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More positive information on Breast Cancer


I have written about breast cancer before. In our modern world, more and more women suffer from this awful disease. A disease that manifests itself when there has been a dis-balance over a long period of time. Often a dis-balance is caused by inflammation which in turn, most of the time, is manmade.

The foods we eat cannot be called food anymore, as it is stripped of most of its natural nutrients. Substances created in labs have replaced these important nutrients and therefore actually are not good for human consumption. Our eyes and taste buds have been fooled for many years by commercials that tell us to eat this dehumanized food.

When you look at the labels, one does not know the things that are listed and most of the time you cannot even pronounce the words. Personally, I love to eat natural things with a minor sin here and there, but the biggest part of my food intake is healthy.


Mammography image Elias Alarcon


Antiaging doctors

I have been visiting an antiaging doctor here in the south of Spain since 2009. Online, I am following Doctor Sears, an anti-aging doctor in Florida/USA. His newsletter often gives the latest discovery on medical issues, and in this case, breast cancer.


The dangers of chemotherapy

In old times breast cancer was not seen so often, but in present times, one hears more about it. The normal procedure to detect is to have a mammogram made, but that extra radiation is not good for you. For all women, it will be a dreadful moment when their doctor tells them they have breast cancer.

Depending on what stage the cancer is in when found, it could mean the partial or total removal of one or both breasts.

Besides the worry that the illness will come back after horrible treatments and/or surgery, one must consider the frightening side effects of chemotherapy. The side effects of one drug, in particular, is especially worrying. The side effects of the chemo drug tamoxifen include a higher risk of getting uterus cancer, the potential to block an artery in your lungs, and even the possibility of suffering a stroke.

Then there is the personal angst one has on how will my family react?. How many men will stand by their partners and support them during the rest of their life? Sadly, many marriages break up when he does not find her attractive anymore.



San-Sebastian image Anne and Saturnino Miranda


There are better solutions

Nature is our alley and provides a long list of helpful things. I would like to tell you about something easy and known by all, Vitamin D.

A 4-year study from the Creighton University School of Medicine in Omaha, Nebraska documented that women who were given a supplement of Vitamin D had a 30% lower risk of getting breast cancer. It showed how important it is to keep your Vitamin D at an optimal level.

Mainstream medicine ignores the fact that women who have gone through their menopause often have too low levels of this vitamin and therefore run a higher risk.


Father and child at the beach

Father and child at the beach image Sarah Bernier 3140


The importance of sitting in the sun often

Vitamin D is a very important part of your body’s natural healthy state. This is not known so much, but your body is a walking photocell. Your body is a veritable factory and capable of making many things, like in this case, making Vitamin D from the sunlight. It is so important to sunbathe every day if possible.

I do not mean like when you are on holiday two weeks a year. People go to the beach and burn themselves brown, causing damage to the skin. Also, the fact that the use of sunscreen is not beneficial (it contains heavy metals and other niceties which are harmful.) The sunbathing I am talking about is the 15 minutes each day on the face, arms, and legs and if possible more body parts.

In nature, the plants use the sunlight to photosynthesize chlorophyll to survive, like that they grow and thrive. It is similar in our body, where we transform it into Cholecalciferol, D3. Vitamin D3 is important for all our organs and organ systems in our bodies.


You will find a lot of information in this book

The book Foods to fight Cancer has been sold over 700.000 copies. Written by well-known experts, Richard Beliveau, Ph.D., and Dr. Denis Gingras will show you how to eat well and reduce the risk. The World Cancer Research Fund states that this book is a vital read that details serious dietary and lifestyle changes for the good of your health.


What to eat to reduce your risk..


You need more Vitamin D

Having an adequate level of Vitamin D3 in our system helps prevent malfunctions and diseases, even breast cancer. Vitamin D3 inhibits the formation of new blood vessels which feed tumors, like that you starve them and it also regulates the response our immune system has to a cancer attack.

To prevent cancer it seems one needs between 4000 and 8000 IUs and in case one has cancer already one should have an intake of at least 10,000 IUs.

If you sit in the sun for 30 minutes a day your body will produce up to 50,000 IUs over a period of 24 hours, but please remember not to use any sun blocker.


School of small fish

School of small fish image Joakant


Excellent sources of Vitamin D

You can also add Vitamin D to your food. Some excellent sources are cod liver, wild-caught fish, like salmon and tuna. You can also get Vitamin D by eating fish like herring, sardines, and anchovies. Organic eggs and cheese are also good options. There you see, one can do a lot of things to improve one’s health and make one strong to avoid or even battle cancer.


