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EPA’s failure is harmful to people, fauna, and flora


The EPA’s obligation is to take care of our health. Sadly, they are doing a very poor job. Why am I saying this? Please let me explain.

Research has shown that the “Inactive” ingredients in Roundup are thousands of times more toxic than glyphosate itself. The active ingredient glyphosate and the inactive ingredients act synergistically to compound the potency (danger) of Roundup.

You know they spray glyphosate on crops worldwide. Not only on crops which is already bad enough, but it is also sprayed on lawns, roadsides, parks, and playgrounds all over the United States. It looks as if there is a massive poisoning plan in place, and I wonder why people are doing something so stupid.


Tractor spraying the field

Tractor spraying the field image No-longer-here


EPA’s responsibilities not fulfilled

The big problem is that the EPA should take care of our health and the environment. They are not fulfilling the justified expectations. Glyphosate was patented in 1961 by the Stauffer Chemical Co. as a descaling and chelation agent. The problem lies in that the product Roundup is not tested well and has been on the market since 1974.

Monsanto developed and also patented the use of glyphosate to kill weeds in the 1970s, and then some years later brought it to the market under the name Roundup. The EPA regulates whole formulations and mixtures but does not test each ingredient separately, and they neither test what happens when “inactive” and “active” ingredients come together. It produces a deadly cocktail.

In this short and sad video, you can see human stupidity.



An alarming study

In 2006, a peer-reviewed study revealed that 500 products which were listed as “inert” actually were as dangerous or more dangerous than the published principal ingredient. And on top of this, these “inert” ingredients do not need to appear on the label, so you have no idea that they are there.

In 2013 came a new finding that some Roundup additives were almost 10.000 times more toxic to human cells than glyphosate on its own. This deadly mixture is sprayed daily all over the place and we could not stop its use yet.

In the 2013 study, researches tested mitochondrial activities and degradation and found that Roundup was one of the most toxic of the 9 products tested. When you know that the calculation of acceptable daily intake only takes into consideration the “main” Ingredient” you can see that the risk to our health is far higher than thought.

Each of the many “inert” ingredients is dangerous, but mixing them makes a product thousands of times more harmful. The dangers are many times multiplied by the principle of synergy. That word is used as a selling point for Roundup, showing its effectiveness as a weed killer.

Well, actually it kills all small life, butterflies, bees, and other insects, Birds again may eat a dead insect and that is how the tragedy unfolds.


Bee on cherry blossom

Bee on cherry blossom image kie-ker


On which side is EPA standing?

So, EPA does not test for ingredients separately and neither what happens when all these toxins are combined. And the EPA is not obliged to test for the following health conditions, chronic toxicity, neurotoxicity, carcinogenicity, sub-chronic oral toxicity, inhalation toxicity, etc.

I just wonder what are they doing because there appears to be a long list of things they do not do. Where is the EPA’s loyalty to the people or to big agrochemical companies?


Global warming

Global warming image Tumisu


A very important report on pesticides

Have you heard of the report on pesticides presented to the UN Human Rights Council on March 7, 2017? It is quite amazing that one has heard little about it, especially when this report is so shocking.

This report states that herbicides and pesticides cause up to 41 million adverse reactions and are responsible for 200.000 deaths globally every year. Do you not think this is a staggering figure?

We really should be more informed about these things, but once again the people, in general, are being kept ignorant. That makes you wonder who is behind this and who benefits from this news being kept secret.

When this report was delivered before the UN Human Rights Council, it described the effects to you and your health when you have chronic exposure to pesticides. It can cause different types of cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, and hormone disruption. It causes all kinds of disorders and even sterility.

The special UN investigator and renowned research professor and co-author Hilal Elver stated the situation is catastrophic and also threatens your right to good food and health.

Most of these deaths occur in developing countries where farm people are not informed and therefore spray their crops with no protection. Children are especially vulnerable to the negative effects of pesticides. In those countries, children work in the fields at a very early age, instead of going to school. You can imagine the disaster. Children are very sensitive to contamination of food, much more than grown-ups.

Who is behind this disaster, well, I think that is obvious. These are the agrochemical companies with their $50 billion dollar industry for the pesticide/herbicide market. This gives them power over governments as well as the scientific community. How long have the dangers of using pesticides being kept hidden?


We have to protect our world

We have to protect our world image Gerd Altmann


The poisoning of our environment

In the meantime, they poison the environment. Butterflies and bees, insects on a whole, and small mammals and birds are being annihilated. As a result, our world goes down the drain and humanity will be no more. We should not let this happen to our planet. We should refuse being poisoned.

