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Apeel Sciences puts an extra peel on produce


How a new procedure makes fruits and vegetables last longer and stays fresh

I personally think that all those things which help the environment and our health are worth mentioning. I wrote a post on how one can reduce plastic overload by tattooing fruits and vegetables. Now I have come across something new recently and think you might be interested to know about it.

Anything which improves our environment is welcome. If fruits and vegetables, instead of traveling by plane, can do so on a cargo ship, it is beneficial. The difference between flying and traveling overseas is that it produces 100 times less greenhouse gas per metric ton of cargo.

How is this possible? Some produce ripens too fast, and that is why it was usually put on a plane. Now an alternative method has been found to slow the ripening process so a boat transfer becomes possible.


Red Apple

Red Apple image 955169


Apeel Sciences

James Reed was a graduate student at the University of Santa Barbara. In 2012, with a $100,000 grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he founded the company Apeel SCIENCES. Since the start, Apeel has raised $110.000.000 dollars in financing.

The idea behind this is to help reduce post-harvest food waste in developing countries that lack refrigeration infrastructure. Not only in those countries but also in the countries where this product is being transported to.

Giving the fruits and vegetables an extra, ultra-fine and edible coating which gives produce nearly a double lifespan will save a lot of money. There will be a lot less waste and a smaller burden on the environment, as there is less water needed as well.

When you take into consideration that approximately one in eight people might go hungry but still 30% to 40% of food is thrown in the waste bin, one wonders what is wrong with the system. Mind you, this does not happen in some faraway countries. No, this happens in the U.S. If produce lasts longer, then it certainly will be a benefit on many levels.

The Apeel Science company is based in Goleta, California. Their innovative method is aimed to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer time span. Produce goes bad because of water loss and oxidation, and this edible plant material coat prevents that from happening.

Nature already provides everything edible with a skin or peel to protect it, and that is the reason one should not wrap everything in plastic.



Avocados image Sandid


The evolution of plants

Mr. James Rogers is the CEO of Apeel, and he explains that plants evolved something called cutin which is a waxy barrier against the elements. This process started hundreds of millions of years ago when plants made the jump from water to land.

It depends on how dense the molecular building blocks are, which then will determine how fast the produce will spoil. The more tightly woven the cutin coat is, the better it will protect.

You might have seen products on the market which have been given a wax coating, but that is only for the looks. It will not stop produce from going bad.

The cutin coating keeps out the bad air and preserves moisture. Interestingly, he says that oxygen means increased chemical reactions inside the fruits, as it does not know it has been disembodied. As it is still a living, breathing thing, the fruits do not say oh; I have been picked, now all function ceases. That reminds me of a post in which I wrote about plants having feelings.

I hope you do not think you cannot eat anymore. We humans do not know how to live off only air yet.


Strawberries in a bucket

Strawberries in a bucket image congerdesign


Fruits and Vegetables picked when they are ripe

Another important aspect of Apeel is that growers now can wait for their vegetables and fruits to ripen instead of picking them while still green. Produce picked at the time it is ripe has developed all the nutrients possible and therefore is much better for our health.

They make the coating of lipids and glycerolipids, which are substances already existing in the peels, seeds, and pulp. It has gotten the green light from the FDA as they recognize it as safe.

This product comes in powder form, and you only have to mix it with water. There are various methods of applying it, like spray, dipping, or brushing it on. It is tasteless, colorless, and also has no odor. There is no need to try to scrub it off, as the scrubbing would damage the fruits or vegetables.

The extra peel is edible, so in case you usually eat this fruit or vegetable with the peel, you can still do it now too.

This is a short video of just over 3 minutes. It explains what is happening in our world.




About half of all, grown food ends up in a landfill. Millions of people worldwide go hungry. The problem is not that there is not enough food; the problem is that so much goes to waste. I think this invention of Apeel Sciences is brilliant. It does not use chemicals, of those we have more than enough in our world today.

It reproduces an extra natural coat for fruits and vegetables, so they stay fresh for at least double the normal time. There is no need to produce more food, just a need to make the foods we do produce stay fresh for a longer time.

Transport can be by boat instead of air travel, producing 100 times fewer greenhouse gasses. They pick produce when it has developed its full nutritional benefits, instead of transporting it while still unripe and green. Like those green bananas, you often find in the supermarkets and even after getting ripe, taste of nothing.

I think this is a brilliant invention. Ask your local store to have Apeel fruits and vegetables on their shelves.

Just as an afterthought. I do hope they grow all this produce organically as otherwise, it will still be a better option to buy from your local organic farmer. When fruits and vegetables are sprayed with pesticides while washing carefully, you will eliminate most of them.

With the extra layer of Apeel over it, you cannot wash it off anymore. It would mean you have to peel your fruit or vegetable. That is often possible but not always like with strawberries, other types of berries, cherries, and grapes. Plums and apricots or tomatoes and green peppers, just as an example. That is something to think about.



I wrote this post some years ago and at that time I thought this extra peel was a brilliant idea. Now I have come across an article that throws a different light on this issue. I am rethinking my thoughts and invite you to also read this article so you can form your own opinion.

Before you leave, you might like to visit Recommendations. This is a special page I have made for you, with a collection of things you could find interesting.



Source: For Ctnet, article by Justin Jaffe on September 18, 2019. Apeel Sciences.

Photo Source: Pixabay


What we eat has a global impact. Your diet impacts your health and also the health of Mother Nature. You might like to read the following post.