Cover of book by Dr. Sears. How the Feds set Frankenstein free on the farm,.

Cover of book by Dr. Sears. How the Feds set Frankenstein free on the farm.


There are many things you can do to avoid cancer. One of them is to be conscious of what you put into your mouth. Your food is of utmost importance. I would like you to listen to William Li and what he says in this Ted Talk.



You are what you eat and also what you think. Healthy food and good thoughts will keep you in balance.

You might care to have a look at Recommendations. This is a special page that I have made for you. It holds a collection of things you could find interesting. Please have a look.


Source: Dr. Sears

Photo Source: Pixabay


If you would like to read my first post on breast cancer, please click here.

Stay Healthy! a Positive Look on Breast Cancer



Taetske, thank you ever so much for your take on the main role played by vitamin D in preventing and fighting cancer. I’ve already been prescribed supplements twice as I’m regularly found to have very low levels of vitamin D. Can you please advise whether vitamin D is effective only on breast cancer or on other types of cancer? Also, my dog has been operated twice now where melanoma cancer has been confirmed but removed. No other primary source has been found so far. Do you know whether vitamin D may be used on dogs too?

Dec 19.2017 | 09:33 pm


    Good afternoon Giulia,

    Thank you for reading my post. As VitD3, used in high doses, like 10.000 IU a day attacks cancer cells, I understand it would be beneficial for all type of cancers. I for sure would try it before chemo and or radiation. One has to boost one’s immune system which is weakened by these harsh treatments which on top have side effects. My dog Cindy, an 11-year-old Rottweiler lady, has 2 handsful of growth in her armpit. It is now 2 years ago I noticed it. The vet said he could operate but it would not really increase her lifespan and certainly not increase her quality of life. I give her 7 drops of VitD3 with a lot of other healthy things like Curcumin, CBD oil etc.
    She eats, drinks and still enjoys life at a slower pace but as I said she is old.
    You ask me if we may use it for dogs? One should be open-minded and as we have to think for our dear pets I certainly would try it, never mind what the vet might say.

    I wish you and your dog all the best.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 20.2017 | 03:43 pm


I agree that our food industry has been hijacked – sadly, it’s profit over health and our bodies are just not designed to cope with so much man-made chemicals!
So many new diseases, like breast cancer and other forms of cancer, has become so prevalent in society, that one really needs to ask why?
Living in the UK, we don’t get much sunshine! – but as you have mentioned – 15 minutes a day should be adequate.
Thanks for writing this and reminding us that nature is our best alley.

Jan 23.2018 | 10:24 pm


    Good Morning Teresa,

    Big Pharma and the Food Company’s are only interested in earning money and not our health, that is fact and very sad. We have to realize this and think for ourselves, we have a brain afterall. Comercials are dangerous as when seeing them repeatedly one starts to believe it. A good example is CocaCola light. Artificial sweeteners  make you fat and are even worse for your health than sugar.

    Anyhow, one should keep an open mind and turn to nature when in need, at least that is my opinion. Thank you for visiting my website, hope to see you again.

    Regards, Taetske


    Jan 24.2018 | 07:23 am


This is such a relative article, as you said more and more women are getting this grim diagnosis. I personally have know lots of people who have had breast cancer.

it is really nice to read an article on what we can practically do to prevent this disease. I’ll definitely be upping the ante on the cod liver oil and vitamin D. And will be spreading the word!

Jan 23.2018 | 10:39 pm


    Good Morning,

    Thank you for visiting my website and reading my post on breast cancer. I firmly believe it is connected to our modern lifestyle. We breath, eat, and drink and all this should be of perfect quality so our body can function well. Nature provides with so many good things to help us in staying healthy, one only has to know where to look.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jan 24.2018 | 07:12 am

abioye olalekan

I must commend you for this lovely and wonderful article about breast cancer. This is a must for every lady to read.

I really love the way you outlined the curses and cure. I actually read every word to see where the article ends I will definitely re-visit your site because I can see you give such great and accurate information.Thanks for your indepth analysis

Feb 07.2019 | 03:00 pm


    Good evening Abioye,

    Thank you for your comment on my website. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    I am happy to hear you got interesting information from my article. I agree with you, all ladies should read this. Nature offers so much help, we only have to inform ourselves.

