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Natural or synthetic Fluoride, that is the question


Drop of Water

Drop of Water image Kai Vogel


Do you know what is in your drinking water?

What would you say to mass medication without your consent, and what will you do, now knowing about it? I bet you would be upset and even indignant. This is not a situation seen in a science fiction film. This is happening now, and you do not know about it.

I am talking about fluoride in your drinking water. At least two-thirds of the U.S. population has systematically had their drinking water modified by the introduction of synthetic fluoride (classified as a neurotoxin.) Why is this happening, and why do we accept this?


Well water

Well water image Josep Monter Martinez


Let me tell you a bit about fluoride

It is the 13th-most abundant element in the earth’s crust. It is present everywhere in nature, mostly as fluorides. Furthermore, it is found in low concentration in most fresh and saltwater sources and is thought to also be present in rainwater.

There are regions in the world where a high level of fluoride is found. In Tanzania, the drinking water has a dangerously high level of fluoride and this causes significant health problems. It can cause gastrointestinal problems, and with higher doses, it can interfere with bone formation.

In certain areas of the world such as China, Uzbekistan, and Ethiopia, the population suffers from an overdose of fluoride, which can cause bone deformities in children. Their well water has levels of fluoride that are too high because it is present in the local granite rock formations. In India, about 60 million have been poisoned by drinking fluoride-contaminated water.


The eruption of Laki

Volcanos can cause havoc, and a good example is Laki in Iceland. Laki is a volcanic fissure in the country’s south. In June 1783, the system erupted. This event lasted 8 months, during which a tremendous amount (estimated at 42 billion tons) of basalt lava and clouds of poisonous hydrofluoric acid and sulfur dioxide compounds were set free.

This contaminated the soil, killing about 50% of livestock and ruining most of the crops. As a result, the people had nothing to eat and 25% of the population died. As 120 million tons of sulfur dioxides entered the Northern Hemisphere, it caused the temperatures to drop in downwind countries, which harmed crops in many European countries as well as droughts in North Africa and India. Amazing and sad what one big nature event can cause.

Even if nature can have tremendous hiccups, which cause destruction and death, if we do not interfere and try to keep a harmonious balance, nature will be on our side.


Volcano Laki Iceland

Volcano Laki Iceland image Jacqueline Macou


The difference between the U.S. and Western Europe

The CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that at least two-thirds of the U.S. population is having fluoride added to their water. In Western Europe, 97% of people do not consume fluoridated water. Why is there such a difference?

In the 1950s, they introduced the idea of adding fluoride to the drinking water from the U.S. to Europe. At that time, my father was the director of a private water company that delivered drinking water to 7 cities. In the hills of Utrecht, they pumped water up from a depth of 300 meters and directed it through a big pipeline to the filtering tower of Veenendaal.

From the top of the tower, it would filter through various sand beds to come out clean at the bottom. From there, they would lead it to the distribution center.

When my father heard that the state-managed water companies in Holland were going to put fluoride in the drinking water, he said no way. If people want to have fluoride, they can buy toothpaste with fluoride in it. It turns out that he was right.


Brushing teeth

Brushing teeth image Jenny Friedrichs


Children do not have better teeth nowadays

Today, over 60 years later, there are still no studies that prove that fluoride helps against tooth decay. It is rather the contrary that has been shown. There is a tooth condition called dental fluorosis, which affects 41% of American children between 12 and 15 years old. You can see it as it produces tiny white streaks and specks in tooth enamel. In more severe cases, it advances as tooth decay and damage.

The list of the negative effects of having too much fluoride in the system is long. If you want to use fluoridated toothpaste, you should remember to not ingest it. It is one thing to brush your teeth 3 times a day, not swallowing the paste, but another thing entirely to drink water with added fluoride daily. The effects are inside your body. Let us not forget an important point.

There is no such thing as fluoride deficiency. It causes tooth decay by too much, not too little.


A must-have book

There was little evidence of its safety when in 1950 the U.S. Public Health Service endorsed water fluoridation. Now, six decades later, new scientific evidence shows links between fluoride and brain damage, bones, and the endocrine system. And there still is no evidence that fluoride reduces tooth decay.

The FDA and the EPA do not seem to care and have even less control over that we drink fluoride every day. Come to think of it, it is not even pharmaceutical grade. It is the hazardous waste product of the phosphate fertilizer industry.



The health of your future baby

When a fetus is exposed to fluoride, there is a heightened risk of cognitive impairment. These children have a lower IQ, they might suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and various other neurodevelopmental problems.

