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The Leaky Gut syndrome, a serious health condition caused mainly by “ modern “ food

Your gut  health

Your health starts in your gut and that is a fact. Scientists have identified that the biology in your intestines affects all parts of your body. If your digestive system is not functioning properly, it may contribute to this condition also called intestinal hyperpermeability.  This condition is directly related to gluten sensitivity and has even been linked to some forms of cancer. Just imagine what can happen when your intestines are allowing bacteria that digest your food to gain access to the organs in your abdominal cavity. When you eat too much man-made food and for too long, your chances of having a reaction from your leaking gut is increased. What I define as man-made foods include unhealthy fats, sugar or the even more dangerous chemical sweeteners. These processed foods include preservatives, pesticides, GMO’s, and artificial colorings. This food, which is void of healthy fibers, is made in factories and is far from natures whole foods. It will make you sick in the long run. Your body has difficulty in digesting it and often pieces are left undigested to lie and rot in your intestines. The lining of the tubes is being attacked by these acids and in the long run, will form small holes. Just imagine your car has a perforated exhaust pipe.  When this happens small particles get into your bloodstream and your immune system becomes overloaded and will turn extremely sensitive. Of course, when this happens on a regular basis your immune system will not be able to cope anymore, resulting in chronic inflammation. Your immune system will start attacking its own healthy cells instead of battling the enemy.


man made foods in supermarket

Man-made foods in Supermarket


How do you know if you have leaking gut?

There are some telltale signs which indicate this.

How has your mood been lately, you are not feeling on top of the world? Our body is a complex system where everything is related.  It has been proven that people who are depressed are the ones who are more likely to have a leaking gut. When you have inflammation and your immune system is off, it is no wonder you cannot feel well.

Do you often get sick? That is another indication of the possibility of a leaking gut. Your immune system does not work properly so your defense is on low.

Your skin which is your biggest organ might also tell you something is wrong. Skin rashes and pimples might suddenly appear. Your skin also forms a barrier against the outside and when there is internal inflammation this barrier gets weaker.  Lactobacillus seems to be helpful in this case as was shown in a Korean study linked here.

Your bones and joints could start hurting. If your system is not clean, it could be the start of arthritis.

A detox is called for, giving your digestive system a rest so it can heal itself.

Have you noticed more brain fog, do you have food allergies or Migraines? All these symptoms could indicate you have leaking gut.


Source: Krista Hillis for Alternative Daily

Photo Source: Pixabay

Natural remedies

Have you heard about Ayurvedic Medicine? This is a method of evaluating illnesses and treating it with natural remedies.  Its origins date back 6000 years. Kerala in India is considered the birthplace of this healing method and in Kerala, is the AyurMana which means “ancient healing house”, the oldest one worldwide.  Upon visiting an Ayurvedic doctor he will start talking about the importance of the gut. And if warranted, he will prescribe a little-known herb called Triphala.

The name Triphala comes from Sanskrit and means Tree fruits. It is a mixture of Amlaki ( Indian Gooseberry), Haritaki (this comes from the Terminalia tree), and Bibhitaki (from the Bahera tree). A blend is made from dried and powdered rinds and flesh of these 3 fruits.
This is a powerful gut healer, it acts like a very efficient detoxifier for the intestines, colon, blood, and liver and has been known for ages as a solution for constipation.

A study at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute confirms that Triphala prevents and slows the growth of pancreatic cancer tumors. There are other studies which confirm that Triphala repairs the holes in your intestines and rebalances your intestinal mucus.

Triphala powder can be bought in nearly all Indian grocery stores.  You can make a tea which one should drink on an empty stomach before meals or at bedtime.

½  a teaspoon of the powder into a cup of hot water.
It tastes bitter so one can add a bit of honey and some Indian clarified butter.
You can also buy it as a supplement, recommended are 1000mg a day. In the liquid form, you need a dropper full together with water or juice before your meals.

Dr. Al Sears is an antiaging doctor in the US. I get his newsletters on a regular basis and find a lot of valuable information there.


Perhaps you like to read my post on the Oriental philosophy on how we should eat.


New Understanding of the Human Body from an Eastern Perspective



Your information is so useful to help improve the quality of life for many people living with leaky gut and other environmental health concerns. I appreciate the scientific information you have included. The solutions you offer to solve leaky gut are so simple, thank you. It seems we should all be dong this for better health!

Mar 28.2018 | 02:00 am


    Good evening Kathleen,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment.

    All these modern type of ailments, leaky gut being one of them, are mainly caused by our lifestyle. 

    If people would take more care and think about what they put in their mouth we could avoid a lot of them.

    This is a battle against man-made foods to then cure the negative effects with nature made remedies.

    Regards, Taetske

    Mar 29.2018 | 06:03 pm

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