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 07.2019 | 06:39 pm


Thank you for this great and health benefiting article. Over the past months am deeply saddened and very much concerned about  the increase in numbers of women with signs of breast cancer, I think pharmaceuticals stores out there are just after their own pocket and they tend to produce mire chemicals which are very toxic to the body. Thanks for providing great insights how Vitamin D can be of help. 

Feb 07.2019 | 03:05 pm


    Good evening Clement,

    Nice to see you again. Thank you for your comment.

    At the moment I am writing a new article about addiction. It has been proven that it is more important to earn money than care for our health. The Pharmaceutical companies are awful.

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 07.2019 | 06:43 pm

Larry O'Connor Jr

Thank you for your post. I told you in my post I left that I was in nursing school and they would tell us to do the things that are totally unhealthy like staying out of the sun and doing chemotherapy. I hadn’t heard about the vitamin D thing but that makes sense. If we simply look at the animal kingdom we will see the animals when they are sick that they simply fast and lay in the sun waiting for their body to heal itself. This is an awesome article, I liked how it was put together and keep up the great work with getting information out to to those who need it now and who will need it in the future.

Feb 07.2019 | 03:10 pm


    Good evening Larry,

    Yes, I saw your other comment but the problem is that Word Press does not allow similar comments from the same person so I will have to take it away.

    I know we have been told for so long protect yourself from the sun. Using chemicals to do that is rather illogical don’t you think? I do not use them and at the age of nearly 69, my skin looks very decent. I do go to the dermatologist once a year for a checkup.

    I know that animals fast when they are sick, like that they give their immune system the change to heal the body. I am a big fan of fasting and have done it 45 times since the beginning of the 1990th.

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 07.2019 | 06:51 pm


There are numerous ways to stay healthy. What you eat is what you are. First of all, every woman at their young age should be able to find out if they have breast lump coz its breast lump that develops to breast cancer. secondly, both men and women should ensure they eat at least one fruit each day. Fruits contains so many antioxidants and petrochemicals that fight diseases.

Feb 07.2019 | 03:12 pm


    Good evening Kenechi,

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Right you are, you are what you eat. One is never too old to change to a healthier diet as our cells renew on a regular basis. That is why it is possible to be healthier while being older.

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 07.2019 | 07:18 pm


I love this article. I was just discussing with a friend how common it is for people to have a deficiency in Vitamin D. 

I personally take a Vitamin D3 and K supplement because I am a vegan, and have no source of it from food. 

I never knew the link between a deficiency in Vitamin D and that to cancer- is it all cancer? I am definitely an advocate for alternative medicine and love how you mentioned the dangers with sunscreen. So many people blame the sun, when the sunscreen you apply to you body is more deadly.

Thank you for this article, it was wonderful to hear this information.


Feb 07.2019 | 03:13 pm


    Good afternoon Ciara,

    Thank you for commenting on my post. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    I am not a doctor so I cannot answer your question if vit.D is good for all type of cancers. When one thinks about it though when you lack this vitamin there is a disbalance so I would always try to get back this balance as only then your immune system can work properly. There are so many factors playing a role in your overall health. What is sure that when we turned away from nature and started eating man-made foods things went wrong. I do not have cancer but I do take 10.000 each day as a preventive measure. There are a lot of things you can eat as a Vegan which would supply vit.D, top it off with a shot of extra virgin olive oil and you will be ok.There is a lot of information out there but do not eat canola oil. I am sending you one of the many things I found.

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 07.2019 | 03:41 pm


Thanks for this wonderful masterpiece on cancer and prevention. I am an Engineer but I have an interest in health. The more we deviate from nature, the more likely the number of cancer patients will increase. Breast cancer is really a horrible experience for most families, especially women. The irony is that we now neglect the cheapest form of Vitamin D because we are too busy with 9-5 jobs. This article is highly informative.

Feb 07.2019 | 03:22 pm


    Good evening,

    Nice to see you but I still do not know your name. Thank you for your comment.

    Good to hear you enjoyed my article. I completely agree with you. The further away from nature the sicker we will get. Nature has all we need but we prefer man-made foods and now you can see the result of this change. 

