating whole plant foods, like fruits and vegetables, organic if possible, will do your gut a lot of good. Nuts and seeds are healthy and provide an excellent source of fiber.


Vessels with fermenting Kimchi

Vessels with fermenting Kimchi image Dae Jeung


What fermented foods can do for you

There are many known fermented foods. Sauerkraut is known in many European countries and has been used for many hundreds of years. Homemade sauerkraut is, of course, the best as then you know what you are eating. Have a look at this recipe.

Yogurt is another good option but of course, choose one with no sugar or additives. I personally like the Greek version and use it for dip sauce and on top of seeds and fruits. Then there is Kefir. I buy the one made of goat’s milk.

In Korea, there is a well-known fermented food made of salted cabbage. It is called Kimchi. and is a mix of different vegetables and spices. When you make a salad always use apple cider vinegar, the one with “mother of vinegar” still in the bottle is the one good for your gut. Kombucha is the other good and healthy option.


Korean Kimchi dish

Korean Kimchi dish image Ally


Ocean Robbins has written a book with the title: Heal Your Body, Feel Great, Transform Your World. This book will come out in February 2019


What I personally do for my gut health

Living on a farm and having some land gives you the possibility to grow a lot of things yourself. I have a big variety of fruit trees, some avocado trees, and a walnut tree. I get eggs from my happy chickens and have a vegetable garden. I eat kefir, yogurt, nuts, and seeds.

Each morning I drink a glass of lemon juice, Himalayan salt, and sodium bicarbonate with water on an empty stomach.

Once a day I make a power booster coffee, here comes my recipe.

A spoon of instant coffee.

A bit of Stevia. (Take care you buy the right type of Stevia.)

A small piece of black chocolate of 85% cacao. (To be considered “good and healthy” chocolate, aim for at least 70% chocolate.)

1 big spoon of beer yeast. (It has all the important B-vitamins.)

1 big spoon of Collagen. (It is good for my skin.)

1 big spoon of Maca.

1 big spoon of Cinnamon. (Here it is also important to buy the right type of Cinnamon.)

1-half a teaspoon of Physilium.

1-half a teaspoon of Potato Starch. (These last 2 are especially to keep my gut flora in good shape.)

I add warm water and fill half my cup and then stir well, otherwise, you will get little clumps. Then fill the remaining half with coconut milk and the coffee is ready. You should not heat the potato starch as it loses its properties. Add it after the cold coconut milk.

Since I started taking Physilium and Potato starch, I have noticed that my digestive system has improved a lot.

Listen to Dr. Hyman. In this video, he explains why potato starch is good for you.


Final thoughts.

With some changes in the way we think about food, together with choosing a more healthy diet, we can really do a lot to keep a healthy gut.

I have made a special page for you. In Recommendations you will find a selection of things that could interest you.


Source: Ocean Robbins

Photo Source: Pixabay


We eat too much sugar, which causes a lot of ailments. Perhaps you like to read my post on healthy sweeteners.

A better Choice, Natural and Healthy Sweeteners


Matron Okoye B.N

So, Microbiome can aid in food absorption. Knowledge is power!
Also, you recommended of using Yogurt to maintain proper diet in your body. Formerly, I didn’t know yogurt can be so good in neurological functions. That’s really good to know. But hope it wouldn’t have side effects when consumed much because though I don’t love taking them but my grandma loves it. And I’m just imagining how happy she will be, once I informed her about the positive effect of it.

Aug 16.2018 | 11:29 am


    Good afternoon Matron,

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my post on Microbiome. It is quite amazing our body, do you not agree? We can stay healthy if we treat it right and give it the right foods. I prefer the natural Greek yogurt, no sugar ofcourse.

    I eat yogurt like 3 times a week and the other days I eat Kefir. Kefir seems to be even better than yogurt. 

    Thank you for your visit and I hope to see you again.

    Regards, Taetske

    Aug 16.2018 | 12:23 pm


This is a really good article about how we as a society have turned away from eating the right things and are now embracing a fast food, junk food culture which is so unhealthy for us. I hope all your site visitors read your content carefully and take note of how much better their bobies can function if they put the right fuel into it. Thanks, Kenny 

Oct 10.2018 | 02:29 pm


    Good Morning Kenny,

    Yes, it is a shame we have turned away from nature. Nature provides for all we need but no, we have to make our own foods filled with bad stuff. In general, the health of the population has not improved.

    Thank you for stopping by, hope to see you again.

    Regards, Taetske

    Oct 11.2018 | 06:32 am

Jon Lake

Wow! The recipe for your power booster coffee sounds amazing. Must try it out. 

Personally I agree that the body has a great way of showing us how healthy it is. After all, if damaged skin is left to heal on its own, it does, so why not allow the inner body to guide us as well?

As for ADHD being on the rise. Could it possibly be the over zealous doctors looking to give neurotic parents an answer to why their kids are the way they are, when in fact it could be down to poor parenting?! Who knows.

Anyway, very interesting article. I am off to get the ingredients for that coffee!

Oct 10.2018 | 02:37 pm


    Good afternoon Jon,

    Thank you for your comment. You made me laugh you know. Ok, Jon, go shopping for the ingredients to make that super coffee, I hope you like the taste. It is quite a bit different from a normal coffee and please take care to put the good Cinnamon and the good Stevia in it

    I personally think, as we poison our environment, a lot of modern man ailments is our own fault. We are “victims” of our own stupid behavior. Let’s hope one day we will wake up, go back to nature and in doing that improve our health.