Older people become more susceptible to fluoride side effects since they are often deficient in calcium, magnesium, and vitamin C. People with kidney and heart problems should take care because too much fluoride can damage your bones. We know this condition as skeletal fluorosis. The bones become thick and hard, losing their flexibility. That again increases the risks of fractures, and joint dysfunction, and will affect your mobility.

Some people do not sleep well, and this can be due to excessive fluoride in your body. When the body does not get the necessary rest, other conditions, from obesity, and heart disease to cancer and dementia can manifest themselves. Some other really unpleasant things on the list include early female puberty, infertility, thyroid dysfunction, high blood pressure, heart failure, bone cancer, and the list goes on.



You should be informed about what water you drink. In case you have fluoride added to your drinking water, it is a good idea to take measures for your health and that of your family. Buy a high-quality water filtration system for your house. Luckily, there are already many fluoride-free kinds of toothpaste on the market.



Lately, more information on Fluoride has come to light. Something that was kept hidden on purpose. Incredible that this is being done to children and already for so long.

Do you know the HighWire? I am a big fan and for quite a few years have been following them. Every week they come out with a new and informative video. Recently they dedicated a big part to Fluoride as now, 70 years after it started, court cases are popping up like mushrooms. Take a look.

Before you leave, pay a visit to Recommendations. It is a special page I have made for you with a collection of things that might be of your interest.


Source: NaturalHealth365, article July 24, 2019, by Jonathan Landsman, Wikipedia

Photo Source: Pixabay


The following post is about Botox. Probably not such a good idea to put that into your body. Have a look.

Botox, The Most Dangerous Substance In The World



This is a real eye opener. I never knew about the dangers of fluoride or what they can do to my system. I think people should really read this. I’m just glad that there is something one can do to curb the situation with the use of the filters. I think I should get one. I don’t want my kids having deformed bones. That’s for educating me, I’m glad.

Jul 31.2019 | 06:06 am


    Good evening Henderson,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    I have been writing for my 2 websites for 2 and a half year. Investigating I have also learned a lot. I have changed my world view quite a bit during this time.

    Did you see the widget on 5G in the sidebar? Now that is an awful thing we are doing to ourself. In case it interests you to follow the Summit you can sign up for it there.

    Below my photo, you will see the widget Save the Planet. I came across bUnited just one month ago. Please have a look, I think this is just the thing the world needs.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jul 31.2019 | 06:36 pm


Hello, I read this post but I was very perturbed by my findings through this post. I never knew fluoride is an enemy to our health generally, none of the doctors I had visited before told me not to take fluoride water. But then, the way you have analysed this post, I really found it very it very convincing. Also, the dangers I have been exposing my kids too is kind of baffling me. Thanks for this information

Jul 31.2019 | 06:09 am


    Good afternoon Darrick,

    Thank you for visiting my website again and leaving a comment.

    It is not so easy to stay healthy these days. The moment we turned away from nature and started to “improve” on it it got out of hand. This adding synthetic fluoride to the water, who had that crazy idea?. The same as making food with crops which are sprayed with pesticides. Humans have the capacity of creating things but often they are plain bad for us.

    The best is to stay as informed as possible and investigate if what is told to us is really true.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jul 31.2019 | 03:09 pm


Dear Taetske,

The information you shared about Fluoride in the water is an eye-opener. I have never thought about it and nobody taught me this.

In the part of the world where I live we are having huge water scarcity and people are setting the alarm and wake up at 3 am to get water. Farmers are struggling and agriculture is dying. So far I was worried about getting water but now I need to be more careful about what I drink.

Shocked at the problems caused by excessive fluoride in our body. I was worried whether you will be only discussing the causes and problems of fluoride without providing a solution but you have provided with the solution as well.

I need to have high-quality water filtration systems and it’s on the priority list.

Much Success!


Jul 31.2019 | 06:37 am


    Good afternoon Paul,

    Nice to see you again. Thank you for your visit and comment.

    I am blessed on my farm as I have 2 natural water sources. They are both good. In the future water will become even more important and we should learn not to waste it. Worldwide there seem some 2000 million people who have no access to clean drinking water. If everything were better organized this problem would not exist. 

