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How vitamins can slow down the onset of Alzheimer’s and help reduce the risk of brain disorder


In America, 5.5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s. This is a modern times disease and it has Western doctors baffled. No apparent cure is available and members of the family see their loved ones fading away. Doctors do not study what the right nutrition is capable of doing. The power of nutrition is amazing.

People who suffer dementia lose the memory of their lives, don’t even remember the names of their husbands or wives, children, grandchildren, and friends. Once again we might find a solution to this grave problem by turning to nature.


The important role of vitamin B’s

There is new research which shows that a combination of B-complex vitamins can help to preserve brain volume.  High levels of homocysteine can be linked to a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s, and people with mild cognitive impairment often show a high level of homocysteine.  Homocysteine causes an increase in oxidative stress and damage to the blood-brain barrier. Taking B vitamins can lower homocysteine and arrest the cognitive decline.





In a study published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, a group of people over 70, having mild cognitive impairments, were given a daily dose of B vitamins (B9, 0.8 mg; B12, 0.5mg; B6, 20 mg a day.) This group showed a 30% decline in homocysteine levels compared to the control group.


The loss of brain volume over time

It is normal to lose some 2% of brain volume every decade. With having Alzheimer, this loss is accelerated and there, it seems vitamin B can play a positive role in reducing brain atrophy.
Vitamin B3 has shown to aid in protecting against neurodegeneration.

Eating grass-fed organ meats, wild-caught fish, organic broccoli and shitake mushrooms will aid in acquiring sufficient vitamin B. What you eat has to be organic as normally grown food is laden with harmful pesticides, so instead of helping your body to heal itself, you give it more to battle.


Shitake Mushroom

Shitake Mushroom

Another important vitamin

More positive news. Ways you can prevent dementia. Again it is a well-known vitamin which is the answer to this modern times ailment. With a higher intake of vitamin C, one improves metabolism and one also lowers one’s risk of getting dementia.



What happens if you lack vitamin C

Up to 40% of the US population does not have adequate levels of this important nutrient and that makes people prone to suffer chronic inflammation. Long-term inflammation is a situation in your body where your immune system has given up and that means all kind of nasty ailments are the result. We are responsible for what we put into our bodies and your quality of life will be the visible result. You do not expect your car to run on bad petrol, do you?

A new study shows the important link between feeling great and vitamin C.  All these important discoveries are normally not published in the mainstream media and one wonders why. Big Pharma is not interested in letting people know that such a simple thing as taking more vitamin C can help. As Big Pharma spends handfuls of money on advertising harmful drugs, the places where these adds appear will think twice about going against them.

So the good news about natural cures is ignored by the people. One has heard stories about old times where people making long voyages on ships might run a risk for scurvy. Now, one knows this can be avoided with the adequate intake of vitamin C.


Fruits with Vitamin C

Fruits with Vitamin C

All the good things vitamin c  can do for you

As vitamin C is such a powerful antioxidant, you need plenty of it every day. If you want smooth skin and fewer wrinkles take vitamin C as Collagen needs it for its work. Also for stronger bones and muscles and arteries and veins. Vitamin C also has an important role in eliminating heavy metals, it aids the digestive process, and it fights infections.

We cannot produce vitamin C ourselves and therefore we should try to get it through food. When we are healthy this might be enough but keep in mind to eat organic vegetables and fruits otherwise one loads up on harmful things. When one is having a serious health issue, food will not be enough, so taking a supplement is called for.

Many experts recommend a very high dose of vitamin C, sometimes up to 10,000 mg a day. At a consumption of 500 mg 4 to 6 times a day, cancer cells start being killed. The fact is that Western medicine thinks that small amounts are sufficient but this is not true. When battling a serious illness you have to augment your intake of vitamin C considerably.


Source: NaturalHealth 365

Photo Source: Pixabay

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I’m always looking to read about how I can keep on a healthy life, my mother in law had Alzheimer, so I saw in first place how bad it can be for people.
She was a nice old lady who used to work all her life to take care of her two sons as a single mom.
One day she was there but she wasn’t, it was hard for the two sons to see her day by day vanished.
It’s quite interesting your article about how we can work on Alzheimer and dementia before it happens.
How important is daily intake of vit. C
My husband always ask me why there’s so many Alzheimer cases here in Canada and not in Mexico.
I should say, in Mexico most of the people use to have a glass of orange juice every day with breakfast, freshly made. And we also have all kind of fresh fruits to have anytime.
Thanks for sharing this important article!

Jan 09.2018 | 03:26 pm


    Good Morning Alejandra

    Thank you for visiting my website and reading my post on Alzheimers and Dementia.The difference between Canada and Mexico for sure is big in food and lifestyle. Canada might be one of the riches countries but that does not automatically mean it also is one of the healtiest.
    Probably more modern life stress, less sun and alegria, a bigger chance of buying man made foods, I think there will be a lot of factors contributing to getting Alzheimers and Dementia. We should not forget radiation and pollution. The more simple we eat and the foods being whole foods the better the chance is we stay healthy till we are really old. I hope to see you again.

    Regards, Taetske 

    Jan 10.2018 | 07:44 am

Dr. Misty Baker

Thank you for this article!

Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s disease runs rapidly within my family. The effects are devastating. I have seen first hand numerous relatives slowly fade mentally all while their bodies are of perfect health.

I have also seen that no matter what medicines prescribed via doctors have been tried, no drastic improvement has been noted. This is such a sad fact!

I am a proponent for the B-Complex Vitamins as an alternative therapy for Alzheimer’s. I just recently stared my grandmother on a great dose of these!

I will give it a bit and come back and update on her progress! Hopefully we will see an improvement!

Jan 12.2018 | 04:19 pm


    Good afternoon Dr. Baker,

    Thank you for visiting my website. Sorry to hear hear your family is suffering from this illness. I call it modern days ailments as we have it a lot more difficult than in old times to find the right and clean foods to eat. We are surrounded by all kinds of radiations, have bad water, our foods are man made and the list goes on. Remember there is a connection between the Gut and the Brain, what we eat affects our brain. Bad things will cross the blood brain barrier and will have a negative effect. Besides changing the things one eats an oveall cleanup of lifestyle will certainly help.With best wishes.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jan 12.2018 | 06:09 pm

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