One fact is more than clear. The EPA is not doing its job. Human health should come first. The EPA does not properly test these products. Each of the ingredients in these diabolic products should be tested individually and also in combination with each other.

If this would be performed, then there would not exist such dangerous products on the market. These products are constantly putting our health and the environment in peril.


How to start an organic garden

You might have thought about starting your own garden, but doubt where and how to start. You need a guide that explains everything in easy-to-understand language. From where do I dig, to how do I plant a seed and how much water do I need to give.

This guide will answer all these questions and even has a troubleshooting section. I can assure you you forget all the work when you pick your own grown sun warmed tomato from your organic garden.

A Beginner's Guide to Starting a Healthy Garden


I think it is high time to put an end to the usage of Roundup. Its toxicity to humans, fauna, and flora has been proven too often. They force us to eat GMO crops which are sprayed with pesticide. How did we ever land in this mess?

It is time to speak up and boycott Monsanto and all companies which use and promote Monsanto. Something to think about is the following fact. They do not serve people working for Monsanto GMO food in their cantina. Why should we be eating it then?

Institutions should safeguard our health. When not fulfilling their obligations, we should vote them out.

While I was writing this post, I received an email from EWG. The news is not good and really makes one wonder in what kind of world we are living in. EPA declares Monsanto’s carcinogenic weedkiller glyphosate as safe.

There are many studies which link glyphosate to cancer and many other ailments. EPA sides with Monsanto and even used research paid for by Monsanto to prove the opposite.

Internal Monsanto emails show the EPA tried to hide this information and instead of protecting the health of the people they side with Monsanto allowing the continued use of glyphosate putting profit above health.

I was asked the question: if there are natural substitutes for Roundup, yes there are, please read this link. It might involve some physical work, but that again is good for our health.

I have made a special page for you with a collection of things you might find useful. Before you leave, have a look at Recommendations.


Source: Lori Alton, staff writer for NaturalHealth365 on April 13, 2019

Photo Source: Pixabay


Perhaps you would like to read about my personal experience with Roundup.

Alert, What Monsanto Will Not Tell You




It seems you have done a ton of research on the subject and have brought it all to one place for us to take notes on. I agree with you that all the chemicals they are putting in Roundup, pesticides and other products are damaging the environment and may be responsible for bees being scarce. Do you believe that there is a better alternative to Roundup?

May 06.2019 | 03:53 pm


    Good evening Jon,

    Thank you for your visit and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    I am happy that I am living on my organic farm since 1981, that was a good decision.

    You had a good question if there are natural alternatives to Roundup. Yes, there are. I have included a link at the bottom of my post. I hope you will find that helpful.

    Regards, Taetske

    May 06.2019 | 07:03 pm


It’s an awful situation. Thank you for writing about EPA and the disaster that they potentially cause to mother nature. I hope this case will be taken seriously and the Roundup usage will be dropped early. Is there some kind of petition to make this changes? 

Also, related to this topic, do you know some easy ways to differentiate organic foods like fruits and vegetables that wasn’t contaminated by pesticide? Just a thought to make my life a bit saver from those harmful pesticide

May 06.2019 | 03:57 pm


    Good evening Alexander,

    I also feel for Mother Nature and I am upset by the things that are happening. That is why I write about it.

    The word organic means no pesticides or herbicides are used during the growth process. So when you see this product on the market or in the supermarket and it says organic you should be ok.

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske

    May 06.2019 | 06:50 pm


It makes you wonder whether our health and safety is a concern to the EPA or if accepting money from the pesticide giants like Monsanto trumps our well being. It makes me furious that this practice is acceptable. Not only is our environment getting polluted but catastrophic damage to all life forms, from insects to humans, are being ignored.

If people must wear hazard-proof suits to spray Roundup on crops makes me wonder just how safe the crops are to eat once they are harvested. Not to mention how safe is the insects that feed on other insects that live around these crop fields. How long will this condition persist until something must be done to curb the damage that has already taken place?

Thank you for opening our eyes to this deadly practice and I hope if enough people get as outraged as I am are able to stop this insidious behavior.

May 06.2019 | 04:33 pm


    Good evening Kenneth,

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my website, I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    I firmly believe those crops are not safe to eat, the negative effects will accumulate in our bodies and then comes the moment our immune system cannot cope anymore.

    Personally, I like to eat as close to nature as possible and I think that is the reason why I am in good health. As the saying goes, you are what you eat.

    I am happy I live in Europe as the situation is a bit better here.

