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Raw Water versus Off the Grid Water.


mountain lake

Mountain Lake


I have been writing different posts on water. On how to reduce water consumption and your right to clean drinking water. We, in the so-called industrial countries, spend little time thinking about the how’s and why’s. We open a water tap and expect drinkable water to come out. For 2000 million people worldwide the situation is very different but that I have discussed in another post.


There now seems to be a trend to get “raw water”, meaning it is not treated versus “off the grid” water, which has been thru filtering processes, making it (hopefully) good for your health. Some people want “raw water” because of some scientific reason and others see it more from an ethical or personal angle. The first company who coined and trademarked the term raw water was Tourmaline Spring. This company cares about their consumers and has earned praise for their quality water from analysts.


Each individual is responsible for the food they put in their mouth and the same applies to water. If you get your water from the town hall one should be able to assume it is safe even if that is often not the case. You rely on the authorities being honorable and responsible. Now if you chose to get your water somewhere else, this responsibility is entirely yours.


Public water utilities in 27 states have exceeded the EPA’s legal limits for radium and it is estimated some 38% of all Americans drink water with this radioactive element on a daily basis. Knowing this, I would say do not rely on the authorities, instead, do some investigation yourself.


It seems that raw water has gotten some bad press lately so one should try and find where this comes from and why. The big companies of bottled water are behind this. It is the same old story all over again. Our health is not important but money and greed are. This is similar to the food industry, which earns millions with unhealthy, cheap, and processed food. If raw water is sold or provided as a service, it should be checked to determine if it is safe for human consumption, but the government should not impose restrictions and say we cannot harvest our own water. Big water companies want to restrict our freedom of choice, no way!

Source: Carly Nuday, Ph.D. for NaturalHealth365


a drop of water

Drop of Water


EWG has published a report confirming what I had read about and already reported. It really seems even more serious than previously assumed. If 170 million people in the US drink contaminated water containing radioactive elements, it will be no wonder cancer will be our number 1 enemy. Taking into consideration that man-made food is already one of our enemies, now the condition of our water will even make it worse. Your chance of contracting cancer will be multifold. The government does not seem to care that this poses a severe health risk to the American population. With this kind of water coming out of the faucet, pregnant women and small children will run an extreme health risk. I just wonder how come our leaders, knowingly want to poison our future generations. I will stop talking now and will give you the link to the article of EWG, a hair-raising read I promise you.

Trump nominee faked data to hide cancer risk.


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