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More positive information on Breast Cancer

I have written about breast cancer before. In our modern world, more and more women suffer from this awful disease. A disease that manifests itself when there has been a disbalance over a long period of time. Often a disbalance is caused by inflammation which in turn, most of the time, is man-made. The foods we eat cannot be called food anymore as it is stripped of most natural nutrients. These important nutrients have been replaced by substances which were born in labs and therefore actually not good for human consumption. Our eyes and taste buds have been fooled for many years by commercials which tell us to eat this dehumanized food. When you look at the labels, one does not know the things that are listed and most of the times you cannot pronounce even the words. Personally, I love to eat natural things with a little sin here and there, but the biggest part of my food intake is healthy.


Mammography Machine

Mammography Machine

Antiaging doctors

I have been visiting an antiaging doctor here in the south of Spain since 2009. Online, I am following Doctor Sears, an anti-aging doctor in Florida/USA. His newsletter often gives the latest discovery on medical issues, and in this case, breast cancer.


The dangers of chemotherapy

In old times breast cancer was not seen so often, but in present times, one hears more about it. For all women, it will be a dreadful moment when their doctor tells them they have breast cancer. Depending on what stage the cancer is in when found, it could mean the partial or total removal of one or both breasts. Besides the worry that the illness will come back after horrible treatments and/or surgery, one must consider the frightening side effects of the chemotherapy. The side effects of one drug, in particular, is especially worrying.  The side effects of the chemo drug tamoxifen include a higher risk of getting uterus cancer, the potential to block an artery in your lungs and even the possibility of suffering a stroke. Then there is the personal angst one has on how will my family react?. How many men will stand by their partner and support them during the rest of their life? Sadly many marriages break up when he does not find her attractive anymore.


Crowded beach in San-Sebastian, Spain

Crowded Beach in San-Sebastian, Spain

There are better solutions

Nature is our alley and provides a long list of helpful things. I would like to tell you about something easy and known by all, Vitamin D. A 4-year study from the Creighton University School of Medicine in Omaha, Nebraska documented that women who were given a supplement of Vitamin D had a 30% lower risk of getting breast cancer. It showed how important it is to keep your Vitamin D at an optimal level. Mainstream medicine does not pay attention to the fact that women who have gone through their menopause often have too low levels of this vitamin and therefore run a higher risk.





The importance of sitting in the sun often

Vitamin D is a very important part of your body’s natural healthy state. This is not known so much but your body is a walking photocell. Your body is a real factory and capable of making many things, like in this case, making Vitamin D from the sunlight. It is so important to sunbath every day if possible. I do not mean like when you are on holiday a couple of weeks a year. People go to the beach and burn themselves brown causing damage to the skin. Also the fact that the use of sunscreen is not beneficial (it contains heavy metals and other niceties which are harmful.) The sunbathing I am talking about is the 15 min each day on face, arms, and legs and if possible more body parts. In nature, the plants use the sunlight to photosynthesize chlorophyll to survive, like that they grow and thrive. It is similar in our body, where we transform it into Cholecalciferol, D3. Vitamin D3 is important for all our organs and organ systems in our bodies.



You need more Vitamin D

Having an adequate level of Vitamin D3 in our system helps prevent malfunctions and diseases, even breast cancer. Vitamin D3 inhibits the formation of new blood vessels which feed tumors, like that you starve them and it also regulates the response our immune system has to a cancer attack. To prevent cancer it seems one needs between 4000 and 8000 IUs and in case one has cancer already one should have an intake of at least 10,000 IUs. If you sit in the sun for 30 min a day your body will produce up to 50,000 IUs over a period of 24 hours but please remember not to use any sun blocker.


Healthy Sardines

Healthy Sardines

Good sources of Vitamin D

You can also add Vitamin D to your food. Some good sources are Cod liver, wild caught fish, like salmon and tuna. You can also get Vitamin D by eating fish like herring, sardines, and anchovies. Organic eggs and cheese are also a good option. There you see one can do a lot of things to improve one’s health and make you strong to avoid or even battle cancer.

Source: Dr. Sears


Cover of book by Dr. Sears. How the Feds set Frankenstein free on the farm,.

Cover of book by Dr. Sears. How the Feds set Frankenstein free on the farm


Photo Source: Pixabay


If you would like to read my first post on breast cancer please click here.

Stay Healthy! a Positive Look on Breast Cancer



Taetske, thank you ever so much for your take on the main role played by vitamin D in preventing and fighting cancer. I’ve already been prescribed supplements twice as I’m regularly found to have very low levels of vitamin D. Can you please advise whether vitamin D is effective only on breast cancer or on other types of cancer? Also, my dog has been operated twice now where melanoma cancer has been confirmed but removed. No other primary source has been found so far. Do you know whether vitamin D may be used on dogs too?

Dec 19.2017 | 09:33 pm


    Good afternoon Giulia,

    Thank you for reading my post. As VitD3, used in high doses, like 10.000 IU a day attacks cancer cells, I understand it would be beneficial for all type of cancers. I for sure would try it before chemo and or radiation. One has to boost one’s immune system which is weakened by these harsh treatments which on top have side effects. My dog Cindy, an 11-year-old Rottweiler lady, has 2 handsful of growth in her armpit. It is now 2 years ago I noticed it. The vet said he could operate but it would not really increase her lifespan and certainly not increase her quality of life. I give her 7 drops of VitD3 with a lot of other healthy things like Curcumin, CBD oil etc.
    She eats, drinks and still enjoys life at a slower pace but as I said she is old.
    You ask me if we may use it for dogs? One should be open-minded and as we have to think for our dear pets I certainly would try it, never mind what the vet might say.

    I wish you and your dog all the best.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 20.2017 | 03:43 pm


I agree that our food industry has been hijacked – sadly, it’s profit over health and our bodies are just not designed to cope with so much man-made chemicals!
So many new diseases, like breast cancer and other forms of cancer, has become so prevalent in society, that one really needs to ask why?
Living in the UK, we don’t get much sunshine! – but as you have mentioned – 15 minutes a day should be adequate.
Thanks for writing this and reminding us that nature is our best alley.

Jan 23.2018 | 10:24 pm


    Good Morning Teresa,

    Big Pharma and the Food Company’s are only interested in earning money and not our health, that is fact and very sad. We have to realize this and think for ourselves, we have a brain afterall. Comercials are dangerous as when seeing them repeatedly one starts to believe it. A good example is CocaCola light. Artificial sweeteners  make you fat and are even worse for your health than sugar.

    Anyhow, one should keep an open mind and turn to nature when in need, at least that is my opinion. Thank you for visiting my website, hope to see you again.

    Regards, Taetske


    Jan 24.2018 | 07:23 am


This is such a relative article, as you said more and more women are getting this grim diagnosis. I personally have know lots of people who have had breast cancer.

it is really nice to read an article on what we can practically do to prevent this disease. I’ll definitely be upping the ante on the cod liver oil and vitamin D. And will be spreading the word!

Jan 23.2018 | 10:39 pm


    Good Morning,

    Thank you for visiting my website and reading my post on breast cancer. I firmly believe it is connected to our modern lifestyle. We breath, eat, and drink and all this should be of perfect quality so our body can function well. Nature provides with so many good things to help us in staying healthy, one only has to know where to look.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jan 24.2018 | 07:12 am

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