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 07.2019 | 07:32 pm


It is never the right time for difficult topics. Again, there are those who need attention.
October, as the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is celebrated in many countries around the world, in order to draw attention to the prevalence of breast cancer and raise awareness of the importance of prevention and early detection. It is disappointing that breast cancer continues to take the lives of girls and women. An even bigger defeat is that preventive examinations (screening) are still something that many women are afraid to talk about.
“It won’t happen to me… There will be time, I’m still young… I have more important work than an examination .. I don’t want to think about it and call for evil!” – not a good attitude, because as a doctor I claim that the disease does not choose, and as the daughter of a mother who is fighting the same battle for the second time, I felt and saw how hard the struggle of the strongest woman I know, and our family with this vicious disease is.
The goal of marking the International Month of the Fight Against Breast Cancer is to encourage women to report regularly for preventive examinations, because that is the best way to diagnose the disease on time, and thus increase the cure rate. We are all someone’s daughters, mothers, sisters, grandchildren …
Our care and responsibility does not end with ourselves. That’s why it’s important to do something and make a difference. The best protection is early detection 🙂

Oct 10.2020 | 05:21 pm


    Good Morning Jelena,

    So sorry to read your Mother is battling breast cancer for the second time. You tell me you are still young and of course I do not know how young that is. I had my first yearly check-up when I was 19 years old. Now I am 70 so you can calculate that is a lot of check-ups in my life. Normally it is my only doctor’s visit, as everything is checked with an extensive blood test included. Every 2 years I do an Ultra Sound of breasts and abdomen and every 3 years a bone density test. 

    My Mother had cervical cancer in 1973. She had radiation and during half a year burned pieces were coming out. In those times treatment was very brutal, but she survived. By her own wish, she completely changed her diet. In the first year she only ate Quark Cheese and red beet powder. The powder came from Germany as at that time it was not available in Holland. After that first year and for the rest of her life, she never ate man-made food again. She died in 1997.

    I believe that regular check-ups are good and necessary, but it does not mean you should neglect your lifestyle and diet. A car does not run long on bad quality petrol. The human body has a build in defense, and that is your immune system. Giving it the right nutrition it will keep you safe. Sending you heartfelt good wishes for your Mother.

    Regards, Taetske


    Oct 11.2020 | 07:21 am


Hello there. I found your article very informative and I appreciate you for taking your time to write about this. Breast cancer is a major cancer. Many older women and even young ones have to face this ailment.  It’s sad this happens in our world. I heard one time that it was hereditary and I found it ridiculous.

 It is good to read an article on what we can practically do to prevent this disease. I’ll definitely be upping the ante on the cod liver oil and vitamin D. And will spread the word!

Oct 10.2020 | 05:21 pm


    Good Morning Sophie,

    Thank you for your visit and for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    It is good to know that reading my article has inspired you to add some healthy things to your life. In case you buy Vitamin D as a supplement, it should be Vitamin D3. 

    For cancer being hereditary I would like to say this. It seems you can have a genetic predisposition for cancer at birth. It does not mean you will automatically get it, as many more factors will have an influence. If it occurs that more family members get the same illness you now know that with a change of lifestyle and diet you will be able to keep it at bay in most cases. All people have cancer cells in their system. They are dormant and with the right food they hopefully stay that way.

    Regards, Taetske

    Oct 11.2020 | 06:55 am


Hello Taetske,
I completely agree with you that most of the food sold in supermarkets as well as all the fast-food cannot be called food at all. It’s full of artificial ingredients, yogurts contain high-fructose corn syrup, modified starch, unhealthy fats, etc. I try to eat as healthy as possible, but even the fruits and vegetables, if you buy them (I don’t have a big garden where I could grow them) don’t contain the nutrients they used to.
Breast cancer is a serious illness and something I’m concerned about. I believe that “we are what we eat”, just like you, so I hope I won’t get any cancer. 
I’ve also heard about the effects of vitamin D and I’m out in the sun for half an hour or more every day.
Thanks for your educational articles, they are great!
All the best,

Oct 10.2020 | 05:26 pm


    Good afternoon Lenka,

    Your visit and comment are appreciated. You remember you can download a free PDF, right?

    It is true that the fruits and vegetables are not the same as in old times. They do not have the same amount of vitamins and other important nutrients. The way how they are grown on bad soil and the use of GMO seeds to then spray tons of pesticides have diminished the quality enormously. The best thing one can do is contact the local farmer and see how he takes care of his crops or go to an organic market if you have the chance.

    Stay away as much as possible from man-made foods and when you should buy a Vitamin D supplement take care it is the Vitamin D3. These modern times make it rather difficult to stay healthy, and that is why one should investigate to be able to make the right choices.

    Regards, Taetske

    Oct 11.2020 | 12:56 pm

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