    This fluoride is one of those big scandals that have gone unnoticed for too long. What is being done to the human race on many levels is awful. We need to be more informed and speak up.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jul 31.2019 | 03:00 pm


Oh my, I never knew that too much fluoride can be harmful to our body, and that it poses more danger to kids especially. I wonder why toothpaste product would always reiterate the importance of fluoride protection when it has not been proven that  it really helps to avoid tooth decay. Anyway, since consumers can regulate its use, my main concern would be the added fluoride in the water. Many people would think that it’s some kind of a bonus but it’s actually poison. I think this kind of information should be spread around to people and even with kids in school. Flouride classified as neurotoxin is another another issue that must be raised for people’s awareness. Thank you for sharing this! 

Aug 07.2019 | 06:31 am


    Good afternoon Maureen,

    Nice to see you again. Thank you for your comment.

    The more I investigate for my websites the more I am disgusted by the wrong and often harmful things we are lead to believe. Big companies and their financial interests are in most cases the reason. Then the fact that leaders and governments do not take care of the people irritates me.

    Please take a look at the green widget Save the Planet under my photo. You might find it resonates with you too

    Regards, Taetske.

    Aug 07.2019 | 05:01 pm


Hi Taetske. I found your article of fluoride in the water a very compelling one. I remember my father talking about the adverse affects of this in the water in the Netherlands many years ago. They migrated from Holland to Australia in the mid 50’s . He said that he was against it it the Netherlands so when they decided to introduce it to Australian dams in the seventies he was most annoyed. Fortunately many other people in Australia were against it resulting in most of our states abandoning the idea. Recently there has been a renewed push to introduce it again. I just hope common sense prevails and that they carry out significant studies before they go any further with it. Thank you for highlighting this very controversial topic. Jim

Aug 07.2019 | 06:40 am


    Good afternoon Jim,

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my website. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulips widget.

    Now, this is funny. I was born in Australia in 1950. My parents were Dutch and we all went back to Europe when I was around 3 years old.

    Sorry to hear that, after all this time, they are talking about putting fluoride in the drinking water. I really think that is a bad idea. There you see, one cannot always trust the authorities to act in favor of public health. Please have a look at the green widget Save the Planet below my photo. This is a great way to stop those crazy ideas.

    Regards, Taetske

    Aug 07.2019 | 05:08 pm

Ron Mendoza

Hello Taetske,

This is a very informative article.  My family and I have been snubbing fluoride toothpaste for some time now not because we know how harmful it is to our health but because it just didn’t feel right after brushing our teeth.  However, despite avoiding fluoride toothpaste, I’m not sure if we are totally steered clear of it because, as you mentioned, 2/3 of the US population has fluoride in water, which just stresses me out.  And, yes a filter is probably a great idea from now on.

Aug 07.2019 | 06:54 am


    Good afternoon Ron,

    It really is not easy to remain healthy nowadays. Sadly so many things are wrong in our world, rather difficult to keep track of it all.

    I started with my 2 websites 2 and a half years ago and since then my world view has changed considerably. I would like to invite you to have a look at the green widget below my photo. I think this is the right way to go, we, the people should decide.

    Thank you for your visit and comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    Regards, Taetske

    Aug 07.2019 | 05:14 pm


      Hi Taetske,

      Yes, I did. Thank you so much

      Aug 09.2019 | 05:11 pm


        Good evening Ron,

        That is good, all the best.

        Regards, Taetske

        Aug 09.2019 | 06:39 pm

Linda Frankson

Good evening Teatske, I am well aware of fluoride being pumped into our drinking water. But it wasn’t until I was searching for myself health problems that I found this information. Even though this information is being documented and the media is being informed, DR’s and dentists are not on board.

However, when my grandson was but 2 years old and still had all his baby teeth I was not aware of this information and he was exposed to fluoride at the public health center. There was a program that was put in place to “help” parents protect our children from dental decay.

All his little teeth were covered with this treatment and told to not brush the teeth for 24 hours. Then we were given a protocol to follow. Which inclouded fluorinated toothpaste.

I only add this information because since then I have found very well documented information on fluoride. But the Medical world is still using this tactic for health care and still are brainwashed that fluoride is healthy for in protecting tooth decay.

It is no wonder why the general public doesn’t know about the problems it does cause the use of fluoride long term. Because it is reinforced through the health care system still in the US and Canada.

And yes I have a water filter in place for all the junk in our drinking water that removes 99.9% of all alien substances in our drinking water. People need to know the dangers we face there are so many of them but thank you for covering and informing we need more people like you. Always a better way

Aug 09.2019 | 09:11 pm


    Good Morning Linda,

    You are becoming my most faithful reader thank you for that. Thank you for your visit and placing a comment telling about your personal experience with fluoride.