    Regards, Taetske

    Oct 10.2018 | 03:35 pm


I love Kombucha.  My husband and kids call it “mom’s stinky drink”.  But I love the flavor and the way I feel when I drink it regularly.  I’m also a big fan of Kefir, which my kids really enjoy.  My husband and I have started making me kombucha, but I’ve tried making Kefir and it didn’t work out so well, so I still buy it from the store.

I’ve never heard of the Physillium but I’m going to take a look into it.  I use cinnamon and maca fairly regularly.  I didn’t realize that potato starch was something that could help the gut.  I’ll be looking into that as well now 🙂

And your beer yeast??? Is that homemade?  Or is it stuff like Vegemite or Marmite or something?  Because I love that stuff and it gives me a nice bit of energy without being unhealthy.

Thank you so much for sharing this 🙂

Oct 10.2018 | 02:40 pm


    Good Morning, what is your name?

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my post.

    During a few years I also made my own Kombucha, the taste is very good, I felt very good too but the kitchen smelled a bit so then I gave up. 

    The beer yeast I have is from the supermarket. It comes in a tin and are flakes that quickly dissolve. The taste is ok and kind of gets lost in this big mixture of my booster coffee.

    Potatoe Starch is very good, you only need a little bit of it, I hope you looked at the video from Dr. Hyman, he explains it well.

    Regards, Taetske

    Oct 11.2018 | 06:29 am


Very interesting read.  I am a very fitness and healthy eating person and this is a refreshing post.

I have to try your morning drink to see what it does for me.

I’m trying to be a fan of Stevia, but can’t find a Stevia product where the taste of it overpowers what I’m having with it.  Very frustrating when my coffee tastes awful.

The only thing I’m not sure about is the relationship of food and ADHD.  ADHD is way over diagnosed in children.  We adopted two children and my youngest who was 3 at the time was on drugs for ADHD.  We took her to a specialist who said no, just hyperactive child.  Meds gone and life good again.

Oct 10.2018 | 02:44 pm


    Good afternoon Stew,

    Thank you for your comment. As you tell me you have problems with finding the right type of Stevia. I hope you also read the post which I recommended at the bottom of this post. With Stevia you have to be careful as the market seems to be flooded with a bad variety.

    Often medicine causes so many side effects that one is better off without them. I am happy to hear your child is ok again. I personally think a lot of the modern man ailments is caused by ourself. We poison our environment, water, air, and food. How can one remain healthy like that? It is time we realize this.

    Regards, Taetske

    Oct 10.2018 | 03:13 pm


Hi Taetske, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. It is true that health comes from food but food can also ruin our health if we don’t care about it. Honestly, I did not know much about microbiome but now I will pay more attention to it. I am healthy eater so I think I should not have any problem with it. 

Thanks for sharing, all the best.

Jun 09.2019 | 02:03 pm


    Good Morning Daniel,

    Nice to see you again. Thank you for your comment.

    Good to hear you found my post helpful. I know you are also in the health business and are interested in these things. The more we pay attention to the food we eat, the more we take care to have a healthy lifestyle the happier we will be. Nobody likes to visit the doctor. Taking care of what we put into our mouth these visits will be few.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jun 10.2019 | 06:11 am


I really enjoyed reading your article. I would love to live on a farm and be able to grow all my own vegetables and herbs and raise my own chickens for eggs. That sounds wonderful!

Your power coffee recipe is certainly unique! I have never came across anything similar. I will have to give it a try. If I make the coffee with hot water, should I then not include the potato yeast since it should not be heated? Or should it be added toward the end after adding milk?

I had no idea there were so many micro-organisms living within our bodies. I knew there was quite a few but trillions? Wow! I will definitely return for more great healthy ideas. Thanks so much!

Jun 09.2019 | 02:20 pm


    Good Morning Shannon, 

    Thank you for your visit and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Yes, I know that my booster coffee recipe might sound a bit strange. It kind of evolved during the time. When I would find out about something good for my health I would see if I could put it in my coffee. Over time it became a cocktail of good things. 

    Only put the potato yeast after you have added the cold milk. The heat would destroy the benefit of taking the potato yeast. I can recommend using coconut milk instead of normal milk, the taste is nice and that milk is healthier than normal milk.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jun 10.2019 | 06:19 am


Hi there, thank you for sharing such amazing content. I did not know that ADHD has a connection with fiber. My bf has ADHD since he was young (that’s what he said) and he loves to consume Maca, cinnamon, and potato starch. I don’t know if it’s helped him that much since I met him in his 30s, but I guess he kinda manages. And since I like all those fermented foods, perhaps I’ll keep that as our diet. Thanks.

Nov 27.2020 | 03:45 pm


    Good Morning Lana,

    Thank you for your comment on my post. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    I suppose with bf you mean your boyfriend? Consuming only Maca, cinnamon, and potato starch will not be enough. I think one has to do a revaluation of lifestyle and food. A good detox might be helpful. Have you seen a holistic doctor? If not, you might consider that. Best wishes.

    Regards, Taetske

    Nov 28.2020 | 07:34 am


I have always been a fan of natural food. I learnt a lot from this article in fact when I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is to chew cucumber. I love it and I think it’s really nice. I can tell my wife now more about what we need to eat. The microbiome needs to stay healthy too. All 100 trillion and more of them. Thank you for this informative article .

Nov 27.2020 | 04:04 pm


    Good Morning Babakes,

    It is nice to hear you found my article interesting. Our body is truly amazing and we should take good care of it. Like that we will reach old age being healthy.

    I hope you downloaded your free PDF?. Tulip widget. Thank you for your visit and for your comment.

    Regards, Taetske

    Nov 28.2020 | 07:27 am

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