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Some ideas on Breast Cancer


One could call it an epidemic, as the sad fact is that in the US some hundred women die of breast cancer each day. I find this data quite staggering. There are so many things one should stop doing to then add, so many things one should do.

What it comes down to is that one should not be frightened when hearing the diagnosis, that is a very important thing to remember.
Then one should revise one’s lifestyle, and of course also what one eats.


Beware of Progestin

Millions of women have been prescribed a hormone therapy replacement to relieve the symptoms of menopause. Big Pharma came up with this drug by the name of Progestin. It is a fake replacement of what our bodies make, namely natural estrogen and progesterone.

As this is not a bio-identical thing but a drug, it has severe side effects. It increases the blood vessels which fuel tumor growth. Many older women have benign growth in their breasts, but that does not develop into cancer until it is triggered by taking Progestin.

The famous Women’s Health Initiative study in 2002 showed that women taking this drug had a much higher risk of getting breast cancer. Since that report came out the breast rate of cancer has dropped by 7% but that still is far too little.

There is a very potent antioxidant that will prevent cancer, it is called Luteolin.
There are many things that you can add to your diet that contain this substance:
Celery, Olive Oil, Mint, Parsley, Broccoli, Lemons, Artichokes, Peppers, Spinach, Beets, Kale, Rosemary, Sage, etc.

Our friends, the bees, make the other product. The bees use it to build their honeycombs. Propolis is a very special product you can find in the health shop.


Avoid Mammography

Something which is very important to know is that having regular Mammograms increases the risk each time you do this test. I had 1 of those tests in my life and swore to myself never to repeat it. When I moved to Spain, I found a very nice gynecologist who listens to me and asks me what tests I want to do each year.

16 years ago I had my first visit and told this doctor that in case men had to go through a similar experience having body parts pressed like that for sure a new type of machine would have been invented. He at least laughed and said if I then would like to have an Eco sound test made, so we settled on that.

We ourselves can do a lot to keep cancer at bay, but one has to be strong as modern advertisement likes to brainwash us into believing certain things are good.
As a rule of thumb, one can say manmade foods are not good so one should skip or at least reduce them. Here is another good article on Mammograms.


Happy grandparents with new born baby

Happy grandparents with new-born baby image by Kerry Wilson


There are 3 big Food groups one should try to avoid

SUGAR is the first on the list. Cancer thrives on sugar, especially refined sugar. In packed food, there are always hidden sugars, difficult to find them as they come under so many names.
In my post on sugar, you will find a long list of sugar’s different names. Try sweetening with unprocessed honey, coconut sugar, 100% pure maple sugar, or the right kind of Stevia.


Grilling different meats and sausages

Grilling different meats and sausages image by Susanne Gutrieler


GRILLED MEAT AND ALL MANMADE PROCESSED MEAT. This, of course, is not too easy either.
Some nice baked eggs with bacon or that little hot dog do not do any good at all. Processed meat contains nitrates and stays in our cells doing a lot of damage. Then there also is the issue with the smoking process.

Better options are turkey, fish, or chicken. Now and then a nice steak from the grill will not harm, but it should not be a habit. When choosing your steak, it should be grass-fed and organic.


Different types of breads

Different types of breads image by PublicDomainImages


WHITE FLOUR is the last of the big 3 to avoid. It has been highly refined and stripped of all the nutrients. What one should not forget that most of the time it is GMO, the far-reaching consequences of eating this Genetically modified wheat is not understood. I would stay away from it. One should avoid Gluten if possible. Luckily, nowadays there are very nice alternatives. One can bake one’s own Gluten-free bread with Almond flour plus some other ingredients.

If anybody is interested, I happily forward some nice recipes on this. Contact me on

Don’t panic, there are many ways to starve cancer. One last thing. Cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline environment.

Here is a good YouTube video. A Ted Talk by William Li. Can we eat to starve cancer? Yes, we can.




Have a serious look at your lifestyle. Try to keep your stress level down. Take frequent walks in nature. Surround yourself with positive people. Keep your home radiation and toxin-free as much as possible.

The food you eat is very important, the more natural the better. What you put into your mouth does have an effect on your health. Create an environment cancer cells cannot survive in. Cancer cells develop when there is a dis-balance in your system.

The following YouTube video is on a little-known plant. Keep an open mind, investigate and find what is good for you.



Before you leave, have a look at a special page I made for you. In Recommendations you might find something of your interest.


Source: NaturalHealth 365

Photo Source: Pixabay


Sugar is one of the worst things you can eat, and every year we eat more of it. Have a look at the post I wrote on sugar.