    I did not know they used to do that with young children putting a fluoride solution on the teeth and leaving it for 24 hours, horrible. I have never heard of that before. This falls into the same category as Big Pharma, it is a huge money-making setup. I do think a regular checkup with your dentist is necessary but that is all.

    Remember the Oxygen protocol? I gurgle with a little bit first thing in the morning. That really kills off any stinky things. I then continue with my coconut oil pulling and am ok for the rest of the day. I do brush my teeth after each meal, that is understood.

    We have talked about this before. It is getting more and more difficult to maintain one’s health. Information is our best weapon.

    Regards, Taetske

    Aug 10.2019 | 07:22 am

      Linda Frankson

      yes, I agree with you. Information is very important but we are in a very slow uphill climb because until our medical get on board there will be very little that we can do but help but the information out in the mainstream. It is very sad.

      I have a childhood friend that is going through cancer of the breast. I have tried to help. and I thought I could because she lost her sister my best friend and her mother to cancer and I have lost a brother and my mother and a couple of aunts also to cancer I thought that would kind of glue us together.
      but alas that wasn’t to be. She has gone through a mastectomy and is now to go for radiation then if that doesn’t work she will go in for chemo which she said she would never do.

      I tried to get her on a natural treatment that she could lessen the side effects for radiation and chemo. But she said she has side effects from the natural medication. I know that the only side effects that could be happening are that she was detoxing from all the chemicals that are in her body from the operation that she went through. But you can’t tell her that because she won’t listen

      When people are scared and don’t know what is happening to their body there is no amount of talking that will get them off that path. Pain is a very hard barrier to overcome and some people have a low pain
      tolerance, so off to the Dr’s they go not knowing that they are being carried down a path that is even more dangerous.

      I remember you telling your story of your mother how she defeated cancer. But there are very few people that are as strong as your mother. You have her genes and are very lucky, it is amazing how the genetic pole helps the following generations.

      I know I have often been told that I follow my mother’s footprints.

      Sorry for the very lengthy comments. I can’t help it there is so much in this world to cover and try to help others.

      But at least we know that there are others working on this path and the more there are we become United one person at a time. be strong my friend always a better way. Linda

      Aug 10.2019 | 08:04 pm


        Good afternoon Linda,

        Thank you for your long comment. Nice to see you again.

        That is a sad story about your friend. Some people will not listen I also know this from personal experience. When you detox and especially after all these awful medical treatments it is normal to feel not good. It takes a while for all this bad stuff to get out of your system and while you are cleaning you might feel dizzy or have some headache etc. That is completely normal and only after a few days, you start feeling great.

        The same happens when you do a fasting cure. The toxins which are circulating in your blood make you feel off. Sadly, the moment when the medical system gets hold of you it is very difficult to escape. Most people just do not care to investigate for themselves and blindly follow what they are being told.

        When I went for the first time to see my antiaging doctor he wanted to have a test done on my genetic heritance. He was happy with the result and told me I had a good genetic inheritance. That means you build your health on a solid base.

        All the best Linda, stay happy and healthy.

        Regards, Taetske

        Aug 11.2019 | 04:21 pm

Linda Frankson

PS. yes, I remember the book you sent me on Oxygen Peroxide and we use it in our home. it has been a gift sent from heaven.

If there would be just one thing that I could write about it would be the effects of Oxygen in our body but there are two, water and Oxygen the two elements we can’t be without. but at least we know that there are things we can do to help us come through these very turbulent times we live in.

Aug 10.2019 | 08:28 pm


    The Oxygen I take for gurgling I take straight from the bottle, the food-grade one used for the protocol. I sometimes keep it for a couple of minutes in my mouth. I have noticed it has helped my gums a lot. Actually, all these things are very easy to do one just has to know about it.

    All the best, Taetske

    Aug 11.2019 | 04:28 pm


Hello there, Taetske! Oh wow this has been an informative read. I did not know the harmful effects of Fluoride. Did not know that at high concentrations, it can lead to gastrointestinal and even bone formation problems. It’s quite amazing how something that can seem “minor” can have such a significant effect on people today.

I always thought Fluoride was what was helping our teeth stay healthy, but I guess not. Thanks for bringing up this awareness and compiling this article.

Mar 19.2021 | 02:40 pm


    Good Morning Mike,

    Thank you for your visit and for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    I find it awful that after 60 years this Fluoride issue still exists. People are not being informed about it. There are more things in our daily life that are far from ok, but as long as we do not protest will continue to harm us. The more you investigate, the more things come to light. 

    Regards, Taetske

    Mar 20.2021 | 07:32 am

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