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How Mold can affect your overall health and also your brain

When we think about food, all of us know that mildew on products is not good. Most of the time you will throw it away. The only place we like to see it is on that strong smelling cheese which tastes so great with a glass of wine. All the rest is no good and every year tons of food are thrown away because of mildew. Even in your fridge things can go bad and then one should really clean carefully so no other foods are contaminated.


molded bread

Molded Bread

Mold releases toxins and spores

Mold or also know as black mold is dangerous for your health. It is a toxin which releases toxic gas and spores into the air, and can then enter your body through your skin or the air you breathe. These toxic gases can cause grave disturbances in your organs and also your brain.  The symptoms are often wrongly diagnosed as being allergies or similar but the real mold infections can attack your cognitive function, especially in the frontal cortical area.

Modern building materials for houses

In old times the way of building houses was very different from today. In those times more natural products and building materials were used and for sure the houses were not airtight, causing some healthy ventilation. Originally, plaster was used for the walls but this process was replaced in the 1950’s by gypsum based drywall. This made houses more airtight and more energy efficient but it allowed mold more to appear, infecting many people with strange symptoms.


Beware of Mold Infection Symptoms

The list of Mold Infection Symptoms or Mold Toxicity  is rather long, I will name a few:

Digestive issues
Muscle weakness
Breathing Problems
Psychological distress
Mental Fog

To have brain fog is really not normal. You should not have it if you are in your forties, fifties, sixties and neither in your seventies. If you have the feeling of having this then it is time to do something about it. Our modern lifestyle does not help either with the bad diets, chronic stress, lack of sleep, too much alcohol and other drugs. To feed your brain the right food aside from other healthy lifestyle things is to give it the right kind of fats. Plenty of Omega-3, Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and also Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) as DHA makes up for a big part of the gray matter of the brain.




All molds are dangerous

All molds have the potential to make you sick. Doctors, in general, will not think and neither check for mold when you arrive at their practice with, call them, vague kind of symptoms.
You might find mold in different places in your house. The visible mold might be in your bathroom or kitchen. The invisible mold could very well be nested in your walls, under carpets or appliances or around windows hidden in the wood. Often people think that if they apply a fresh coat of paint over and on the problem, it is solved. It is not solved like that it is only covered and its negative influence is still affecting you.


Take special care of your kids and pets

Children and house pets also suffer the consequence of living in a place with mold, their health will suffer. When you move to a mold-free place you have to take care not to let the spores of that mold in your old place move with you. A high –quality air purifier could be of help reducing your exposure to mold toxins.


Some natural ways to get rid of mold

Luckily there are quite a few natural, nontoxic ways to take up the battle against mold yourself. I prefer natural substances as in your house might also be living small children and pets. Of course, if the mold has spread all over it will be better to go and live somewhere else. These tips are meant if you detect mold for the first time in your house in small areas.

Put it in a spray bottle and best do not dilute it with water. The smell might not be pleasant to some people but will disappear when airing well. It kills up to 80% of the mold and when sprayed on a surface and left to dry it will prevent the appearance of mold.

Baking Soda
You can use this in a vinegar/water solution or just mix baking soda with water. Just let it sit for some time to then wipe it off with a damp cloth. The smell is more pleasant than vinegar to some people.

Hydrogen peroxide
Here you have the other method to get rid of the dangerous mold with a natural product. You have to spray three percent hydrogen peroxide from a bottle straight on the affected area. Best leave it for some 15 minutes, scrub it clean and wipe with a damp cloth.


mold on the wall

Mold on the Wall


If the area is too big to do it on your own you might want to call a specialized company. Search for a company which does a before and after treatment test. Then check that they only use non-toxic solution which is not harmful to people and animals.


Far-reaching consequences of a Hurricane

Just an afterthought. After Hurricane Katrina, many people moved back to their houses which had been standing in water for many weeks. Time later people started feeling sick but doctors never traced it back to mold. Now there are more devastating hurricanes on their way and the situations only repeat itself. Don’t take it lightly, the mold is dangerous to your health with long-lasting serious effects for you, your family and pets.


Update on Mold and its uncanny ways

In my post I have told you about the dangers mold presents to your health. One starts feeling “strange” with symptoms which are often wrongly diagnosed by your doctor. Visible Mold is not too bad as there are natural cleaning methods, it is the invisible Mold, hidden in walls, under the floor or inside of a window frame which is the dangerous ones.

Recently there have been enormous hurricanes with the name of Harvey, Irma, Jose, Maria and more are likely to follow. Uptill now thousands upon thousands of homes have been flooded. Houses were standing with waist high and sometimes even ceiling high water for weeks on end. The walls and window frames soak up this water and it takes again weeks to be apparently dry again. In the meantime mold is forming in these invisible places, growing every day and giving off toxic fumes one cannot see. Over time it will cause severe health problems. Probably most people have no choice but to go back to their home but I hope you will at least have the possibility to have your house checked by a specialized company. In case they find your house full of invisible Mold you might take in consideration to move if you can.

I have been following Dr. Tom O’Brien for some time now. Please have a look at this video. You should be informed about this.


Photo Source: Pixabay



Thank you so very much for writing this incredibly thorough article. I know from personal experience how dangerous mold can be. I think many people are not aware of how harmful the affects are and just don’t pay attention. This is a very serious problem and I am so grateful you addressed it. I loved all your solutions. When I called in a mold specialist they only wanted to use chemicals! Great job and thanks,ariel

Sep 21.2017 | 08:30 pm


    Good evening Ariel,

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my website. Yes, this mold is a very serious issue too few people know about. I know there are good companies who tackle mold the “green” way but if one has the possibility to move I would do it. In a few days, I will add a piece plus a video which I think might be of your interest. I normally publish late Monday afternoon. I do hope you were able to overcome any problems caused by being in contact with the mold.

    Regards, Taetske

    Sep 22.2017 | 06:40 pm

Lauren Kinghorn

Hi Taetske, thanks so much for this informative post. What an eye-opener! We definitely have mould in our bathroom and are constantly cleaning the mould we can see and reach easily with harsh mould-busting chemicals. Great to know we can also use vinegar and bicarb and hydrogen peroxide. Very concerned now about the mould we cannot see or access. Perhaps an air purifier is the answer. Thanks for mentioning that. We live very close to the sea, does the sea air make mould problems better or worse?

Nov 03.2017 | 04:56 pm


    Good afternoon Lauren,

    Thank you for reading my post. Living close to the sea, of course, does create humid air more often than inland, that at least is like that where I live. It also depends on how your house is built. Here in Spain normally stones and cement are used so the problem is less than if you have a wooden house or some other more modern material for walls. An air purifier is a good idea in case you are worried but I would have my house checked first. Perhaps you do not have anything to worry about to start with.

    Regards, Taetske

    Nov 03.2017 | 05:52 pm

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