Wake up to the Unbelievable Health Risks of Sugar



Interesting, great work .

Jun 08.2017 | 08:58 am


    Thank you Yashmin for your comment, luckily there are many things one can do to stay healthy instead of only using chemical pills etc.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jun 08.2017 | 11:06 am

Beauty In A Maze

You helped me learn something new. I didn’t realize mammograms would be a cause for concern, but after reading this I not only know this, I also realize that paying close attention to your diet and what food groups should be avoided as well. Are there any other tips you would offer for someone who has or is at risk for breast cancer.?

Dec 10.2018 | 05:10 pm


    Good evening,

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Most people are Vitamin D3 deficient. At least 5000 IU a day to prevent. In case of having cancer, it is said that at the amount of 10.000 IU a day, like taking it in 2 or 3 times spread over the day is good as it attacks cancer cells. One should also sit in the sun every day if possible, bare legs, arms, and face, no sunscreen, for 15 minutes. That is more vitamin D. Load up on vitamin C, of course only fresh made juice not bought in a bottle.

    Read up on Hydrogen Peroxide, food grade! I will soon start the cure.

    Regards, Taetske 

    Dec 10.2018 | 07:35 pm


Oh woow! Thanks for this eye opening post. I was amazed by the facts and information you presented in this post. Although I am not a women however, I am going to try  an stay away from the three food you highlighted. The interesting thing is, society has made food like sugar the norm but in reality it’s really causing as a lot of harm than we think. I am changing my diet from this day onwards. 

Dec 10.2018 | 05:12 pm


    Good afternoon Kuu,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    It is sad that our modern food is so often bad for us. In old times the bread would be ok but not anymore. It is possible to eat well, stay close to nature as she provides all we need. Try and buy organic whenever it is possible and if you have the chance to grow some things yourself.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 10.2018 | 05:57 pm


Thanks for posting, You have provided an enormous amount of extremely useful information. In listing the natural sources of Luteolin, you mention a bunch of foods which, fortunately, my family and I consume regularly – that’s very reassuring. I agree with you 100% – we must beware of manmade food and replacement whatevers. I can’t see how humankind can ever outdo nature, especially when it comes to food. Your mentioning the right kind of stevia was a great reminder to always do my research…I had no idea there was a right and wrong kind of stevia. I’ll stay vigilant and do the necessary research.

I found your article to be informative and thought-provoking – an excellent combination. Thanks!


Dec 10.2018 | 05:16 pm


    Good afternoon Norman,

    That is good news that your family eats these type of foods. Not so easy to stay healthy these days as we are surrounded by dangers be it in the food, water, air, and radiation. We can control what food we chose to put into our mouth and we can install a good water filter but the other things are more difficult to get a grip on.

    I am sending you the link to my post on Sweeteners., there you can read about Stevia.

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 10.2018 | 05:57 pm


Hello and thank you for this article Taetske. Raising awareness for brest cancer is a good thing to do. Recently our country have organised free mammographic tests/scans. I am glad that you mentioned that here because I was completely unaware that it can increase the risk of getting this horrid disease.

Also I was completely unaware which food to avoid to prevent this condition. I will share your article with my wife and sister.

Thank you so much. Was really informative.


Dec 10.2018 | 05:18 pm


    Good evening Strahinja,

    That is good you want to tell this information to your wife and sister. Often the doctor will tell you it is nonsense to refuse the mamo test. Remember you can always do the Eco scan which is not harmful. We have to take care of our body and that is why one has to be informed.

    With best wishes.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 10.2018 | 07:35 pm


I like that you have touched on this topic that is causing an epidemic in the world over. People should really watch what they eat, most people get comfortable eating processed foods since they easy to come by. It’s about time that we embraced natural foods and organic grown vegetables if we want to win the cancer monster. Well no one really sees this disease coming but people who have had family members suffer from breast cancer are advised to take caution, though everyone should take caution in general.

Dec 10.2018 | 05:22 pm


    Good Morning Anita,

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my website. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF?

    I agree with you back to nature is the answer to our ailments. Buy organic or if you have the possibility grow some things yourself. On my farm, I have 100 orange trees, some grapefruits, mandarines, and lemons. As the winters are quite mild at 13.30 we will sit in the sun on the patio eating some citrus fruits before lunch. Vitamin D and also Vitamin C are very important to keep cancer at bay.

    I try to avoid most manmade foods as when one looks at the label one can hardly pronounce the word and neither does one know what it means. 