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Wow, what can be better than having your fruits and vegetables last longer. This is a win-win situation for the environment, for farmers and even for the consumers as well.

 The fruits and veggies will be able to produce their nutrients properly when plucked after ripening unlike when they are plucked green. It’s a good idea I must confess and I really like it. 

Thank you so much for this great information.

Sep 26.2019 | 01:12 pm


    Good afternoon John,

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    It is a big plus when fruits and vegetables can ripen on the plant before harvesting. As a food, they are so much better for your health.

    I wonder when I start seeing this in the supermarkets here in the south of Spain.

    Regards, Taetske

    Sep 26.2019 | 03:33 pm


Wow! This is a very nice initiative that would help humanity, in general, to grow for long years to come. Making use of this Apeel system would ensure that fruits and vegetables are ripe before any attempt is made at touching them.

Also, it would help to ensure that foods would not go to waste while people are suffering in hunger. This is really awesome. Thanks so much for this post

Sep 26.2019 | 01:12 pm


    Good afternoon Mattias,

    This new invention of Apeel Sciences is really special. So much food is wasted worldwide and that is awful. 

    Thank you for your visit and your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    Regards, Taetske

    Sep 26.2019 | 03:48 pm

Sondra M

For the most part, this new Apeel technology sounds like a great invention.   It is a shame that so much produce has to be thrown away because it goes bad.     Until I started raising pigs and chickens, I was throwing away way to much produce myself.    

On the other hand, this post has served to remind me of the importance of buying as much of your produce from local farmers or growing it yourself.  It is much better for the environment  to eat local produce that is in season that to have it shipped from other states or countries.   I would think it is better for our budgets too.  

Sep 26.2019 | 01:12 pm


    Good afternoon Sondra,

    Thank you for your comment on my website. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    I live on a green farm since 1981. Leftovers are dug into the vegetable garden. Lately, we had 4 small breed chickens produce babies at a slightly different time. Every evening we go over to say hello, bring them nice juicy grass and little leftovers. They love tomatoes. It is a delight to observe them grow.

    I prefer local produce too or the things Michael grows in the vegetable garden.

    Regards, Taetske

    Sep 26.2019 | 03:57 pm


Hello there, thanks for sharing this wonderful information.

There are so many farmers who are looking for such opportunity out there. Aside from the fact that this process would help food last longer and go into circulation wider. There are so many other farmers in the market who tin at a loss because they don’t have means of preserving their produce.

I’m fully in support of such ideas and it should be made to go wide. Best regards.

Sep 26.2019 | 01:16 pm


    Good afternoon Chloe,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    This invention of Apeel Sciences will be a blessing for many farmers so their product does not go to waste. When you think how many people go hungry in the world but there is enough food it was high time for such a clever invention.

    Regards, Taetske

    Sep 26.2019 | 04:08 pm

Linda Frankson

Hi, Taetske,

This is a very interesting article and it never stops me from being amazed by what the human mind is capable of creating. With all the health summits that I have attended this year, I am able to see a better world that is emerging and what the human mind is capable of achieving.

It makes you think that there is more to life then what meets the eye. Something much more superior. Always a better way is still my theme and it is becoming more and more evident that that is so true.

Oct 07.2019 | 04:22 am


    Good Morning Linda,

    Thank you for visiting again and your comment.

    I know those summits can be really eye-opening and a lot can be learned. I have also followed some and hope the knowledge will get out to the people. It is possible to live a healthy and happy life but you need the right information.

    Have you ever gone to download your free PDF? Tulip widget. There you will find so much information, do have a look.

    Regards, Taetske

    Oct 08.2019 | 07:08 am

      Linda Frankson

      Yes, I have Taetske and thank you very much.

      You are so right there is so much to learn and amazing material that can be expanded upon. Keep up the great work, I like so much visiting your site.
      I am so wrapped up doing my own work on Health and coming here it distracts me for a bit.
      My advancement into my ebook is coming along I am now on chapter three.

      Always a better way my friend, Linda

      Oct 08.2019 | 02:14 pm


        Good afternoon Linda,

        Nice to see you again, thanks for the visit and comment.
        True, there are so many good and exciting advances that are being made in our world. It sometimes is difficult to keep up with it all.
        Good to hear your book is going well, it must be a huge job.

        All the best, Taetske

        Oct 09.2019 | 01:12 pm


Thank you for the amazing post!  I absolutely agree that most of our problems with food is not the shortage, but the fact that it goes to waste.  Apeel science does seem to help get ride of some of those issues.  This would be something I think the USA as a whole should look into and try, that way we can help those in need.

Mar 31.2021 | 03:21 pm


    Good Morning Jessie,

    Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    This new technology really seems helpful. Less food waste and fewer people going hungry. I hope that with time more companies will use it for their fruits and vegetables.

    Regards, Taetske 

    Apr 01.2021 | 07:09 am


I have always been shocked by the amount of food that is being thrown away on a daily basis, I grew up in South Africa where there are so many people that need food, that we never threw away anything. So this is great to see that through innovative technologies, waste of fresh produce can be reduced. Anything that will the planet and hungry people, should be promoted. 

Mar 31.2021 | 03:22 pm


    Good Morning Line,

    Nice to see you again and thank you for your comment.

    It is so sad, when looking at those numbers, that so many people go hungry in the world. There is no need for that if everything were to be organized differently.

    I really hope this new technology spreads and people start using it. A big help for the people and the planet.

    Regards, Taetske


    Apr 01.2021 | 07:05 am

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