    Regards, Taetske

    May 06.2019 | 06:41 pm

Nathan Conner

Thank you for the informative blog post. The information about the EPA and Monsanto was excellent. One of the things that saddens me the most is the honeybees that are being killed off by the chemicals. What steps can I take to further protect my family from these harmful chemicals? I don’t have any organic food stores close by.

May 06.2019 | 05:48 pm


    Good evening Nathan,

    Thank you for your visit and leaving a comment. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF?

    As to your question you can look online for Thrive Market. That is a company who delivers organic produce to your doorstep.

    Regards, Taetske

    May 06.2019 | 06:31 pm

Aabidah Ahmed

The situation our planet is in because of this is really sad if you think about it. Its actual human beings that are a threat to mother nature. But I guess it’s hard to get people together to stop this. 

Human beings are destroying everything good in this world. We ourselves are destroying this world. I find it hard to say everyone’s to blame, but we are all human, aren’t we? and humans are doing this aren’t they?

But overall, I like that you covered this topic.

All the best to you.

Jul 05.2019 | 08:43 pm


    Good Morning Aabidah,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    In Europe, we have suffered a big African heatwave for nearly 1 week. I live in the south of Spain and 8km from the coast so here it was ok with 30C. Middle and north Spain had many places with 44C, the same as in other countries. Sadly big fires were the consequences of destroying beautiful nature.

    With our actions, we are destroying the environment and for future generations, we leave a harmed planet. It is said that by the year 2100 Portugal and Spain will be one big desert, just imagine. We are doing this, sad but true.

    I came across this just a few days ago and really like the concept. United we can make a big change. Please have a look at the green widget under my photo. 

    Regards, Taetske

    Jul 06.2019 | 07:23 am


This is the sad thuth of what’s happening to our environment and to us. I myself don’t even know whu Roundup and similar pesticides are still widely marketed and being used by farmers worldwide. I have been exposed with Roundup as a kid and so with my whole family as my parents were farmers. And yet our government or not even one who is in authority speak about the dangers of these chemicals. Well, good for me and my family that we have moved on from farming decades ago but still sad that these pesticides are still being sold and used worldwide. 

Jul 05.2019 | 08:53 pm


    Good Morning Gillian,

    Starting to write for my 2 websites has broadened my world view a lot as I have become aware of many things I had no clue about. Fact is we are not being told the truth on too many things. No way around being well informed anymore as, after all, we are responsible for our life and health. The authorities are doing a lousy job so do not rely on them. 

    Did you see the green widget below my photo? Have a look,  it is important for us as human beings, united we will have power.

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jul 06.2019 | 07:15 am

Dave Mahen

Your topic introduced the failings of the EPA, who seem in bed with the major chemical manufacturers. Supporting those companies, at the expense of our health, is completely opposite their mission to protect. Since the publication of “Silent Spring” in 1962, I’ve known the dangers of Pesticides. I appreciate your thorough examination of the role of the EPA. This is critical information that everyone should embrace.

Jul 05.2019 | 09:10 pm


    Good Morning Dave,

    Thank you for your visit and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    I remember very well that when “Silent Spring”  was published my parents bought it and it was discussed in our home. It is quite amazing and stupid, and sad that we do this to ourselves. We pollute and ruin the environment which is our habitat ……..

    Anyway, I write about these type of things on my 2 websites, one more health-related and the other is more on environmental issues and they often overlap.

    Did you notice the green widget under my photo? That is positive news and I must say I like the concept, please have a look.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jul 06.2019 | 07:07 am


Oh, my gosh, this is horrible. I think these people did this because they do not care about the consequences, plain and simple. Monsanto has been around for a long time, and I wonder how come the EPA still doesn’t do anything about it. I mean, it is the biggest elephant in the room, but we still do nothing about it.

The sad part is all of these toxins get to our food supplies and we pay the price for it. I do not have the space to grow my own veggies, but I do grow my own herbs and I eat them daily. I will check out the book that you suggested and see what I can do on my end for now. 

Mar 01.2021 | 09:27 pm


    Good Morning Nuttanee,

    Nice to see you again and thank you for your comment.

    When you look at the things happening in our world, it is a miracle we are still alive. Our immune system has to cope with so much. It is of course a scandal that the spraying of our food crops still continues even if it is known to be so harmful for all living things. 

    Brilliant that you grow your own herbs. Perhaps some reorganizing and growing things vertically might give you the possibility to also grow some vegetables. Good luck.

    Regards, Taetske

    Mar 02.2021 | 10:14 am

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