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 11.2018 | 07:39 am


Thank god that I do not have cancer, but I used to have an ovarian zist. My gynecologist prescribed some hormones for I do not remember which I took since it has  been 10 years but I remember that it took them a while to find the right dosage for me. The side effects is horrible, I would feel nauseated, dizzy and not myself. Let alone we all know that in the long run you are exposed to the risk of getting cancer from these so called hormones that are supposed to be good for you. I am all about eating healthy now. I focus on eating wholesome food and choose for colorful vegetables. As for fruits I stick to berries based since it is low on sugar. Every morning and night I drink my homade ginger tea which has a lot of benefits for your body. Let the nature heal ourselves and we will live a longer life. Great article

Dec 10.2018 | 05:49 pm


    Good Morning Nuttanee,

    Ginger is excellent for your health. After I had my total hysterectomy in 2008, you can read the story on the About Me page, I luckily ended up after some time with an anti-aging doctor. I now get bioidentical hormones and everything is fine.

    In 1986 when I stopped working, I started to work hard on my farm. That was also the time I got interested in food and what it does to your body. I have gone through my personal food evolution trying out things to see how it feels. I think my diet has improved immensely compared to how I used to eat 30 years ago.

    Thank you for your visit and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 11.2018 | 07:39 am

Rod Brown

It is refreshing to hear someone else preach the evils of processed food sources, namely sugar and flour, and expose it for the killer that it is.  It appears that we have an entire economy based on the affordable production of these staples.  I am not sure if it is habit or addiction that repeatedly draws us back to them but they can be linked to a great majority of obesity, poor health, and possibly death.

The Big Pharma  was scary enough before the politicians got involved and opened the back door of the medical industry to the great insurance concerns.  

The progression seems to be, Advertise corrupted food sources as being tasty more important than being healthy, and then provide the most advanced hospital system ever imagined and pretend to heal the pains, creating even greater side effects and prescribing even more drugs.

All in all, my own experiences with the medical system bear witness to this as I ate, drank, and smoked without regard to my health and am paying the price.

Moving in a positive direction I am alive and well, becoming more fit,  my wife has refused the progastrin, and I am off the insulin and statins that were prescribed for me.

I am currently reading, “The Secrets of Underground Medicine”, published by NATURAL HEALTH RESPONSE.  Your comments are right in line with what I have been reading.

Dec 10.2018 | 06:01 pm


    Good Morning Rob,

    Good to hear you do not mind my preaching, nearly all my posts on this website are like that. I subscribe to quite a lot of newsletters and when I find something interesting I write about it in the hope somebody might find it helpful.

    It is already many years that we are being misled and made to believe the wrong things. Sugar is more addictive than Cocaine. Science advances and one would say health care does too, strange though is that people are less healthy overall. Modern life is full of hazards, GMO foods, polluted water, and air, plastic, and aluminum in the things we eat. It is a miracle we are still alive.

    Big Pharma is a scandal, giving us pills which harm us instead of healing us. The FDA is not much better, passing things which are bad and not allowing what is good. As they do not care for us we have to do that ourselves. To be informed as much as you can is the first thing needed to reach a happy and healthy old age.

    I am happy you and your wife are doing so well, please continue on this healthy road and do not forget that 1 glass of good red wine and a piece of black chocolate of at least 75% are good for you.

    Thank you for your long comment. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 11.2018 | 07:39 am


My wife is currently very concerned about potential breast cancer and so your blog here is invaluable advice, which I have shared with her. She uses an HTR with a brand called Lenzetto.  Have you heard of it?  It is very good to learn about Luteolin, I had not heard of this antioxidant before. Its good to know its readily accessible by eating the range of vegetables (& herbs) that you suggested. Thank you also for the suggestions of foods to be avoided and the advice on Mammograms. Can you recommend any natural supplements that she can take instead of an HTR?

Aug 13.2020 | 05:18 pm


    Good afternoon Trevor,

    Thank you for your comment on my website. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    No, I have not heard about Lenzetto so I had to look it up. I would like to ask you to go to the About Me page as there you can read my story, in the sidebar where my photo is. I try to avoid chemicals and opt for natural things whenever I can.

    2 Things that are important to add to your diet. Tumeric=Curcumin. I put it on my breakfast eggs and also on cheese, and it tastes very good. I sit in the sun nearly every day for 20 minutes and add Vit D3.. Most people are deficient in this vitamin. On my website, you will find more posts that talk about cancer. 

    In a healthy environment=is your inside, no ailment can come. Nowadays we pollute our immune system and that causes chronic inflammation, the beginning of the various problems.

    Regards, Taetske

    Aug 13.2020 | 05:42 pm

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